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Dr Joel Kaplan Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump

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  1. Stronger erections can be achieved by increasing circulation, penis length and girth
  2. Erectile dysfunction is overcome building confidence and improving performance
  3. Penile pump reverses penile shrinkage, improving pelvic health
  4. Penis vacuum pump reverses peyronies penis curvature
  5. Stamina is increased and premature ejaculation is resolved

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Enjoy stronger, longer erections the drug-free way with Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Electric Penis Pump

Suffering with erectile dysfunction or erection problems can be difficult to accept, but you may be surprised that there are as many as 50% of men aged between 40 and 70 who actually suffer with erectile dysfunction due to a vast number of reasons such as medication, smoking, excess weight and stress. But you no longer have to suffer in silence; we have the ideal penis vacuum pump that can increase the size, length and girth of your penis, whether it is flaccid or erect.

The idea of using a penis vacuum pump may be daunting, but there are thousands sold every single day! Why? Because they actually work! The Dr Joel Kaplan’s penis vacuum pump treats erectile dysfunction and erection problems safely, drug-free and easily. So you can overcome ED without expensive surgery or taking ineffective, unreliable drugs, and begin to enjoy intimacy with your partner without fear or embarrassment.

So why opt for an electric penis vacuum pump?

With penis pumps as with all products you get what you pay for.

If you purchase a cheap penis pump you will get a hard to use suction bulb, that will probably be ineffective in removing the air from the flask. If you can't get a proper vacuum seal and good draw of air from the flask then it simply wont work effectively. Also, if you have problems with your hands then trying to use either a bulb pump or trigger pump is just not possible so an electric pump is ideal.

With cheap penis pumps you will often find a cheap flask, so when the vacuum is created the flask can actually collapse in on itself. A thin flask is not only unsuitable for effective treatment, it is also painful to use, as it is best to have a firm seal against your body and a thin flask cutting into a pubic bone is most unpleasant. Using a penis pump should be comfortable and effective - that is the only way you will continue using it and achieving better results!

With his years of experience Dr Joel Kaplan has created a comfortable, ultra effective way to enhance erections, improve pelvic health for men, and combat ED problems, including premature ejaculation.

Dr Joel Kaplan is a world leading health expert specialising in maximising erection function

Joel Kaplan Mega VacMany men are worried about penis vacuum pumps being uncomfortable and tight, or that the device will in fact cause bulging or bending of the penis. The Dr Joel Kaplan’s penis vacuum pump helps to reverse curvature and resolve premature ejaculation using  a comfortable, safe suction pump.

Maintaining an erection and its fullness is entirely dependent on blood flow.  When a man is aroused, the arteries in the penis expand directing more blood to the penis; it is the balance between blood flow in and out of the penis that is key to forming an erection and sustaining it.

With the Dr Joel Electric Penis Pump it help to deliver::

  • Increases in blood flow
  • Constantly strong suction
  • Fully adjustable suction for your comfort
  • The device not only pumps, but you can also use the manual pulsation feature which you can use for your own enjoyment; this is done by using the hole on the front of the valve on the gauge for the electric pump.

This vacuum pump is like no other and is really a state of the art device to treat and help erectile dysfunction and erection problems. Included with the pump you are given constriction rings for the penis and testicles, a transparent, leak-free cylinder with a 2 inch inner diameter, over ten feet of tubular extension for ease of usage, an electric pump, instruction booklet and a large nylon storage bag, so you can carry it with you wherever you may go!

Don’t put your love life on hold.

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SKU / Product Code 91595
Brand Dr Joel Kaplan

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