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Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini

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  1. Mini massage ball to release tight muscles in smaller muscle groups
  2. Acuball mini enhances muscle performance and reduces injury risks
  3. Massage ball can be heated to promote blood circulation to affected area with extra comfort
  4. Helps to eliminate built up waste toxins that cause pain in muscles
  5. Used by athletes to relieve tension in muscles – particularly effective in relieving plantar fasciitis

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The Acuball mini may be small but the results are mighty effective!

Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini In UseAfter struggling with a painful and untouchable knot in his shoulder; Dr Cohen, a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist of over 20 years was finding his niggly pain unbearable. After prodding and poking various items to try and ease the pain, he found that resting on a ball soothed the discomfort. After recommending this practise to his patients, he discovered that using a massage ball was effective in relieving pain in our bodies.

Dr Cohen believes that we underestimate our own ability to heal ourselves; the massage ball works effectively by harmonising with your own body’s natural healing powers. Reconnecting your mind and body will improve your health and wellbeing as you retune to your body’s needs. When our mind and bodies are in perfect balance, are we able to function at our best. Using the Acuball mini for 20-30 minutes daily, your mind automatically and naturally adjusts to focus on the sensations your body feels against the Acuball mini.

The design of the Acuball mini is marvellous; the tiny nibs that surround the ball are harder and smaller compared to the other Acuballs, this makes it ideal for releasing muscles that are smaller and more difficult to reach with just your fingertips; the feet, hands, arms, forearms shoulders and upper back can all benefit from using the Acuball mini before activity. Using it before exercising can enhance muscle performance and reduce any risk of injury. You can literally use this ball from head to toe! It is also a wonderful device to help ease arthritic hand conditions as the massage ball improves blood circulation, joint motion and relaxes the muscle.

Want the same treatment that professional athletes receive?

Many athletes, such as players from the NHL and NBA use the Acuball mini as part of their training programme. Why? Using the Acuball mini releases natural pain relieving chemicals that help to promote blood flow and calm the nervous system, this sense of relief will helps with relaxation but more importantly helps to reconnect and retune the mind and body, and also assist in giving a better and deeper night’s sleep. If that wasn’t enough, the Acuball mini can also be warmed up so you can enjoy a massage treatment that penetrates warmth, deep into the tissue to aid in boosting the blood circulation to that particular area.

The Acuball mini can fit right in your handbag so you can carry it wherever you go. Like a mini chiropractor in your purse!

Let the good times roll – thanks to Acuball mini

How do you get a muscle knot and how can the Acuball Mini  get rid of them?

Myofascial Trigger Points – the term scientists and doctors use for what we call “muscle knots” – are formed when contracted fibres in a muscle are unable to unknot, leaving a knot that can be the size of a pinhead to the size of your thumb – ow! These knots are caused by an accumulation of excess toxic and metabolic waste which can be formed from either poor posture, injuries or after a work-out. Myofascial trigger points, also known as trigger points or trigger sites are hyper–irritable spots that cause sharp pain, dull aches, burning sensations or even referred pain - where pain is sent to another part of the body.

Where do you hurt? Acuball has a massage for all the key areas of pain in your body!

Dr Cohen's Acuball App

From the top of your head to the tip of your toes Dr Cohen has a Acuball treatment film to help you get the best out of your Acuball therapy. This innovative, drug free home treatment is a revolution in pain management and performance enhancement.

Dr Cohen encourages those who are desk bound to ensure that they are sat in an upright position; for every hour you work at your desk, you should take a 2 minute walk around and perform some stretches. This will alleviate stiffness, help you focus and ease off those rounded shoulders. Using the Acuball mini can be really beneficial in massaging out those knots in your shoulders if you suffer with a bad posture at work.

Dr Cohen

The acupressure treatment offerec by the Acuball Mini stimulates blood flow by eliminating the excess toxic waste that has been built up in the muscle; the hard nibs on the Acuball knead out the knot and stimulate blood flow to the area. If it feels slightly tender, don’t worry that means it’s working and getting rid of that horrible waste; eventually the Acuball mini will release natural pain relieving chemicals that will improve your circulation and enhance your mood.

We’ve all heard it before; size doesn’t matter - try the Acuball mini and see for yourself!

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Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini Video


SKU / Product Code 10311
Brand Dr Cohen's
Included Contents Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini, Massage Instructions
Material Surgical grade PVC, 100% latex-free
User Manual View and/or Download the Acuball Mini Instructions
Circumference 15.71cm (6.28 Inches)
Colour Blue
Size 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (2 Inches x 2 Inches x 2 Inches)
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Total : 4 Reviews
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It works for me. Review by Silas Dunant
Product Rating
Caught onto trigger point massage after seeing something on line on YouTube. It works for me. Deep deep tissue work, and I have to spend time doing it (about 10 - 12 mins) daily but it really has helped my sciatica and it is a relief after 15 years of sciatica and many thousands of pounds of Chiropractic treatment! . (Posted on 21 April 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Intense Review by DetroitDale
Product Rating
Do not be deceived. This ball bites! Its a cross between the agony and the ecstasy when you use an acuball. It gets right into the muscle know and with the weight of the body actually on the ball its like walking on nails. HOWEVER - it is one of those must-have devices that really transforms muscle pain and after using it, you feel so much better.
Very helpful film clips of how to use the acuball in different parts of the body. Great home physio treatment, not as good as a sports massage, but blood good all the same. (Posted on 20 April 2015)
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Wont go away without this. Review by PIckerWIng
Product Rating
i read one reviewer who said you could do this with a tennis ball. You can't. You get no where near the intensity with a tennis ball than you do with this little critter. Love it.
My foot pain is greatly relieved when I use this and I am afraid there is not comparison with a tennis ball - I know because we went away walking and I forgot to take it and tried with one - RUBBISH!!
Wont go away without this. (Posted on 6 October 2015)
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It works. Review by DerbyU78
Product Rating
Vicious little thing - it works! Amazing pain relief on my trigger points. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11 August 2016)
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