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FitAir Eden Ultrasonic Nebuliser & Aroma Diffuser

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  1. Aromatherapy is easy anywhere with this portable and compact essential oil diffuser
  2. Rechargeable nebuliser for use with essential oils, providing natural deodorising and aromatherapy
  3. Lasts up to 50 hours on a full charge, cordless and rechargeable!
  4. 3 diffusion intensity settings to suit any size of room, use it anywhere in the house
  5. Run it continuously or set the timer to 1, 2 or 4 hours for your convenience

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This portable aromatherapy oil diffuser / nebuliser will relax you with essential oils any-time, anywhere and it gives low level humidification too!

Do you love scenting your home with essential oils, and miss them when you’re away? The FitAir Eden contains a rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy effects of essential oils wherever you are. It's neat and compact design measures only 8.5 x 8 cm (3.5 x 3 inches), so you can fit it anywhere you like. Place it on your desk at work, take it with you for use in hotel rooms or just keep it at home as a convenient way to scent whichever room you’re in.

With pre-set timers and variable diffusing strengths, the compact size of the FitAir Eden oil diffuser doesn’t mean that it skimps on function! It provides up to 50 hours of scent with each charge, so you can keep using it for days without any need to think about finding a plug socket. It doesn’t require water, just add your favourite essential oil for instant relaxation. The spill-safe and auto shut-off systems make it much safer than scented candles and other rival diffusers. Never be without the soothing scent of essential oils with FitAir Eden!

Dangers of Secented Candles

Using your FitAir Eden Nebuliser and Ultrasonic Diffuser

  1. Charge your FitAir via the USB charging cable. This takes around 2 hours, a red light will flash when charging, which will turn to green when fully charged.
  2. Unscrew the base cover and fill the included bottle with your favourite choice of essential oil.
  3. Screw the bottle into the top part of your FitAir Eden Nebuliser, then replace the base cover.
  4. Turn the side switch to ‘On’, the indicator light on the top will light up.
  5. Press ‘Mode’ to switch between low, medium and high diffusion strength
  6. Press the clock button to set the timer for 1, 2 or 4 hours, or to run continuously.

When fully charged, your FitAir Eden will give you 50 hours of gorgeous scent on the low setting or 20 hours on high. Your rooms will be filled with the beautiful, natural fragrance of your favourite essential oil. The safest way to add fragrance to your home - no flames, no chemicals and totally safe.

Super Essential OIl Nebuliser - Effective All Year Round

The summer months can really feel like hell if you suffer from allergies. They flare up when the pollen count is high but staying inside doesn’t help! When it gets a bit hotter your first thought is to crack open a window but if you suffer from hay fever you will have to decide if you prefer being hot and sweaty or having red, puffy eyes as pollen can be blown into the building through open windows. Air conditioning isn’t the solution either, because air conditioning systems recycle air from outside, allergens can still get in and irritate you as most air conditioning units don’t have a filter to trap them. At home, pollen is easily carried indoors by pets, shoes and clothing as well, so no escape there. Once blown inside there's a much higher concentration of these little allergens which then lead to hay fever, asthma, and rhinitis symptoms. A FitAir unit deals with the allergens themselves so that you don’t have to choose between feeling refreshingly cool and free from sniffles and sneezes.

When summer finally comes to an end you would think that would be the end of you air related problems but no, winter brings its own issues in terms of air quality and pollution. As the cold nights draw in we spend as much time inside as possible so you need to ensure the air is fit for you to breath. Winter brings with it cold and flu for a lot of people, the viruses that cause these illnesses become trapped in our homes making recovery from them more difficult, using a FitAir unit will take these out of the air to stop you feeling bunged up. 
Learn more about the VOC’s in your home that can be damaging you and your family’s health here.


Try FitAir Essential Oils for the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience with this portable nebuliser

Your aroma diffuser is only as good as the essential oils you put in it. That's why we recommend FitAir Aromatherapy Blends. These 6 unique blends of pure essential oils come in a scents to suit every mood. Choose from 'Inspire & Invigorate', 'Strength & Harmony', 'Energise & Revitalise', 'Sensual & Arousing', 'Relax & Mindfulness' or 'Focus & Concentration' - or why not treat yourself to the whole set? The FitAir Aromatherapy Oils with Carved Wood Storage Box makes an amazing gift for the aromatherapy lover in your life.

