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FitAir Apollo Air Purifier

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  1. Safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical purifiers
  2. Negative ionisation technology
  3. Sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants after 30 mins use
  4. Rotary control switch with LED indicator
  5. Modern, stainless steel air purifier

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SKU: 10288


Take a breath of FitAir with the Apollo purifier!

FitAir Apollo Close Up Lights

Remember the invigorating feeling you get when you’re high on a mountain, nearby a waterfall or in a forest? These are places that are naturally rich in negatively charged ions, which can improve your mood, reduce stress and help with breathing.

FitAir’s Apollo cleans your air in the same way as nature; the purifier releases negative ions that destroy airborne pollutants and leave behind a microclimate rich in active oxygen molecules. Now you can bring the fresh air indoors!

This striking unit has a robust tower-like design and modern, maintenance-free stainless steel finish. Apollo wouldn’t look out of place in a stylish reception, office or studio, and with such comprehensive coverage (80-140m2) it’s perfect for placing in larger spaces. What’s more, this free-standing unit is imperceptibly quiet, but like all FitAir products, is capable of sterilising 99.99% of airborne germs in just half an hour.

Extremely energy efficient, Apollo consumes less than 6 watts per hour and will not rust or deteriorate, even after years of use. Thanks to its statuesque design, you’ll find Apollo is a real conversation starter, whilst its blue LED indicator makes it a functional work of art.

Is your air fit to breathe?

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs have led to an increase in building-related illnesses. This is because the lack of ventilation inside air-tight, energy efficient homes is making our indoor air stagnant and filled with dangerous gases and pollutants. Without filtration these are accumulating to toxic levels and causing dangerous side-effects for people who spend most of their time in enclosed spaces.

FitAir Apollo Lifestyle Office

Both the World Health Organization and HSE estimate between 30-50% of new or refurbished buildings have the potential to trigger Sick Building Syndrome. The term is increasingly being used to describe a situation where people experience symptoms of ill health that seem to be linked to spending time in a specific building. These can include asthma, allergic reactions, fatigue and headaches among other problems. Most of the pollutants that cause these symptoms tend to be by-products of air-tight and poorly ventilated buildings like houses, schools and offices. Sources of indoor air pollutants include:


  • Household products and solvents like cosmetic aerosols, room fresheners, cleaning agents, paints, glues and formaldehyde.
  • Electronic appliances like copiers, printers, computers and TV’s.
  • Building components and furnishings like insulation, wall coverings, flooring, structural adhesives, fibreboard, plywood and foam bedding.


  • Mould spores from excess humidity and poor ventilation.
  • Pet dander (skin cells) from animals that causes allergies.
  • Dust mites that thrive on skin cells and live in bedding and furnishings.
  • Pollen from trees and plants carried inside on shoes, pets or breeze.
  • Viruses and bacteria which are especially common in public buildings.

Did you know that indoor air is now considered to be one of the world’s worst toxic pollution problems? Unfortunately when people experience poor air quality and the resulting bad odours, their go-to response is to spray fresheners and other scented products to make the room smell nicer. Of course this is rather like sweeping the problem under a rug; it doesn’t deal with the source of the odour and actually coats airborne pollutants in more unnecessary chemicals. Like you tell the children, you can’t simply let it pile up under there forever!

Instead of masking odours with dangerous fragranced products, Apollo specifically targets airborne pollutants and destroys them. In fact all FitAir products are designed to actively sanitise your indoor space without the use of aromas or fresheners; just nature’s own elements. If you are suffering from Sick Building Syndrome, Apollo is designed to cleanse your air and help eliminate the very source of symptoms - leaving behind a fresh, crisp atmosphere.

Inside Apollo

By using negative ionisation technology Apollo is capable of sterilising 99.99% of airborne germs after only half an hour of usage. It does this by charging oxygen from the air to form anions (ions with an extra electron) which are attracted to tiny airborne particles like VOCs, Biological Air Pollutants and Noxious Gases. The anions attack and destroy the harmful microbials they come in contact with through a process known as ‘cell lysing’, which ruptures the wall of the structure and renders it harmless.

Once neutralised, the remaining particles are attracted to each other due to their electric charge, and as they cluster together they become heavy enough to drop out of the air. When you first start using Apollo you may notice an increase in dust gathering on indoor surfaces; this is a sign your unit is working. After regular usage you’ll find that dusting and other cleaning is actually reduced – as there are no other particles in the air left to settle!

Considering the UK spend 90% of their time indoors it seems ridiculous that we put up with such bad air quality in our living spaces. Stuffy and stagnant rooms don’t just smell bad - they are making us ill! With Apollo and FitAir you can stop the Sick Building cycle, and give yourself and your loved ones the clean air they deserve.

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SKU / Product Code 10288
Brand FitAir

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Fresh Air - really fresh Review by Loxley9
Product Rating
I initially bought this for my mezzanine bedroom, we have an open plan house and food smells tend to drift upwards and there is no way to clear them even though I have changed the filer in my cooker hob numerous times. This works amazingly, so much so I do not need to have in the bedroom, I use it in the kitchen and it clears the whole house. I am not deterred from cooking anything now. THe air if really 'clean' smelling, I have heard other reviews where people say it is like after a storm and I would agree with that, the smell of fresh air is really one I had forgotten, as my life, like many is surrounded by fragrances and scents to mask and cover up everything. From washing, to cleaning, to car fresheners, air fresheners for the toilet - the list is endless.
I really like this, excellent. One word of caution, I found the blue light too bright to have in the bedroom, so perhaps an optional light might be better next if updating this model. (Posted on 16 September 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Excellent service, exchanged product happily. Review by Shirley Scott
Product Rating
Good, but sadly this was bigger than expected so I asked them to change it for the Halo which will fit on my book case.
Great customer service, booth units great, but the Halo suits my purpose better.
Highly recommended and Lisa in Customer Services was wonderful. Thank you. (Posted on 9 October 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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