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FitAir Genie Air Purifier

  1. Negative Ionisation Air Purifier
  2. Air cleaner sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants after 30 mins use
  3. Energy-saving micro CPU with LED technology
  4. Space-saving Velcro and hanger attachments
  5. Great alternative to harsh, chemically-scented fresheners

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Magically summon clean air with FitAir’s Genie!

For those small spaces where smells can become concentrated we’ve magically summoned Genie! This space-saving unit is compact and great for deodorising and freshening storage boxes, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and drawers. An excellent alternative to carcinogenic mothballs, Genie is able to kill bacteria and deter the growth of mildew, making it perfect for smelly shoe cupboards and gym bags!

This slim, battery operated unit is perfect for popping in your suit carrier or luggage holdall to keep clothes smelling fresh wherever you go; it even helps neutralise harmful chemicals left on your clothes after dry cleaning!

What’s more, the unit is supplied with a Velcro sticker and detachable hanger, meaning you can place Genie wherever you like – apply to walls and shelves, or hang from rails - then remove easily for storage or travel.

How Genie Works

A built-in micro CPU intelligently controls Genie’s operation cycle so you don’t have to worry about checking up on it; the blue LED ring will let you know when the unit is working! Genie cleans your air continuously for 30 minutes; after this it goes into an automatic energy-saving cycle of 2 minute sterilisation and deodorisation every hour.

Like all FitAir products, Genie cleans the air around it by using negative ionisation technology. A small grill at the top of the unit releases these ions which are attracted to and latch onto bacteria, viruses and other odour-causing pollutants found in the air. These tiny particles are then neutralised through a process known as cell-lysing, where the wall of the airborne structure is ruptured and destroyed - it’s a bit like deflating a balloon! The remaining neutralised particles cluster together due to their electric charge and as they become heavier they eventually drop out of the air and settle as dust.

How it works

Genie is a great alternative to chemical fragrances and toxic mothballs; not only is it a safe and energy-efficient way to control odours – it has the added bonus of neutralising viruses, bacteria and harmful chemicals.

If you find strong odours like smoke and food tend to make your clothes smell, even when they’re in a cupboard or drawer, Genie is able to deodorise and sterilise the source of the problem before it comes in contact with your favourite outfit. If you prefer to use organic and chemical-free washing detergents, you may find your clothes absorb smells more quickly. Don’t feel like you have to buy strong laundry products with potentially harmful ingredients, just to keep them smelling fresh; with Genie all your naturally fresh wishes can come true!

Super Effective All Year Round

The summer months can really feel like hell if you suffer from allergies. They flare up when the pollen count is high but staying inside doesn’t help! When it gets a bit hotter your first thought is to crack open a window but if you suffer from hay fever you will have to decide if you prefer being hot and sweaty or having red, puffy eyes as pollen can be blown into the building through open windows. Air conditioning isn’t the solution either, because air conditioning systems recycle air from outside, allergens can still get in and irritate you as most air conditioning units don’t have a filter to trap them. At home, pollen is easily carried indoors by pets, shoes and clothing as well, so no escape there. Once blown inside there's a much higher concentration of these little allergens which then lead to hay fever, asthma, and rhinitis symptoms. A FitAir unit deals with the allergens themselves so that you don’t have to choose between feeling refreshingly cool and free from sniffles and sneezes.

When summer finally comes to an end you would think that would be the end of you air related problems but no, winter brings its own issues in terms of air quality and pollution. As the cold nights draw in we spend as much time inside as possible so you need to ensure the air is fit for you to breath. Winter brings with it cold and flu for a lot of people, the viruses that cause these illnesses become trapped in our homes making recovery from them more difficult, using a FitAir unit will take these out of the air to stop you feeling bunged up. 
Learn more about the VOC’s in your home that can be damaging you and your family’s health here.

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SKU / Product Code 10245
Brand FitAir
Power 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the FitAir Genie Air Purifier User Manual
Colour White
Function Negative Ions Output: 3 million/ cm3 | Ozone Output: 20mg/h | Effective Range: 250L | Voltage: DC4.5V | Power Consumption: <0.5W
Product Weight 160g
Size 9cm x 9cm x 3cm (3.6 Inches x 3.6 Inches x 1.2 Inches)
Product Rating
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Total : 4 Reviews
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Funky smelling wardrobe sorted Review by CalamityJayne
Product Rating
We walk a lot and our walking coats and boots have transformed our hallway wardrobe/clothes cupboard into something really funky - in a funky bad way. We have a small flat and there is no storage to put wet clothes. I was recommended this by my MIL who swears buy it because she lives in an old damp cottage in the Lakes - it worked for her and it works for us too. I dont have to save the little silica get sachets in packaging anymore (I have them in a bowl to absorb all the moisture. Instead this little genie has made the cupboard fresh and smell free. Yay!

There is nothing worse than reaching for your leather coat to find it has gone mouldy (yes - it was that bas!)
I'm waiting for these guys to invent one for walking boots - currently we use bamboo charcoal to absorb smells and moisture from our walking boots. (Posted on 25 July 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Brilliant solution to mould and mildew Review by Cheri
Product Rating
Completely got rid of the mouldy smell and mould growing at the bottom of my wardrobe. The landlord refuses to admit there is a problem and I have had to take matters into my own hands, so rather than spending anything that would help his grotty flat, I've bought something that I can use and it helps ME! (Posted on 14 February 2018)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Works as stated. Review by Carpediem
Product Rating
It works. Cleared the funky smell from an old cupboard. (Posted on 21 February 2018)
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No brainer for a stinky mouldy wardrobe Review by NicZ1998
Product Rating
I inherited a stinky wardrobe in my new flat that I cannot get rid of, it is impregnated with mould and really stank. I put this in it and it has completely removed the stale odour (or maybe camphor? my Mum says it smells like moth-balls???)
I can now use it and it doesn't taint my clothes with the funky odour.
Brilliant! (Posted on 19 June 2018)
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