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Good Ideas Naturecare Sounds Machine

  1. Use tinnitus sound therapy to drown out irritating noises
  2. Sleep sound machine for insomnia
  3. Choose from 7 different sounds
  4. 30 minutes of sound to soothe you off to sleep
  5. Provides extra relaxation during meditation and yoga

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SKU: 11011


Use this comforting sound relaxation machine to ease tinnitus, insomnia and stress

Tinnitus affects around 10% of the population to some degree. It is a constant sound heard only by you, often just a ringing or humming noise but some people hear sounds that are like singing or voices. This can be hugely irritating and prevent you from sleeping properly as it’s harder to ignore in a quiet bedroom. Many people with tinnitus find that sound therapy provides relief; this involves playing relaxing, repetitive environmental sounds that cover up the sound of your tinnitus without being distracting.Good Ideas Nature Sound Machine

The Good Ideas nature sound machine offers a choice of 7 different ambient noises:

  • Heartbeat: great for helping babies sleep
  • Wave: the soothing sound of the ocean
  • Babbling brook: feel like you are by a gentle stream
  • Birdsong: the cheerful sound of birds
  • Woodland noises: birds, chirping and insect noises
  • White noise: the classic choice for drowning out tinnitus
  • Rain: let the sound of raindrops relax you

Just press the button for the one you’d like to hear and enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing sounds, enough to help you drift off to sleep. Use the volume dial to find the perfect level of sound for you, covering up traffic, noisy neighbours and planes.

This sleep sound machine can also help with general insomnia – whether you live in a noisy environment that stops you sleeping or if you are generally unable to fall asleep. If you have a young baby who doesn’t sleep well, white noise is an excellent way to calm him or her down as it is similar to the noises heard in the womb. The nature-based sounds of this machine make an excellent accompaniment to meditation or yoga practice; you will feel as if you’re practicing in some beautiful, calm woods or on a peaceful beach. There are so many ways in which the relaxing noises of this sound machine can enhance your life!


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SKU / Product Code 11011
Brand Good Ideas

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Could Do Better Review by gerbilcrusher
Product Rating
I have suffered from severe Tinnitus for many years now and I was prescribed the Puretone sound therapy ball to help me get to sleep.
Although this has some pleasant soundscapes on it, the sound loops are far to short and you quickly notice when the loop starts over and it ruins the immersion of the soundscape it is trying to portray.
Also the auto off timer is way to short and cuts off suddenly which gives you quite a start when your drifting off to sleep.
Would it have been so difficult to have faded the volume down before switching itself off
I have given the therapy ball 3 stars because while it is not all bad it could have been so much better.
Good But Not Great.... (Posted on 1 December 2016)
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