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Elle by Beurer FCE90 Pureo Ionic Anti-Aging Skin Care System

  1. Powerful anti-ageing device to tighten, tone, freshen & relax the skin
  2. 82% noticed smoother skin
  3. 88% notice fresher and healthier skin
  4. 4-level treatment: cleanse, hydrate, heat and cool using the power of ions for deep moisturising
  5. LCD display and simple controls make your home treatments easy with salon results

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beurer fce90 skincare systemThe Beurer FCE90 Pureo Skin Care System is one of the most advanced and effective home beauty treatments available today - salon results in the privacy of your own home!

Would you like beautifully radiant skin from the comfort of your own home? This is now a reality with the Beurer FCE90 Pureo Skin Care System. Engineered to give you the most nourishing skin experience yet, this highly advanced treatment system will give you that flawless celebrity glow.

The system uses positive and negative ions plus hot and cold treatments to cleanse, tone and revitalise skin. Included is an Advanced Hydro Lift Cream and a Cleansing Milk, both of which are formulated to be used with the Pureo device for the best results. In a clinical study, 82% of people reported that they had smoother skin and 88% said their skin felt fresher and healthier. So what are you waiting for? 

 Beurer FCE90 Pureo Ionic Skin Care works on 4 levels


skin layers

1.Intensive cleansing

First, remove impurities from the skin with the Cleansing Milk, which has been specially formulated with active agents which have ionic function. When used with the ionic Pureo device these active agents can be worked deep into the skin where they then draw out dirt and impurities. This leaves your skin feeling fresh and revitalised, and makes your complexion look brighter and more radiant.


skin layers

2. Anti-Aging

The second step involves the Advanced Hydro Lift Cream which works to deeply hydrate the skin. When used with the ionic Pureo device the cream infiltrates deeply through the tissues, leaving the skin thoroughly moisturised and smooth. Plus, by hydrating the skin you will help to prevent wrinkles and lines.

skin layers3. Activating Heat Function

The third step is using the activating heat function on the Pureo device. By applying heat to the skin you will increase circulation throughout the tissues. The increased blood flow helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells in order to increase cellular activity and health. The skin will feel softer, more supple and will be healthier.

skin layers4. Refreshing cooling function

Finally, use the vitalising cooling function to freshen and firm up the skin. Pores will be minimised to help the skin look smooth and fresh and the skin itself will be toned and firm to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.



Smoother skin - but that's not all!

Your skin will be glowing for joy! Can you really afford not to have this home salon-style treatment at your fingertips?

You'll be able to enjoy:

  • tighter skin
  • toned skin
  • replenished moisture levels - essential during menopause as our skin dries out and we lose the ability to retain moisture
  • freshened and relaxed skin
  • makes skin feel glowing and radiant
  • noticeable improves circulation

With an LCD display and simple 5-button control, the FCE90 Pureo Ionic Anti-Ageing device is really easy to use at home and it has clinically proven results. It is part of the Elle by Beurer range, a collection of products created by leading health gadget manufacturer Beurer in conjunction with style and beauty gurus Elle.

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 92901

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So lets get to the results A M A Z I N G Review by Boss
Product Rating
When it comes to beauty products I'm usually very sceptical, and I'm not one who spends a lot of money on creams, facials and lotions. So I was wondering how this small, "little device" was going to impress me - after all I'd never heard of an ion...however I have to say that the results are really amazing, however it was a gift, so I put aside my scepticism and decided to try it. Hubby later said that his sister recommended it, and even though he was wary of my reaction she was adamant that I would be impressed.....

The unit itself is small and portable, with a small metal treatment head. It included some trial size products, a cleansing milk and anti-ageing cream - unknown brand (!)
It promises to 'deliver' the creams and nutrients deep into the skin layers
The proof of the pudding as they say, is in the eating, they state treatment protocols of cleansing and moisturising (which I don't usually do) and the treatment varies from hot and cold for maximum efficacy. It might sound difficult it isn't.Treatment time is longer than I thought it would be because of the small treatment head.
I'm afraid I really didn't like the fragrance on the anti ageing cream either.

So lets get to the results

My skin just felt amazing - even after the first treatment - something I have only experienced when I have had a professional facial. My skin looks healthy, fresh from blemishes, smooth, no bumps and blotches. I am notoriously lazy, but I can assure this will become a regular treatment for my face! I'm looking to even more improvement with constant use. (Posted on 31 March 2015)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
a strong 'buy' recommendation for this device from me. Review by Ms Anon
Product Rating
The Pureo Ionic Skin Care device can be used by a man or woman to make the morning or the evening facial cleansing even more effective. After applying cleanser the unit stimulates with heat and a cooling function together with negative or positively charged ions to deeply penetrate deep into the skin. Then i moisturise and the makers claim this is more readily absorbed into the skin for better results. I am not sure of the science behind it all, but my skin feels better than it has done for years, very smooth and plumped. Apparently it stimulates circulation too so losing the greyness in my 'winter' skin a real plus.I've notices that after repeated applications a real positive effect of this new facial and feel younger again and look it.

Cheaper than a salon treatment, great to use it at home for convenience etc and overall: a positive conclusion and a strong 'buy' recommendation for this device from me. (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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(7 of 8 people found this review helpful)

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Once I have used all the creams with the device, can I use my normal creams or can I buy these ?
È possibile utilizzare l' apparecchio nel contorno occhi, con la mia crema per contorno occhi, oppure la vicinanza dell' apparecchio può essere dannosa agli occhi?