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FitAir Zana Air Purifier

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  1. Portable air purifier with negative ioniser technology
  2. Personal air purifier for smoke, fumes and other pollutants
  3. Sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants after 30 mins use
  4. Lightweight and easy-to-use with LED indicator
  5. Table stand and lanyard for added functionality

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FitAir Zana Close Up Side

Get that fresh air feeling wherever you go with FitAir Zana!

In mythology every mountain is said to have its own Zana who acts as a guardian angel for people on their travels. FitAir’s Zana provides portable air cleaning to protect you from inhaling polluted air, wherever you go.

Brilliant for use on public transport or visits to hospitals, Zana’s anti-bactericidal technology means you don’t have to worry about catching a cold, while its carbon filtration screens you from smoke particles and exhaust fumes.

Zana comes with a neck strap and a convenient pop-out stand for desks and tables. With a convenient USB port, you can charge this unique unit from your PC or laptop - whenever you need it most!

Turn on Zana and get protected by your own personal guardian (or should we say guard-ION) angel!

How does Zana work?

Inside the air ioniser, oxygen from the air is negatively charged to form anions (ions with an extra electron). These are attracted to tiny airborne particles like VOCs, Biological Air Pollutants (like mould, bacteria and viruses) and Noxious Gases that are suspended in the air – not only do these create nasty smells, they can be dangerous to inhale. The anions attack and destroy any harmful microbials they come in contact with through a process known as ‘cell lysing’; this ruptures the cell wall of the structure and renders it harmless.

Zana doesn’t just protect you from breathing in unpleasant odours; it entirely removes pollutants from your personal air space that irritate your respiratory system and risk causing other illness and damage.

FitAir Zana 3 out of 5 candles contain cancer causing chemicals

FitAir Zana LifestyleZana is different

Unlike other personal ionisers which run out of battery too quickly – Zana works continuously for up to 12 hours. For ultra-long-haul flights or camping trips it even has a rechargeable USB port, so if there’s no plug socket, you can connect it to any laptop or USB host. Zana works whilst charging, meaning you don’t have to wait around or search for batteries – just get a constant supply of fresh air any time, any place!

With its easy to use LED indicator, you know when Zana is turned on, charging or full of battery; there’s no air filter to change and no liquids to insert, so it’s ready to go whenever you are! Featuring an adjustable lanyard to wear around your neck and a stainless steel bracket to set up on your desk, this lightweight little gadget is the definition of functional portability!

Indoor and outdoor

If you suffer from seasonal allergies which flare up on days with a high pollen count, you don’t have to lock yourself up indoors! Zana lets you enjoy the weather and provides you with a protective shield against pollen - putting a halt to hay fever, asthma and rhinitis symptoms.

Because air conditioning systems pull outside air into buildings, allergies can be aggravated even when you’re in the office. Fortunately, Zana goes everywhere you go, purifying the air you breathe so you only get fresh air, free of pollens as well as other allergens, bacteria and in your breathing zone.

This discreet purifier can even help prevent the spread of flu and other respiratory viruses from people in overcrowded environments. Just think of the times you’ve felt ill from the stuffy and stagnant air in confined spaces like:

  • Public transport (buses and trains)
  • FitAir Zana Personal Air Purifier Aeroplanes and airports
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Gyms and changing rooms
  • Waiting rooms and hospitals
  • Nursing and care homes
  • Children’s nurseries
  • Schools and universities
  • Festivals and gigs
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Public toilets

FitAir Zana Lifestyle Office

Zana really is a miniature ‘must-have’; when going on holiday for example, you take precautions like applying sun lotion, insect repellent and sunglasses – why not pack away some FitAir? An illness can really ruin a relaxing break, but did you know that airports are the most common transmitters of epidemics? Air is also recirculated in planes and hotel HVAC systems, so you may end up breathing in other people’s viruses and bacteria!

Zana won’t just protect you from the dangers of indoor air pollutants found in enclosed spaces; it can help you when you’re out and about too! If you’re visiting a busy city or tourist attraction, there are often higher levels of pollution within such urban areas. With Zana there’s no need to let smog and pollution stop you from exploring a new place, as it will shield you from smoke, exhaust fumes, gases and sand or dust particles.

Even if you’re not planning anything exotic other than spending time in the office or getting school work done, Zana is still there for you. With this wearable purifier you can be protected from catching colds or ‘fresher’s flu’; as well as against harmful VOCs emitted from work and school based electronics like copiers, printers, computers and inks.

Zana isn’t just perfect at protecting your health, it can even neutralise strong and unpleasant odours before you have to breathe them in! If you are sensitive to artificial scents from perfumes and laundry detergents, or can’t stand the stench of cigarette smoke (or even, dare we say it – people who don’t smell great!) - Zana is your secret weapon! Quiet and discreet, there’s no need to offend anyone or let them offend you anymore! Zana is so silent, that it can be worn in a cinema or library, whilst its modern and attractive design means it doesn’t look different to other popular electronic devices. The only difference is – it’s good for you!

Designed to give you peace of mind, Zana lets you re-assert control over your personal air space!  Destroy, deodorise and oxidise indoor and outdoor air pollution with Zana and the FitAir family; now you can create a cleaner, healthier and fresher atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Super Effective All Year Round

The summer months can really feel like hell if you suffer from allergies. They flare up when the pollen count is high but staying inside doesn’t help! When it gets a bit hotter your first thought is to crack open a window but if you suffer from hay fever you will have to decide if you prefer being hot and sweaty or having red, puffy eyes as pollen can be blown into the building through open windows. Air conditioning isn’t the solution either, because air conditioning systems recycle air from outside, allergens can still get in and irritate you as most air conditioning units don’t have a filter to trap them. At home, pollen is easily carried indoors by pets, shoes and clothing as well, so no escape there. Once blown inside there's a much higher concentration of these little allergens which then lead to hay fever, asthma, and rhinitis symptoms. A FitAir unit deals with the allergens themselves so that you don’t have to choose between feeling refreshingly cool and free from sniffles and sneezes.

