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Folilaser Laser Comb

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  1. 90% of users satisfied with the improvement of their hair
  2. Can stop hair loss and regenerate hair in just a few weeks
  3. Extra-long diodes for more intense, targeted laser penetration to boost the growth of new hair
  4. 2 interchangeable combs; soft or hard for comfort and added effectiveness
  5. Integrated laser and Vibratonic Technology function to boost blood flow

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SKU: 93164


Do you miss your thick, shiny, voluminous hair?

Although hair loss is a common problem for both men and women, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with if it happens to you. Hormonal changes, ageing, stress and illness can all cause excessive hair loss which, over time, can lead to bald patches or thin looking hair, and a serious knock to your confidence.

What is Folilaser?

Folilaser is a new generation laser comb which uses the most advanced technology to slow down hair loss, stimulate new hair growth and promote thick, healthy looking hair. Thanks to Folilaser, not only will you improve the condition of your hair, but your self-esteem as well

How does Folilaser laser comb work?

Folilaser Laser Comb directs lasers directly to the root of each hair for most effective results

Folilaser features 6 laser diodes which direct high intensity light directly to the scalp and towards the hair follicles. The radiation from the laser produces a temperature increase in the tissues to widen capillaries, allowing more blood to reach the cells. Increased blood flow means more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients which are essential for cells to function healthily.

By regularly increasing blood flow to the scalp in this way, Folilaser helps the hair follicles to function correctly. Each individual follicle becomes stronger and hairs are less likely to shed. Capillary function is repaired to stimulate new hair growth and increase volume. Plus, existing hairs become denser, stronger and healthier.

I’ve seen lots of laser combs available; why is Folilaser different?

Compared to other hair laser combs on the market, Folilaser features raised laser diodes to allow the light beam to be closer to your scalp. This is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it prevents the light beam from dissipating and allows for more concentrated application at every point on the scalp. Secondly, it allows the comb to glide easily through the hair so that the lasers are focussed on the scalp, where it is needed, rather than on the hair itself.

Folilaser also features interchangeable combs. Research found that some people prefer firmer prongs on their lasercomb, whilst others find softer ones more comfortable. With Folilaser you can decide which feels right for you.

Unique Vibratonic Technology is also incorporated into Folilaser for a more effective treatment. Vibration can help to stimulate blood flow throughout the tissues and help the light beams penetrate deeper into the scalp for even better results. A simple push of a button on Folilaser allows you to turn vibration on and adjust the intensity.

Does Folilaser really work?

Folilaser Hair Regeneration Laser Comb Clinical Results


Clinical studies have been conducted and found the following results that will help you to make the right choice:

  • 80% achieved thicker hair

  • 78% achieved more voluminous hair

  • 75% achieved shinier hair

  • 88.5% achieved hair with a healthier appearance

  • 90% were satisfied with the results they achieved with the laser therapy

Prestigious health experts also recommend Folilaser as the most effective method to stop hair loss and boost the growth of new hair.Here is what one of them saya about the Folilaser  Dr Arana, Specialist

'The use of Folilaser stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood irrigation in the scalp area through vibration, providing the hair with the energetic effects of laser phototherapy using a luminous stimulus which causes a thicker, healthier, and more voluminous hair to grow without any side-effects at all that could be harmful for your health.

To sum up, I recommend the use of Folilaser to any person suffering from alopecia who feels uncomfortable with himself/herself, as the results are simply fantastic.'

Folilaser Before And After

What do you get when you purchase folilaser?

  • 1 Laser comb
  • 1 Intelligent charger
  • 2 Tines with different hardness
  • Instruction book in multiple languages
  • Instruction CD in multiple languages, for computer
  • Design case

Folilaser is the only laser comb for hair regeneration in the market that cleverly combines laser and vibration in a single device. It also incorporates other patented technological advances that work to  improve its effectiveness and also its design, making it more ergonomic than the other laser comb and providing the user the ultimate comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Folilaser

When do the results from Folilaser show?
We are all different, The process will vary from one person to another according to each circumstance, but in most cases the results are visible after some weeks of use.

Does the use of Folilaser cause any side-effects?
No, no side effects at all, that’s more than can be said from pills and some other hair loss treatments! Folilaser is a totally safe device, but you must follow use instructions to the letter.

