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Elastolabo Perineal Massage Gel

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  1. 40% of women tear - minimise the damage now with Elastolabo
  2. Contains Elastocell to improve skin elasticity, prevent and minimise tears
  3. Helps reduce risk of episiotomy & perineal tears
  4. Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity by 24%
  5. Now proven to improve and reduce stretch marks

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Data from the NHS shows that in 40% of women their perineum cannot stretch enough during childbirth and they end up with skin tears or perineal trauma. Two thirds of women will have a second-degree tear..

The perineum, the area of tissue between the vagina and the anus, has to stretch a huge amount in order for you to deliver your baby vaginally. Often though the tissue and muscles can’t stretch enough and either tear or are cut by the doctor or midwife in a procedure called an episiotomy. The result of this is known as perineal trauma, and 85% of women who give birth vaginally are left with some form of perineal trauma.

Elastalabo Perineal Massage

Skin tears, perineal trauma & episiotomy - minimise damage to your pelvic floor NOW!

An episiotomy is often necessary if the baby is in distress or forceps are needed to be used, and they can often help to control the damage to the perineum. However the vaginal wall, surrounding muscles and perineal skin all still remain damaged and can take weeks or months to fully recover. Perineal tears can occur in four degrees of severity; first degree tears are minor and only involve the perineal skin, second degree tears involve the vaginal wall and muscles as well as skin, and third and fourth degree tears, which are less common, involve damage to muscles and tissues surrounding the anus and rectum.

Both perineal tears and an episiotomy requires stitches which causes discomfort as the area heals, but even after the stitches are removed women can still experience pain for weeks or even months afterwards. It depends on the degree of damage as to how long the healing process takes but particularly bad trauma where deep muscle and tissue needs to heal can cause discomfort for a significant amount of time, particularly during sex. 15% of women who experience perineal trauma will have pain during sex for up to 3 years after giving birth. Many who had particularly severe tears will suffer some degree of bowel incontinence as a result of the muscles around the rectum and anus being damaged.

However, you can prepare and protect your body by massaging your perineum during the last two months of your pregnancy. This will gently relax and retrain the muscles so that the tissue stretches further whilst giving birth.

Prepare for labour with Elastolabo to minimise the damage to your body

Elastolabo is a unique perineal massage gel that contains Elastocell, a specially formulated ingredient that helps to reduce the rigidity of the perineal tissues. Clinical studies have found it can increase skin elasticity by 24% and help to reduce the possibility of an episiotomy or perineal tear. Of women who did experience perineal tears after using Elastolabo, 67% experienced minor skin trauma and 33% experienced second-degree tears; none experienced severe third- and fourth-degree tears.

Massaging with Elastolabo is really simple and only takes 10 minutes each day. To begin with wash your hands, apply some Elastolabo to your fingers and apply it to the outside of your vagina, gently massaging to increase blood flow to the tissues. Then gently insert your fingers 2-3cm into your vagina and stretch the tissue down gently towards your anus until you feel a tingling sensation. Hold this pressure for 2 minutes, then begin to move your fingers up to one side of vagina whilst gently pulling outwards and upwards. Then, whilst still applying gentle pressure, move your fingers back down to the lower part of the vagina, then up towards the opposite side. Continue this U-shaped motion back and forth for 10 minutes.

You shouldn’t feel any pain during the massage but if you do stop immediately and try again the following day; it may be that your muscles are not quite relaxed enough yet. Over the weeks you will notice that you can gradually apply more and more pressure as your muscles have become more elastic. Elastolabo is fragrance-free with a neutral odour, is non-irritating and non-sensitising so it’s gentle enough to use every day without causing any discomfort to your intimate area.

It is recommended that you use Elastolabo from week 32 of your pregnancy onwards and you can continue to use it right up until you go into labour. Massage your perineum daily and you'll protect your body from tearing, reduce the risk of needing an episiotomy and experience a swift recovery after birth so that you can concentrate on your new 'little-one' straight away!

Now also proven to reduce and improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars

Elastolabo isn't just fantastic for minimising perineal damage - a clinical study has shown that it can also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks! If you're worried about the way your skin is changing during pregnancy then regularly massaging with Elastolabo will make any scarring much less noticeable as well as reducing the tightness of the skin.

Just take a look at these great results:

  • 66% of women in the test reported that their stretch marks looked more like their normal skin
  • 53% noticed an improvement in the thickness of their scars
  • 63% found that their scars were more pliable
  • 44% experienced relief from tightness

Using Elastolabo for stretch marks and scars

  • Wash your hands
  • Apply Elastolabo to the affected area
  • Gently massage with your fingers for 5 minutes, twice a day
  • For optimal results, use every day for at least 2 months


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SKU / Product Code 92406
Brand Elastolabo

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Would recommend. Review by Debbie J
Product Rating
My baby boy was born weighing in at a cracking 9.5 lbs, and I had a home birth, tearing was minimal and I would not have been without elastolabo. I used it for 2 months before my due date and also used hot compresses during labour. I wanted to avoid any damage and have done so - delighted with this. Would recommend. (Posted on 20 February 2015)
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I recommend this cream it works Review by MeMe88
Product Rating
Used this to avoid stretch marks during my pregnancy and on my perineum to prevent any tears. Job done, love it.

I recommend this cream it works. (Posted on 5 October 2016)
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