When summer finally comes to an end you would think that would be the end of you air related problems but no, winter brings its own issues in terms of air quality and pollution. As the cold nights draw in we spend as much time inside as possible so you need to ensure the air is fit for you to breath. Winter brings with it cold and flu for a lot of people, the viruses that cause these illnesses become trapped in our homes making recovery from them more difficult, using a FitAir unit will take these out of the air to stop you feeling bunged up.
Learn more about the VOC’s in your home that can be damaging you and your family’s health here.

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SKU / Product Code 10221
Brand FitAir
Power Rechargeable via USB
User Manual View and/or Download the FitAir Zana Air Purifier User Manual
Colour White
Function Negative Ions Output: 10 million/ cm3 | Ozone Output: 20mg/h | Effective Range: 30m2 | Voltage: DC3.7V | Power Consumption: <0.2W
Product Weight 85g
Size 8cm x 6cm x 3cm (3.2 Inches x 2.4 Inches x 1.2 Inches)
Product Rating
5 star :
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Total : 9 Reviews
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Impressed Review by ManhatTina
Product Rating
Impressed with this, I purchased this one to take on a flight with me. I kept it under my top as I was aware that some airlines don't like them. It will now be a feature for flights (I fly to the US and back once a month) and I was fed up with feeling groggy for a few days after with the usual sore throat or worse still a cold (oh that circulated, uncleaned air they have in those cabins). I keep it with me by my PC at work and take it on my travels. It is neat enough not to elicit comments but the lack of sore throats convinces me it must be doing something good. Have come back to buy a big one for the house (Posted on 15 September 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(8 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Great results Review by Sue Sews
Product Rating
Bought this product over two years ago and been away four times with great success. I usually end up with a really bad chest infection and have to have antibiotics with me on my holidays. I traveled in planes and on cruise ships I ware it around my neck on the plain and have it next to me in the cabin on the cruise ship. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from infections and illness from the air conditioning on board ship and planes. 26/06/2017 (Posted on 26 June 2017)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product Review by MSC
Product Rating
I suffer from MSC, synthetic fragrances in particular. This little purifier has really helped. I was having to wash all clothing daily after getting contaminated by toxins as I could smell and taste the fragrance for hours after coming into contact with it. This zaps the toxins and stops them creating such a big problem for me. I still need to use avoidance techniques from synthetic smells, and it still rules my life, but the improved air quality around me, thanks to wearing this product, has helped a great deal. No batteries required, charge it up via usb cable. Shame the pack didn't come with a clip to attach to your clothing, but customer services are going to send one out to me when the next batch comes in. Excellent product and customer service. Highly recommend (Posted on 3 December 2015)
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(3 of 5 people found this review helpful)
To protect from post flight cold viruses. Review by PartyJellyMum
Product Rating
Am fed up with coming back after a flight/holiday and getting a cold. I am sure it is as a result of recirculated viruses in the airlplane air system so I have used this once now and didn't get a cold. IIt was only a short flight though. However we are due to go to Disney at Orland and I will use this again on the flight and report back. (Posted on 20 June 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Very good service and great product! Review by DB78
Product Rating
Great, has a long charge and it goes everywhere with me. My breathing is so much better and I am hoping to stave off colds this winter because they tend to be very bad for me and go straight to my chest which has previously led to hospital admissions which I am so keen to avoid.
I found this initially on Amazon but wanted to buy direct and the service is very good. (Posted on 6 October 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Great Product! Review by Suzie
Product Rating
Recently purchased this product for myself and my husband for a trip to the US and we were very impressed. I would highly recommend it, particularly for air travel. (Posted on 4 October 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Impressed so far Review by Wends
Product Rating
Bought for my daughter as she travels alot, not yet been used but she sends quite impressed with it.She also suffers with hay fever so I'm hoping it will help (Posted on 14 April 2016)
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Impressive Review by Babbs
Product Rating
Really good product, wow it works (Posted on 17 May 2016)
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It works for me Review by Maria
Product Rating
I used to get Laringitis a lot as a child and my mum used to have a salt air purifier in my room at all times. This reminds me of it. Particularly the smell that comes out of it and the feeling of actually being able to breath properly. I wish I had this as a child, it would had prevented a lot of visits to the hospital. Sometimes I actually start getting dizzy because I take in a lot deeper breaths and I am not used to it yet. I wear it around my neck most of the time (it’s small enough to not look weird) and I turn it on on the tube and sometimes at University. I don’t get Laringitis anymore, but this does help keep away all the chemicals from the perfumes people wear and other pollutants in the air. I am considering buying a big one for my room as well.
I hope this helps. (Posted on 15 December 2017)
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Hi there

I'm after a desktop air purifier as I have allergic rhinitis and usually after a day in the office with the air con I usually feel a lot worse in terms of my sinuses. What would you suggest?

Is the fit air zana any good?


I've just gotten this device and I'm hoping it helps as I have asthma, many allergies as well as bronchiectasis. I've been wearing it the last hour (after charging it up) and it is early days to say if it helps or not. But there is a smell coming from it. I have a very sensitive nose and can smell even the slightest things and this is letting off a smell I really don't like. So much so I have had to remove it and put it on a table nearby so it's not going directly to my nose! Is it supposed to smell? Or do I put it down to my hyper sensitive sense of smell?