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Elle by Beurer FCE70 Ionic Facial Sauna

  1. Elle by Beurer Ionic Facial Sauna deeply cleansing and deeply moisturising for older skin too
  2. Preps the skin for beauty treatments and deep cleansing
  3. Adjustable nozzle, opens the pores and hydrates the skin with ion-rich steam
  4. Anti-ageing benefits - improves circulation, rehydrates to help prevent wrinkles
  5. Simple to use and so effective, no longer need to buy numerous moisturisers and cosmetics

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Prone to oily skin and blocked pores? The Elle by Beurer Ionic Facial Sauna will give you a salon style facial in the comfort of your own home!

Beurer FCE 70 Nozzle Adjustable

Beurer FCE 70 Water Level

Created by internationally recognised manufacturer Beurer in conjunction with fashion experts Elle, this Facial Sauna delivers ion-rich steam to your skin to hydrate and prepare it for beauty treatments. Similar devices are often used in professional beauty salons, as the benefits of prepping the face with steam are numerous.

Firstly, the heat opens up pores which makes it easier to remove impurities during deep cleansing treatments such as facials and face masks, improving their effectiveness for people prone to blackheads and blemishes.

The steam emitted from this Facial Sauna is ion-rich, which makes the steam finer and allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin. It’s really important to hydrate the skin well before deep cleansing treatments which tend to draw out moisture along with impurities and can leave the skin dry, flaky and irritated. The Ionic Facial Sauna will ensure your skin remains moisturised and healthy and will leave you with a fresh, dewy glow.

Beurer FCE 70 Lamp Indicator

It's not just for beauty treatments either, rehydrating with ions is brilliant for anti-ageing home treatments too!

Beurer FCE 70 Ion Technology

As well as it being perfect for priming the skin for beauty treatments, this facial sauna is great to use on its own as a simple but effective way of keeping the skin healthy. Hydrating the skin regularly lessens the effects of sun damage and prevents dryness and soreness as a result of cold weather.

Applying steam also improves circulation, causing more blood to pump through the vessels on the surface of the skin which not only brings more nutrients to it, but also makes the skin appear plumper, healthier and more youthful, and in the long term can help to fight wrinkles. Older skin will really benefit from this Ionic Facial Sauna, that's because as we age our skin not only becomes drier, but it also loses the ability to maintain moisture - so it is essential to boost up the moisture content as much as possible to keep that youthful glow.

Elle By Beurer Range Featured in Elle Decoration Magazine

Why is the Beurer FCE 70 Ionic Facial Steamer ideal for anti-ageing?


  • Ions bring out the natural beauty of your skin
  • Prevents skin from drying out because ions are deeply moisturising because they are smaller particles
  • Ions provide a deep hydration of the skin
  • Increases circulation to the face - better blood flow nourishes and 'feeds' the skin

So, if you’re one for recreating a beauty salon at home, the Ionic Facial Sauna is a must-have for your collection and one that is invaluable for maintaining healthy, hydrated and beautiful skin - whatever your age!

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 92319
Brand Beurer

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Deep cleaning, lovely Review by Saz
Product Rating
I already have a standard facial sauna which works ok. But a friend had this and was raving about it. It really does clean and open the pores better than a traditional steamer and I feel I get a better cleanse. I have to cleanse deeply at least once a week to stop my pores getting blocked and getting blackheads, but I find it I use it more than then twice a week it is a bit too much and I think my skin then produces too much oil. So it's a fine balance that I think I have now cracked it.
It does say use distilled water but I haven't (I don't use distilled in my iron so I just didn't have any in - hope I'm not missing a beauty trick by not.) so I don't know if this will affect its lifespan. Really enjoy using this, deeply cleansing, works for me. (Posted on 10 January 2015)
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For me, a really good buy and I highly recommend this product Review by Olga
Product Rating
I have the facial sauna for some time now and use it regularly , about twice a week. It is super easy. The device can be filled easily and can be packed away easily. The motor can be heard, but it is not too loud. I find steaming very relaxing. A small criticism at this point : one has to sit upright . and it would be better if the nozzle were longer and more flexible (you can only adjust it up or down ) and it would be nice to lie down and use it.
The temperature is just right and the steam is really very fine, which is the whole point of using it. I have a feeling that it penetrates really well into the skin. After a 20 min treatment my face is moist but not dripping wet and I feel very refreshed. The subsequent cleansing routine is wonderful because my skin is very soft. Also, overall I have the impression that my skin has changed for the better - definitely improved . Always follow the recommended distance since the steam is not hot (like in a real sauna), you tend to get closer . However, this can cause slight skin irritation (redness but after a short time this disappears ) .
For me, a really good buy and I highly recommend this product (Posted on 14 January 2015)
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