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FitAir Car Air Purifier - Air Ioniser

  1. Car plug-in air purifier with negative ioniser technology removes smells instantly
  2. Protects you and your family from toxic fumes from traffic, banishes 'doggy' smells neutralising safely
  3. Sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants after just 30 minutes without harmful chemicals
  4. Plugs straight into your car cigarette lighter socket
  5. Leaves car smelling clean and fresh, no need for harmful chemical car air fresheners

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Drivers are the Most at Risk from Air Pollution - FitAir Can Help

We all know the dangers of air pollution and what it’s doing to our planet. But did you know the effect it could be having on your health? Research found that every year in the UK there are around 29,000 deaths that can be associated to air pollution.

The number of cars on our roads is increasing all the time which is leading to more polluted roads. A study found that that car drivers and passengers can exposed to as much as 15 times more pollution than pedestrians and cyclists in the same areas. The most polluted area of a street is in the middle of the carriage way, where the drivers are.

It would seem logical to believe that by keeping your windows shut would stop these dangerous pollutants from getting into the car but that’s not true. The air that comes through the cars air conditioning is sucked in from outside and most cars air filters cannot trap these dangerous particles as they are too small.

The FitAir Car Air Purifier plugs straight into your cars cigarette lighter and ionizes the air which instantly gives you cleaner and safer air in your car. It works without any type of chemical and is silent. Simply plug into your cigarette lighter to start and to regulate the production of ozone to purify the air in the car. Thanks to the disinfecting power of ozone, the air purifier helps clean the air of bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollen micro particles less than 0.5 microns (that is 200x less wide than a human hair) meaning virtually nothing is missed!

99% of pollutants eliminated

FitAir’s negative ionisation technology has been specifically designed to safely and effectively eliminate the dangerous things lurking in your air, without simply masking the problem.

Whilst filters are great at purifying the air which goes through them, they can’t clean the entire atmosphere in a room on their own. That’s why ion technology is increasingly being used to counteract this downfall, as it works on a molecular scale – targeting tiny airborne particles which can easily pass through filters.

 As well as making the air safer to breathe the FitAir Car Air Purifier removes the particles that cause bad smells, leaving your car smelling as fresh as when it was new.

Using the FitAir for just 30 minutes can clean the air of up to 99% of airborne pollutants. After the air in your car has been cleaned of the harmful pollutants, all that remains is a microclimate full of active oxygen molecules which will leave you feeling energised even after sitting in traffic for an age! Because FitAir relies on nature’s own methods of purification, there's no lingering artificial scents; just the crisp smell of fresh, breathable air. 

How it works

Super Effective All Year Round

The summer months can really feel like hell if you suffer from allergies. They flare up when the pollen count is high but staying inside doesn’t help! When it gets a bit hotter your first thought is to crack open a window but if you suffer from hay fever you will have to decide if you prefer being hot and sweaty or having red, puffy eyes as pollen can be blown into the building through open windows. Air conditioning isn’t the solution either, because air conditioning systems recycle air from outside, allergens can still get in and irritate you as most air conditioning units don’t have a filter to trap them. At home, pollen is easily carried indoors by pets, shoes and clothing as well, so no escape there. Once blown inside there's a much higher concentration of these little allergens which then lead to hay fever, asthma, and rhinitis symptoms. A FitAir unit deals with the allergens themselves so that you don’t have to choose between feeling refreshingly cool and free from sniffles and sneezes.

When summer finally comes to an end you would think that would be the end of you air related problems but no, winter brings its own issues in terms of air quality and pollution. As the cold nights draw in we spend as much time inside as possible so you need to ensure the air is fit for you to breath. Winter brings with it cold and flu for a lot of people, the viruses that cause these illnesses become trapped in our homes making recovery from them more difficult, using a FitAir unit will take these out of the air to stop you feeling bunged up. 
Learn more about the VOC’s in your home that can be damaging you and your family’s health here.

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SKU / Product Code 12075
Brand FitAir
Recommended For Plug-in air purifier for your car, cleans air without using harmful chemicals neutralising strong odours - IT REALLY WORKS!
Included Contents 1 x FitAir air purifier
Length 11cm (4.3")
Insertable Length 4cm (1.6")
Certification CE, RoHs
Power Car lighter socket
CE Approved Yes
Colour White
Product Rating
4 star :
( 2 )
Total : 2 Reviews
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Good Review by MeravK
Product Rating
I put this in my car as I have a 1,5 hour each way commute and I was getting blinding headaches. Not sure if it was fumes, stress or both. Haven't had a headache since and although there was no chemical or diesel smell in my car it might have cleared toxins because I haven't had a headache since. (Posted on 21 February 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
It's ok Review by Sue C
Product Rating
Parcel arrived 2 day's after ordering and was well packed. Brilliant. We have only been on short journeys since plugging the ioniser in, so we haven't seen much benefit from it yet. Hopefully we will see a difference as time goes on. (Posted on 4 August 2017)
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Hi can you add some drops of essential oil into the car purifier ? Thanks