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Dr Cohen's Heatable Acuball

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  1. Massage ball that aids in eliminating deep, out-of-reach muscle knots
  2. Heatable Acuball naturally relieve tension that is felt almost anywhere in the body
  3. Trigger point massage ball can be heated to provide extra comfort and help promote circulation to affected area
  4. Flushes out built up toxins that cause pain in tight muscles
  5. Acupressure massage enhances relaxation, mood enhancing chemicals and promotes deeper sleep

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Dr Cohen’s Heatable Acuball treat muscle knots for amazing pain relief and improved performance

You don’t have to pay through the nose to get treatment for those nigglingly painful muscle knots you find infuriating. We understand how annoying muscle knots can be, but more importantly so does Dr Cohen - that’s why he invented the World's best-selling Acuball!  When you can’t seem to get rid of the pain, especially when you can feel it trapped deep in the tissue and you just can't get to it to release the ache the Heatable Acuball will deliver amazing results.  Dr Cohen himself spent months of trying to treat his own annoying shoulder pain and after prodding and pressing the muscle knots he realised that lying on a ball eased the pain. This is where the journey of the Acuball acupressure treatment began.  

What are muscle knots and how to treat them to ease pain and improve sporting performance?

Dr Cohen's Acuball App

Myofascial Trigger Points is the clinical term for “muscle knots” - they are caused when contracted fibres in a muscle are unable to untie and literally cause a knot. The knots in your muscles can vary in sizes; from a pinhead to as big as your thumb and they result as a build-up of excess toxic and metabolic waste. So, how do you know you have trigger points? Well, the symptoms can include a dull ache, localised tenderness, burning sensation, reduced range of motion, or even sharp, point-specific pain. Trigger points can also 'refer' pain is to another location on the body.

Trigger points happen in predictable locations, as Dr Cohen explains in his films showing how to treat these painful areas. Trigger points can rise to the surface and increase in size for a number of reasons, this may be as a result of trauma, overuse, strain, bad posture, poor ergonomics, structural imbalances, improper body mechanics, or even things such as poor nutrition and psycho-emotional stress or even exposure to cold temperature.

Acuball is the simple home treatment those muscle knots are screaming for you to buy!

The acupressure treatment offered by this heatable acuball helps by massaging out the affected area and eliminating the excess toxic waste that is built up in the muscle; the Acuball is sturdy, but comfortable enough for you to feel relaxed and at one with your body. If you are unsure if the treatment is working, when it feels tender, the good pain actually feels good even though it is slightly painful. The Acuball treatment helps your body to release natural painkillers by promoting blood circulation and elevates your mood by stimulating the release of mood-enhancing chemicals like endorphins.

The massage ball works in unison with your body’s natural healing powers; the larger nibs are to release tension in larger muscle areas such as your back, buttocks, legs and shoulders and the smaller nibs for the smaller areas, for example your temples and scalp. The innovative design of the Acuball even has a spine align belt; this is so that your spine can fit perfectly into the belt, when the massage ball is rolled against your spine, it opens and loosens the spine vertebra one by one, offering deeper tissue release. Another reason why this acupressure treatment is highly successful is because you can warm the Acuball to receive deep penetrative heat therapy, which will promote blood circulation around the targeted area, relieving pain naturally and drug free.

Don't underestimate the power of your own natural self-healing powers says Dr Cohen!

Dr Cohen's Heatable Acuball And Acuball Mini

Chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr Cohen, believes that we underestimate our own natural, self-healing powers; so he designed the Acuball massage ball to enable you to tap into your natural self-healing capabilities. Dr Cohen has studied different healing techniques from around the world and he designed and developed this massage ball to aid balancing the mind and the body; so that we can function at our best.  Alongside mind and breathing training, the Acuball can release tight areas that feel jammed and uncomfortable, relieving you from those niggling pains. Saving you many pennies and minutes from visiting the Chiropractor!

Ever wondered how professional athletes just keep on going? Well, Dr Cohen’s trigger point massage ball is frequently used by athletes such as NBA; this is because the Acuball helps to improve muscle strength, flexibility and reduces the risk of injuries before and after exercising. Knots are caused by excess muscle waste which causes pain, the acupressure treatment releases natural pain killers, promotes the blood flow, calming your nervous system which enables you to feel relieved and even enjoy a deeper sleep.

Dr Cohen

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis; this is when the tissue that joins the bottom surface of the foot, from the heel bone to the toes tears and causes excruciating pain - the Acuball can benefit you by simply applying a small amount of pressure from your foot and rolling the ball around on the bottom of your foot. It will feel tender, but that means that the treatment is working, releasing the excess waste that has collected into the tissue. That’s just one area of the many that the Acuball can treat!

Using the Acuball for just 20-30 minutes a day can really enhance your wellbeing and assist in balancing and reconnecting your mind and body; the Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy teaches us that when our mind and body is in perfect balance, we are at our optimum level to function – this is the foundation of Dr Cohen’s Acuball; helping you reconnect and tune your body with your mind.

Reconnect, retune and roll with Acuball.

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SKU / Product Code 10310
Brand Dr Cohen's
Included Contents Dr Cohen's Acuball, Massage And Heating Instructions, Heating Ring
Material Surgical grade PVC, 100% latex-free
User Manual View and/or Download the Acuball Heating Instructions

View and/or Download the Acuball Therapy Booklet
Circumference 25.12cm (10.1 Inches)
Colour Blue
Size 9cm x 8cm x 8cm (3.6 Inches x 3.2 Inches x 3.2 Inches)
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A life saver! Review by Christine
Product Rating
I have suffered with pain and discomfort in my back and this has been the only product that I have found that delivers true relief. The heatable aspect is what sold the item to me and I have not been disappointed. While keeping pressure on areas of pain the heat penetrates and truly helps muscle tension melt away. I also love using it to help with my posture and support my back while I am at my desk or driving. (Posted on 20 April 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Amazing product - who doesn't need one? Review by sheila b
Product Rating
I have tried a lot of different products for my back and neck pain.
This is the first one that actually does MORE than it claims.
I use it for 30 minutes every morning heated up - it feels marvellous and the heat lasts for over an hour.
Quite powerful for my back and neck.

Definitely worth buying. (Posted on 30 April 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Highly recommended for sciatica Review by StoneMary3
Product Rating
Brilliant. Such a simple gadget that gets right in there. Goes everywhere with me, excellent for symptoms of sciatica for getting right in there. (Posted on 6 October 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
You have been warned. Review by Mike O
Product Rating
Decidedly painful at first but I think this was it starting to work, the difference is quite amazing and my neck pain is all but disappeared. The heating aspect is vital. I like how the weight of your own body actually becomes the treatment. Good films for all parts of the body, its been quite a revelation to me, even though you have to go thru the pain barrier. You have been warned. (Posted on 22 December 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
marvellous for pain relief, Review by OwlDen
Product Rating
Having suffered with plantar fascitis for the last 5 years I decided to try this as a last option as nothing seemed to help apart from keeping the foot moving and flexible. I found it intensely painful initially, but I decided to persevere with it because I had read some good reports on sports and physio websites. For me rolling the foot on the acuball and effecting myofacsial release has been marvellous for pain relief, to relieve tension and help add fluidity in my movement. (Posted on 20 April 2015)
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Excellent Review by Sue R
Product Rating
Read about this in the Daily Mail and it is amazing, on,y thing that releases my neck and stops the pain and migraines. I feel it has improved my posture too as I don't feel so crumpled up and tight with tension. (Posted on 14 October 2015)
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