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Dr Cohen's Heatable Acuback

  1. Massage roller is designed to keep you sitting upright for an optimal posture
  2. The Heatable Acuback Kit naturally releases tension in back and spine
  3. The trigger point massage ball can also be used on the neck, leg, thigh and hand
  4. Acupressure treatment ball can be heated for extra comfort
  5. Small and compact design means you can use it anywhere it anywhere.

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Struggling to get rid of that niggly pain in your back? With the Acuback kit you can eliminate those irritating pains, naturally and drug free.

Got an annoying ache in your back that you can’t quite reach? Are you feeling a bit knotted and no matter how many times you try and loosen the knot, it doesn’t seem to disappear? You may frequently work out and find that your aches are a lot more intense than just the regular “the day after the gym” ache or if you are desk-bound, are you forever finding that you are sat in the incorrect position? A visit to the Acupuncturist can be costly, time consuming and sometimes ineffective; some of us just can’t take that risk. 

However, Acupuncturist and Chiropractor Dr Cohen, his Heatable Acuback Kit you can guarantee will do the trick. After Dr Cohen endured a long, frustrating bout of shoulder pain, he began prodding his pain with all sorts of objects in attempt to remove the pain, until Dr Cohen discovered that lying on a ball eased his shoulder. After months of practising his ‘ball work’ and recommending this practice to his patients, the results were successful. Dr Cohen then began his journey of designing and developing the Acuball.  Now, that’s what we call first-hand experience!

The acupressure treatment involves a trigger point massage ball; the ball doesn’t just ease the pains in the muscle and joints, it gets really stuck into those frustrating spots and along with your mind focus training and breathing work, you will begin to feel the treatment of releasing those tight congested areas. The massage roller has a spine align belt; that offers deeper tissue release, opening and loosening the spine vertebra one by one. Improving your posture is essential for all those who live a sedentary life – did you know that sedentary behaviour can be as harmful to your body as smoking? No? Well, you do now!

Dr Cohen’s Heatable Acuback Kit is more than just a trigger point massage ball; its design aids you to sit in the upright seating position when you are at work, home or travelling. The Acuback’s ingenious design restores the essential curvature of your lower back, comfortably and efficiently realigning your upper back. If that wasn’t enough, pop the ball into the microwave for 50 seconds (1000 watts) or boil for 12 minutes; the massage roller will give you extra warming comfort to soothe those pains for 75 minutes, all naturally and drug free.

The acupressure massage roller doesn’t only give some TLC to your spine; it can be used almost everywhere on your body. If you have gone through a strenuous work out and it is now a struggle to get up those stairs; a 20-30 minute self-healing session can really benefit your recovery, so you can return to your normal workout routine.

Don’t ignore those irritating knots ever again – be on the (acu) ball and start rolling.

So what are 'muscle knots' and what can be done to release them?

Dr Cohen's Acuball App

Ouch! Muscle knots hurt, manifesting themselves as a dull ache, burning feelings, or sharp pointed pain. What's more, muscle knots can also 'refer' (or send) pain to another location in the body! Time to take control and see how beneficial trigger point massage can be!

Muscle knots, or scientifically speaking – Myofascial Trigger Points – are small knots within your muscle where contracted fibres are unable to untie, they can be caused by various things such as accidents, strenuous exercise or poor posture. These knots can range in sizes, from a pinhead to the size of your thumb. They can cause pain either when pressure is added on them or the can severely and continuously cause pain along your neural pathways.

The knots are filled with excess toxic and metabolic waste which sends pain signals to the brain; because your brain wants the pain to stop, it tells the muscle to rest which causes the muscle to tighten up. This is not good for smooth movement and saily living and it's a nightmare for sports men and women.

Dr Cohen Holding The AcubackRelease those painful trigger points with Acuball to regain proper movement, and improve sport performance!

Acuback is a hard, yet comfortable massage roller that can treat the muscle knot by mobilising the tissue and surrounding area; just simply rolling the affected area on the ball can boost the blood flow and release the tension in the muscle, eliminating any excess waste.

Dr Cohen

Not sure if it’s working? When you roll the knot against the Acuback, it should be tender; this is how you know that it is working. Doing this for 20-30 minutes will relieve pain and get you back on tip-top form.  With Acuback you can use self-myofascial release and take control of your healing and recovery process - because you know where it hurts! Break-up the muscle knots with Acuback and you'll help to restore normal circulation, ease pain and regain proper movement.

To avoid poor posture; strap the Acuback on your office chair or driving seat to improve your posture and central nervous system; if you are desk bound, why not every hour you work, take a 2 minute walk break and perform some easy stretching to keep your blood flowing. Taking a 2 minute breather from your computer will really help your posture, blood flow and maintain your focus when you return to your seat. Stimulating the nervous system with the trigger point massage ball releases natural pain relieving, relaxing and mood boosting chemicals such as encephalin and endorphins. 

The Acuback is truly a remarkable product that is cost effective and 100% safe to use, you will be amazed at the positive results you will feel and never reach for a painkiller ever again! Now's the time to try Dr Cohen’s Heatable Acuback Kit and feel the results yourself - we guarantee you will be amazed, impressed and pain-free.


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SKU / Product Code 10312
Brand Dr Cohen's
Included Contents Dr Cohen's Acuback, Massage and Heating Instructions
Material Surgical grade PVC, 100% latex-free
User Manual View and/or Download the Acuback Massage and Heating Instructions
Colour Blue
Size 18cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm (7.2 Inches x 3 Inches x 3 Inches)
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Definitely recommend this. Review by B52
Product Rating
Excellent for getting right in there, amazingly simple idea, deep treatment that you control and with the addition of your own body weight on top to maintain penetration and traction.
Definitely recommend this. (Posted on 24 April 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Convert Review by Col
Product Rating
I'm a convert, as a runner I get tight knots and my hamstrings are particularly prone to locking up. The heat works well, but the basic concept of the acuball is brilliant, a no brainer. Try it if you have a tennis ball - it'll give mild relief then come and buy this, because you'll never want to be without it. (Posted on 13 April 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Review by Fabrice
Product Rating
Excellent, I get muscle knots and I read in Mens Health about myofascial release massage and thought I would try this. I got this and the acuball. This is good because it has the warming option and I use it for warm ups as well as post exercise cool down. The acuball is brilliant for sciatica, glutes etc, this one I prefer for the back hanstrings and calves. (Posted on 20 April 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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