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FemmyCycle Teen Menstrual Cup


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  1. Reusable menstrual cup specially for teenagers
  2. Design of teen menstrual cup ensures no leaking or spilling
  3. Easy to use, no pinching or discomfort
  4. Can be worn for 6 hours – ideal for teenagers on the go
  5. It’s reusable which makes it a great alternative to tampons which are costly

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FemmyCycle Teen will protect your daughter from embarrassing leaks anytime, anywhere

Periods can be confusing for some young women; their body and hormones are changing in many different ways. It can be a difficult time for some girls to understand what exactly is going on, especially when their menstrual cycle isn’t regular - Aunt Flo can have a surprise visit at the most inconvenient of times; could be at a sleepover, P.E. class  or at the school party. The last thing any girl wants is to have any embarrassing leaks and not have any products at hand. FemmyCycle Teen is the ideal menstrual cup for teenagers who want to get on with their routine during that time of the month.

Traditional sanitary products like tampons absorb the menstrual fluid but they also absorb your natural moisture which can lead to uncomfortable dryness and in extreme cases Toxic Shock Syndrome. You can protect your daughter with the FemmyCycle Teen as it does the opposite; rather than absorbing the menstrual fluid, it collects it, providing a more hygienic and safer alternative to tampons. The menstrual cup is designed so your daughter can avoid any embarrassing leaks; the cup holds up to 17.5ml of menstrual fluid and with its unique ‘lip design’ there are no risk of spilling or leaking during wear or removal. It can also be worn for up to 6 hours, freeing your daughter from any stress that comes along with her period. It’s simple to clean too; just pour the fluid down the toilet and wash the menstrual cup with warm water and hand wash. It’s really that easy! To sterilise the menstrual cup simply soak in 10% white vinegar and 90% warm water for 30 minutes.

What size Femmycycle menstrual cup is right for you?

FemmyCycle menstrual Cup Sizing Chart

The FemmyCycle Teen menstrual cup is smaller than the regular and low cervix FemmyCycle menstrual cups; the cup has been made easier for teens to insert and wear comfortably. The diameter of the rim is 3.1cm, the height without the removal ring is 3.8cm and with the ring is 5.7cm. If your daughter feels like the menstrual cup doesn’t sit right, there are another two in different sizes.

Not only does the menstrual cup for teens protect your daughter from leaks, spills and nasty irritations, it also helps you save a bit of cash too and is extremely friendly to the environment. Did you know that an average woman uses 1,625 tampons a year? That is just for one woman, what about if you have more than one woman in your house that you have to provide an endless amount of tampons or sanitary towels for? Femmycycle helps you save some of those pennies as well as saving the environment from thousands and thousands of disposable sanitary products! You know what they say – a penny saved is a penny earned!

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SKU / Product Code 10446
Brand FemCap
Recommended For Menstrual cup specially designed for the needs of a teenager.
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Good for heavy flow teens Review by Mrs H
Product Rating
Bought one for my daughter who has heavy periods and worries about leaking when doing sports and on study weekends. This has given her confidence on sleep overs too not to leak. I wasn't too sure how she would feel about a menstrual cup but she loves the freedom it has given her. (Posted on 22 February 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Toxic shock killed 14 year old who used a tampon once - thats why I bought this. Review by Nikkis Mum
Product Rating
I was prompted to buy this after reading the tragic story of the young 14 year old girl who used a tampon once and died from toxic shock syndrome. Poor girl the mother is trying to raise awareness. My daughter (15) has said she will try this when at home for sleeping, but still prefers to wear pads during the day, at school she is unable to use a toilet with a sink in the cubical and the rinsing could be a question for her. I am pleased she is looking at an alternative to tampons as I have used a menstrual cup for 15 years now and I am not grossed out about it at all - quite the opposite in fact, but I wasn''t sure how a 15 years old would react to one..... I am hoping she will embrace hers too. Fingers crossed, (Posted on 26 March 2015)
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I have tried so many cups and I am so confused. I feel my insides must be different to everyone's! I don't know if I have a low cervix?? I've had 4 children by cesarean but sometimes I feel they get lost and other times they bypass and sometimes they're too low and I feel the ends?? Help! How do I know what size 4 am??