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Femmax Vaginal Dilator Set


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  1. Vaginal dilators extensively used within the NHS
  2. Vaginal dilator set, smooth style in graduating sizes
  3. Perfect for use after pelvic surgery & radiotherapy
  4. Restores sex life, eradicates internal discomfort and vaginismus
  5. Enables you to take control of your dilator treatment

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Femmax Dilator Set have been clinically developed to help women lead a normal and fulfilled sex life after gynaecological surgery, radiation or the menopause.

This is the dilator set used extensively within the NHS to help women with Vaginismus and vaginal tightness, and those recovering from surgery or radiotherapy, to eradicate painful internal discomfort and help keep vaginal muscles supple and free from scarring.

Femmax Vaginal Dilators help to reduce painful scarring, tightness and discomfort

The unique FEMMAX dilator design makes them easy to use and convenient to store & carry. Femmax dilators are inserted into the vagina to help to keep it healthy and supple - they help to reduce the risk of scarring following surgery or radiotherapy. Many women report that after using vaginal dilators discomfort is considerably reduced during follow up examinations, sexual intercourse and further treatments..

The Femmax Dilator set features four vaginal dilators which graduate in size to provide variation and natural progression in your exercises, they are made from a tapered seamless, smooth plastic which is both easy to insert and comfortable to use. Each kit of Femmax Dilators comes with a carry case, 2 sachets of Optilube lubricant and full instructions. The dilator sizes are:

  • No 1 Femmax Vaginal Dilator - 35mm dia
  • No 2 Femmax Vaginal Dilator - 27mm dia
  • No 3 Femmax Vaginal Dilator - 20mm dia
  • No 4 Femmax Vaginal Dilator - 15mm dia

Total dilator set weight is 0.247g

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SKU / Product Code 81061
Ingredients Optilube: Glycerine 0.80%, PEG 15.4%, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid esters 0.0308%, Sodium hydroxide 0.24%, Purified water 82.73%
Brand Femmax
Recommended For Vaginal dilation following vaginal surgery, radiotherapy, vaginismus etc
Included Contents Storage case, 2 sachets of Optilube lubricant, instructional CD, instructional leaflet
Length Approx 13cm
User Manual View and/or Download the Femmax Dilators User Manual
Overall Diameter No 1 Dilator - 35mm, No 2 Dilator - 27mm, No 3 Dilator - 20mm, No 4 Dilator - 15mm
Quantity 4

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Vaginal stenosis - more GPs should be aware Review by Trish
Product Rating
My GP prescribed certain tablets for my post-menopausal symptoms and I used plenty of lubrication but sex was still painful. I noticed that if I had sex on a regular basis the pain disappeared over time. Sadly though, when I separated from my boyfriend I no longer had sex regularly and when I met someone new the pain had returned. I also had to have a smear, which proved to be almost impossible. Despite my many trips to the GP and the sexual health clinic no-one told me about vaginal stenosis. Eventually, through internet research I realised that is what I suffering from. The solution - vaginal dilators! I've been using the dilators for two weeks now and the difference they have made is amazing. I haven't had sex since starting to use them but I am confident it will be a success. The use of vaginal dilators is rarely discussed on menopause forums but they really should be. (Posted on 9 October 2015)
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(70 of 71 people found this review helpful)
Compares favourably with other brands Review by Smart Cookie
Product Rating
Nifty design. I like the way they screw together eliminating the need for a handle. Very easy to clean. Competitive price.
I had been using another brand of dilator for post -menopausal stricture as advised by a gynaecologist, but with limited effect. After using the largest size Femmax Dilator for only 3 weeks I have been able to resume intercourse, which was impossible before. (Posted on 23 June 2013)
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(56 of 57 people found this review helpful)
Life Changing Review by Sarah
Product Rating
I bought this product as I suffer with vaginismus and it has dramatically improved my sex life and enabled me to carry out gynecological examinations which I found too painful to do before. I would recommend to anyone with similar problems! (Posted on 12 May 2015)
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(45 of 47 people found this review helpful)
saved my marriage and sex life Review by Anna
Product Rating
I didnt know what was wrong with me and didn't even know I had vaginismus until i got married. With much research and tons of reviews online, I found this and with much worry I tried this for a 1 to 2 week, twice a day. The first one was easy to get in but as it got bigger it also got more uncomfortable but with persistent and more effort ( and not giving up) as well as patience from my husband :) It finally worked!! We were so happy and relieved and it to be honest brought us much closer. I dont know what I would have done had I not found this existed!! I am normal indeed thanks for the Nurse who created this she has saved many women and their love life. Go ahead and get it, wont be disdisappointed. Discre packaging nobody would know ( i got it pink because it looked cute) and quick delivery. (Posted on 25 December 2014)
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(36 of 39 people found this review helpful)
Recommended by Physio Review by Mrs H, London
Product Rating
I was recommended to use these by my Gynaecologist after recent radiotherapy. They are easy to use and quick to clean, I would rinse them under hot water, but they can also be sterilised. Handy case also means I could carry them discreetly when travelling. Good price and better priced than the comfort dilators. (Posted on 8 March 2013)
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(35 of 36 people found this review helpful)
Very Good Product Review by Sammy
Product Rating
Very well designed especially the way they screw together so you do not need a handle. I used them because I was having problems with intercourse due to being post menopausal and they have improved my sex life considerably. (Posted on 18 January 2014)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(31 of 32 people found this review helpful)
amazing! Review by Beck
Product Rating
i couldn't be more happier with this product. It came packaged perfectly all set in a lovely little case with very helpful instructions.
I 'm now able to have a healthy and happy sex life again :D
For anyone who is thinking that these might help them, i really suggest you give them a try.
worth every penny :) (Posted on 7 February 2016)
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(21 of 21 people found this review helpful)
Fine so far Review by Julie
Product Rating
Bought these as suffered from vaginismus in the past. Have not been sexually active for a while, and recently met someone and realised the problem had returned. He didn't, as we didn't get that far, maybe that was why he dumped me! Smears and vaginal examinations always painful. Decided that while I am sad and lonely I can be working on this problem in preparation for for the next relationship! Went on to the second size first session. So far am impressed with everything, set is compact so I can take it away with me next week. Here's hoping the next person deserves me, unlike the last! (Posted on 23 December 2016)
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(19 of 23 people found this review helpful)
Easy to use with brilliant results Review by Lucy
Product Rating
I've found something that isn't too expensive and actually works..very compact, a basic design, but works..very happy with the results. (Posted on 8 August 2016)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Smooth and comfortable to use. Review by menolady
Product Rating
I needed the dilator as I had been stitched too tightly after repair surgery.
I found this works but you need to take your time. (Posted on 11 October 2015)
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(9 of 10 people found this review helpful)

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Can you explain how this actually work?
What do i need to do with it?
Is there not a risk of the dilator going too far in to the vagina or is ther something to get it back out?
Berapa harganya,,,,,
Hello, is this available in pink please?
Saya sdh menikah 6 tahun tapi belum punya keturunan,minggu lalu saya melakukan USG dan HSG,dan di fonis ada infeksi dan pelengketan di dlm rahim,apakah produck ini dapat membantu????