fitair essential oils

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SKU / Product Code 11859
Programmes 3 nebuliser settings, 1, 2, 4 and 24 hour timer.
Brand FitAir
Recommended For Diffusing and nebulising of essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy, and low level humidification for healthier air.
Can be used with Any quality essential oil of your choice, a spare bottle is supplied for you to use the oils to suit your mood, FitAir recommends avoiding heavy sticky oils.
Included Contents Aroma diffuser, 10ml empty essential oil bottle, USB charger, 2 spare sealing washers.
Material Plastic & Steel
Power 0.6 watt (USB charging) (3 hours to a full charge)
Warranty Fill out the Warranty Card in the manual
Colour White
Product Weight 220g
Quantity One
Size 85x85x88mm (8.5 x 8 cm (3.5 x 3 inches))
Speed 3 Different Modes
Washing Instructions Wipe clean with soft cloth, run with rubbing alcohol to cleanse of previous scent
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5 star :
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Total : 10 Reviews
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Really really strong vaporisation of aromatherapy oils Review by Chloe8127
Product Rating
Really really strong vaporisation of aromatherapy oils, I find it is very powerful and use it for short bursts only. I am amazed how powerful and effective the oils really are, I know there are different oils, and usually with an aroma diffuser they are diluted, but this is powerful, neat and very effective. I have also used it at my Dads bedside whilst he was in hospital before Christmas, he found it soothing and the whole ward commented on the clean and freshness in the air (and less bugs/bacteria I expect). (Posted on 29 December 2016)
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(14 of 14 people found this review helpful)
Brilliant Review by LottieLo
Product Rating
Brilliant - I saw these a year ago in France. It feeds off the bottle of essential oil so it isnt watered down. Strong essential oil diffuser, smells brilliant, and totally natural.
Must have! (Posted on 25 November 2016)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Everyone remarks when they come into my house and office how amazing my space feels Review by AromaJo
Product Rating
A great way to use essential oils without damaging them. I am most particular about my fragrances, and I think the oils are natures little gifts.
Everyone remarks when they come into my house and office how amazing my space feels, they always comment even the MD
I cannot recommend this highly enough, lovely! (Posted on 7 December 2016)
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Great diffuser for natural oils Review by Jane Doe
Product Rating
Lovely neat aromatherapy diffuser that does not burn and corrupt the oil, and as it is rechargeable I can carry it around the house - even into the loo! (Posted on 17 January 2018)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Excellent little diffuser. Review by Contrary
Product Rating
This is a lovely addition to any home and can be used in any room as , once charged, it is totally portable. For such a small machine it diffuses beautifully and is very neat and unabtrusive.
Full instructions are enclosed and it is very easy to set up. (Posted on 29 January 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product Review by Olfactory
Product Rating
I have recently bought 2 of these defusers and I am very pleased with them. A few months ago I bought the same defuser, different name, nearly double the price and to be honest I am trying hard to find the difference between the products, apart from the cost.
I use essential oil all the time in my home and when I discovered the battery operated defuser, as I spend a lot of time driving I just had to have one for my car. Then my husband discovered my secret and he also had to have one for his car, hence the reason for the second purchase.
It is an excellent defuser and I have a few to compare with. As it defuses 100% essential in short spirts, the oil seems to last much longer than others I use and of course the aroma is pure throw. I would definitely recommend this produce to others and I will be replacing my other defusers with this one when the time comes. Perfect. (Posted on 14 February 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Great nebuliser Review by Pati
Product Rating
I'm really happy with the purchase. It's inexpensive in comparison to other nebulisers on the market. It works well. it's a little bit noisy when releasing the mist but it only lasts for a little bit and it goes back into a quiet mode. (Posted on 16 February 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Essential oil nebuliser Review by Zhahha
Product Rating
Great essential oil nebuliser, really powerful, doesn't contaminate the oils like a burner/heater would. Love this. (Posted on 8 February 2018)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
wonderful Review by marigold
Product Rating
Great product. I have wanted a portable oil diffuser for years to put in my small bathroom. This one is perfect as it does not need to be continuously plugged in to a socket.. it is easy to use and very handy with the adjustable settings. I would certainly recommend it to anyone. Thank you. (Posted on 17 February 2018)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Lovely compact Diffuser Review by H K
Product Rating
This is a lovely diffuser. On the plus side is that it is rechargeable so can be used anywhere without the worries of finding a mains socket. Small enough to use in a car as well. (Posted on 7 June 2018)
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Product Questions

Do I always have to fill the empty bottle provided for the diffuset or can the bottle that carries the essential oil be used in the diffuser as well.
How do you re-charge it (USB? Or if battery, what type?)
Can you use any aromatherapy oils in the Fit Air nebuliser or must it be Fit Air oils?
Does the Eden purify the air as well or is it simply an aromatherapy diffuser?
How many hours would a bottle of Fit Air oil last please?

Thank you.