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  1. Effective & drug-free flexibak cradle relieves lower back pain in just 10 mins a day
  2. Ergonomic and practical spinal decompression device to treat the symptoms of lower back pain naturally
  3. Relieves inflammation and strained tendons, bulging discs and compressed nerves
  4. Uses your own body weight and the Flexi:bak to gently stretch muscles and ease pressure
  5. Clinically tested, designed by Osteopaths to support the lower back and pelvis & 5 key lower joints

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Stop suffering with lower back pain; Flexi:bak is an effective back decompression treatment for lower back pain without the need of prescribed pain killers!

Flexibak Diagram

Lower back pain is the most common ailment; the majority of sickness from work is because of lower back pain, even more common than the common cold! The unfortunate truth is that everyday living is bad for your back; sitting, standing, carrying, lifting – you name it, it can cause an injury to your back. Even relaxing in front of the TV can be bad for your back! Pharmaceutical drugs and creams only relieve the pain for a little while and once it’s gone, you surrender into buying more expensive, ineffective, pain relief creams – a temporary solution to relieving back pain. The Flexi:bak is a great alternative to relieving lower back pain and is the only solution you will need; it’s effective, convenient and the treatment is just as good as the first when you need to use it again.

The Flexi:bak is an osteopath-designed cradle that supports the lower back and eases pain and discomfort it offers the user an effective form of back decompression in the comfort of their own home. The therapeutic device is scientifically shaped to relieve pain by encouraging sacroiliac and lumbar joints to open up. The Flexi:bak’s unique rotational method aids natural movements of the back by applying pressure from the back cradle onto inflamed muscles for effective lower back pain relief.

If you are an ongoing sufferer of back pain; the more you use the Flexi:bak in your life the better; you only need to use it for just 10 minutes either in the morning or the evening as regularly as you can and the Flexi:bak will keep joints flexible and stable with all lower back pain and discomforts at bay.

This really works! How does Flexi:bak work to relieve back pain and ease back decompression?

Flexibak So Comfy You Could Fall Asleep

The lower spinal column is supported by the segments of your Flexi:bak; these segments have been specially designed to support the lower back, your body weight and gravity against the segments reverse the compression that has been built up throughout the day. As you gently rock from side to side on the Flexi:bak, the segments of the device gently stretch the muscles surrounding the vertebrae and the gravity from your body weight reduces disc pressure as you rock, safely restoring lost mobility in your spine.

The Flexi:bak is designed and constructed to fit the exact specifications of your spine; it is so comfortable, you could fall asleep on the Flexi:bak! The cradle is made from rubber wood, corrosion proof aluminium and ultra-durable nylon. The Flexi:bak is incredibly lightweight, so you can carry it with you on holiday if you’re worried about back pain affecting your holiday getaway!

83% of lower back pain is caused by compression of the 5 key lower joints - in just 10 minutes a day Flexibak will relieve the pain - totally naturally - you'll feet great again!

Don’t let lower back pain get in the way of your life; live well, live happy and live pain free with the help of Flexi:bak.

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SKU / Product Code 10618
Brand StressNoMore
Recommended For Releasing pain and aiding back decompression in the lower spine, in just 10 minutes a day.
Included Contents Flexi:bak Cradle, Flexi:bak Instruction Manual, Flexi:bak Translations Manual, Basic Back Care Manual, Quick Start Guide, 2 x Back Care Wall Chart, DVD
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Amazing Review by G61-Live
Product Rating
I suffered a slipped disc that then developed into sciatica. My chiropractor said that because my slipped disc had changed my alignment, it came out in another way with the sciatica pain. When I took pain killers they made me feel bad and gave me constipation which added insult to injury! The sciatica was unbelievable painful. This does not look comfortable, but it really it, it gives a level of support and motion that I couldn't think possible. Best £80 ever. (Sorry Chiropractors!) (Posted on 28 July 2015)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Best back relief ever Review by Truda
Product Rating
I thought it looked very uncomfortable. But I was desperate to give anything a go.
I've got sciatica and it's the worst pain I have ever experienced. I've got 2 bulging discs and 3 tears in my lower back.
It arrived very quickly and I tried it straight away the best relief ever. I could lie on this all day. I use this twice a day or when in pain.
I thought it was expensive but well worth the money for that relief. I would recommend this product. (Posted on 27 November 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Does not do anything Review by James
Product Rating
This is the most useless back product ever! this product is useless and does not do anything to your back. Really wast of money

Dear James
I am sorry you did not find the flexiBak beneficial for your backpain. As you did not login I cannot contact you directly to address your concerns. Please contact me directly and I will resolve this for you, I want you to be happy with your purchase and you are disappointed so far.
Customer Care Team
[email protected] (Posted on 16 June 2016)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Amazing improvement Review by John W
Product Rating
Only had it a few days - amazing improvement. (Posted on 8 May 2015)
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Wonderful Product Review by Jenny
Product Rating
Bought one of these after a car accident in 2005 when I suffered problems to both my upper and lower spine. I saw an osteopath every 6 weeks for a year or more once my physio finished, but eventually I was able to rely just on the flexibak. I have since recommended it to so many people! I used it every day to begin with, but now I keep it nearby and just bring it out when my back is suffering at the end of a long day, after gardening etc and it ALWAYS helps. May take a few days but I always get great improvement. (Posted on 15 February 2017)
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My dad suffers with back pain as a result of his spine crumbling more rapidly than is normal. He has been told he will end up in a wheelchair. Will the flexibac offer relief for this long standing problem?