Does it work on both men and women?
Yes, laser therapy is an effective treatment both for men and women since alopecia is a condition suffered by both genders.

FolilaserCan Folilaser be combined with medicaments?
As every person and every product are different, we'd recommend you should ask your GP to be sure.

How often should I use the folilaser?
We recommend 15 minutes a day 3 times a week for the best results.

Do I have to be an adult (over 18 years) to buy Folilaser?
Yes. You have to be over 18 years old in order to buy and use our comb.

Will the regenerated hair fall or weaken again if I stop using the folilaser? Are the results permanent?
A daily use of Folilaser helps maintain the regenerated hair permanently since one of the effects of phototherapy is to stimulate hair growth.

How do I use the folilaser?
Regular and even treatment - all at home, it's simple with folilaser! Draw an imaginary grid on the head over the 4 main cranial areas, so that the laser diodes come into contact with the whole scalp area. Its all listed in the instructions to help you get the best results possible and you can also call our helpline should you require further information.

Can I follow the treatment on my own at home?
Yes. Simply follow the practical instructions of the device, and give yourself regular treatments - you will be amazed and impressed with the results.

Once I've finished my treatment, can somebody else use my Folilaser?
Yes, anyone can use a folilaser, but remember the results are best when used regularly as recommended in the instructions. You can change out the tines quickly and easily using a small tab located at the front of the comb so you can each have you own 'comb'. They are fully washable so keeping the tines (comb) clean is easy too.  

Why should I choose Folilaser?
The first and most important advantage of Folilaser with respect to other lasercombs currently in the market is its innovative, cutting edge Vibratonic technology, fully patented and based on vibrations through which the tines stimulate blood flow and circulation improving and maximising the results of low-intensity laser phototherapy.

Is Folilaser painful in any way?
No. It’s not painful at all since the feeling when using it is that of a normal comb, only with vibration.

Does Folilaser work on batteries or electricity? Can it produce electric shocks?
Folilaser does not work on batteries but has a high capacity, smart-consumption battery (11 hours without massage). It will not cause electric shocks.

What happens if I keep using it once the affected areas have been regenerated?
Nothing at all, since stimulation of the scalp tissue and blood irrigation to the hair follicles are always beneficial.

Is it necessary to combine Folilaser with pills or lotions in order to improve the results?
No, it’s absolutely not necessary since Folilaser alone regenerates the affected areas. Anyway, it’s not harmful to do it.

If I suffer from a disease, can I use the comb?
Yes, as long as you keep the disease medically controlled.

Is the correct use of the laser comb fully explained in the users guide?
Yes, it’s perfectly explained in the users guide, and we are here on the Customer Care line should you have further questions..

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SKU / Product Code 93164

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not only has my confidence grown but my hair has too Review by Jim K
Product Rating
Definite improvement in my hair. This is much nicer than I though it would be, nicely packaged and it is easy to use. The knack is to use it regularly. Now, I have to be honest that I was so desperate because of my hair loss that I tried a number of things, one of which was a range of haircare products so realistically I used this in conjunction with hair product - so I can't actually narrow down exactly what has worked. For me the combination has halted my hair loss, and encouraged stronger growth. I also used this as an opportunity to detox my life and shed a few lbs (didn't want to be fat and bald) and not only has my confidence grown but my hair has too.
Would definitely recommend because it has had significant results for me. (Posted on 29 August 2014)
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Improvement Review by Bolton Bob
Product Rating
I have used this quite successfully for 3 months now, and I am very pleased with results. there is an improvement in the quality of my hair, and the hair loss has definitely slowed down, not completely stopped, but noticeable slower.
Would recommend this product to others. (Posted on 28 November 2014)
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My hairs stopped falling out Review by Francesco
Product Rating
I’ve been using Folilaser for only 1 and a half months now and I can see the improvement already, especially when I look in the mirror. My hair’s stopped falling out! (Posted on 7 January 2015)
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Product Questions

I've been thinking of buying your product but I need to know if it works on your crown for male pattern baldness? I am not bald but my hair has been slowly thinning for years now and is starting to be noticed by others.
I do not suffer from any form of medical hair loss as such but my hair if somewhat lifeless and dull. Would it still benefit from the use of this product? If so, with what frequency should I use it?
Many thanks.