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FiliFit The Core & The Floor DVD Pelvic Floor Exercise Programme

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  1. Safe & gentle exercise programme for new mums
  2. Strengthens your pelvic floor & core abdominal muscles
  3. Improves posture, balance & co-ordination
  4. Advice on diet & nutrition after giving birth
  5. Created & presented by personal trainer & physiotherapist

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New mums, don’t dive into the gym!

The ‘saggy belly’ that women are so often left with following pregnancy and childbirth can tempt new mums to hit the gym straight away; but Filifit creators, personal trainer Fiona Ross and physiotherapist Lisa Yates, believes strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles is the important focus to regain the body’s centre of gravity, tone up and good posture.

During pregnancy and childbirth, the body is subject to abnormally high levels of stress. The weight of the baby pulls the body’s centre of gravity forwards, stretching the abdomen and causing the spine to curve inwards resulting in poor posture and balance, which has a knock-on effect on the rest of the body as it realigns itself. Plus, the weight of the baby puts huge amounts of pressure on the pelvic floor, causing it to sag and weaken so that it fails to support the bladder properly, leading to urinary leaks.

During delivery the pelvic floor is put under even further strain, particularly if it was a difficult labour or the baby was large. Women who had a caesarean may avoid severe pelvic floor weakness but instead will have very weakened and tender abdominal muscles.

Fiona and Lisa were new mums themselves when they decided that there should be more information available on the correct ways to exercise after giving birth. They felt it was important to offers mums a way of exercising at home while the baby was sleeping, strengthening their whole body and dealing with specific pelvic floor problems that come as a result of pregnancy and birth.

What can Filifit do for me?

FiliFit Fiona Ross And Lisa Yates

Filifit offers exercises for both scenarios, so whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via C-section it will guide you through exercise techniques that will strengthen your abs and pelvic floor muscles, improve your posture and balance and generally strengthen your entire body.

The main reason for a saggy belly  is because the abs are weak, and it’s far more beneficial to work on strengthening the abs to tighten the tummy up and improve general core strength so that your body becomes prepared for more intense exercise.

Filifit advises you on the best exercises to strengthen your body from the core without putting your muscles under too much strain. For example it is recommended that you steer clear of sit-ups and crunches, even if they seem like the most effective way of working the abs, because they can actually put increased pressure on the pelvic floor and weaken the muscles further.

Feeling out of shape? Been a while since you have gone through the exercise motions?

No worries, The Core & The Floor has beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises so that you can increase the intensity of your workout over time as you improve your fitness. It also has a section to teach you about your body and help you to understand how giving birth has changed it, plus helpful advice on diet and nutrition to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Even women who are in very good shape and were fitness freaks before pregnancy will benefit from Filifit; it's important to learn how to exercise gently whilst your body still recovers from the trauma of childbirth, and Filifit can teach you how to do this.

It is recommended that you exercise 2 to 3 times each week and you will soon see your balance, posture and coordination improve, your strength increase and your bladder weakness reduce.

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