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The DivaCup Menstrual Cup


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  1. DivaCup Menstrual Cup- economically and environmentally friendly
  2. No leaks and no spills for up to 6 hours of wear
  3. The only cup CE approved, and approved in the USA and Canada
  4. Soft medical-grade silicone design for easy insertion and comfort
  5. Save lots of money when sitching from tampons to the DivaCup

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DivaCup Menstrual Cup is designed to make your period just that little bit easier!

Unlike traditional pads and tampons, the DivaCup is designed to be worn for up to 12 hours at at time for complete, long-lasting protection.

The DivaCup is made with soft silicone for easy insertion, and unlike traditional tampons it works with your body - normal tampons absorb your natural fluids as well as your menstrual flow, whereas the DivaCup just collects your menstrual flow, so no more dryness and no more uncomfortable feeling. The DivaCup's bell-shaped cup is also ideal if you need to measure your menstrual flow for a doctor, nurse or gynaecologist, as it features graduated ml measurements.

Made from high-quality medical-grade silicone, DivaCup is comfortable and it means you can avoid nasty latex allergies. It is CE approved, FDA approved in the United States and is the only menstrual cup approved by Health Canada. Plus, it is 13485 certified by the International organization of Standardization (ISO), which means it is recognised across the world as a medically approved and high quality product. So it's safe to say that if you choose DivaCup you can rest assured you're in safe hands and treating your body kindly.

By changing from traditional disposable pads and tampons to the innovative DivaCup, it's not only great for the environment (no more endless used pads and tampons thrown away to landfill), it's great for your purse too - one DivaCup costs £24.99 and lasts up to ten years, so no more dashes to the shops when you've run out of tampons!

The DivaCup is available in two different sizes for your convenience:

  • Size 1 is recommended for women under 30 who have never given birth vaginally or by caesarean
  • Size 2 is recommended for women over 30 who have given birth vaginally or by caesarean


Divacup instructionsHow to use your Divacup

  • There are two ways you can fold your Divacup; The 'U' fold (fig. 1), where you fold it in half, then in half again. Or the 'Push Down' (fig. 2) where you press one side down with your finger to form a triangle. Give both a go and see which is easier for you!
  • Hold your folded cup between your thumb and forefinger
  • Relax, separate your labia with your free hand and push the folded edge of the cup into your vagina. Release your grip to form a seal
  • To remove, wash your hands then pinch the stem of your Divacup to release the seal. Pull it out, empty it into the toilet, wash and reinsert. Simple!

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SKU / Product Code 92455
Brand DivaCup
Included Contents 1 DivaCup, Full Instructions
Material Medical-Grade Silicone
Adjustable Soft silicone squeezes for easy insertion
CE Approved Yes
Colour Clear
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Size Two sizes available
Washing Instructions Wash with mild soap and water
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Love this, good for heavy flow and night use. Review by Karen J
Product Rating
Here goes, I don't want to gross anyone out but my periods are heavy. I mean really heavy. When you have two super tampons side by side and they still can't seem to stem the flow you know you are in trouble. I was recommended one of these by my GP she said they are very good and tend to take more flow than actual tampons. I've just joined the RAF and will soon get my date for 8 weeks of basic training (Yeh!) In training I know I will get at least 1 period - so what the heck to do? I just imagined doing PT and getting in a real mess with the usual super tampons and big pad.

I have used this for 2 periods so far and no leaks. I change it at the height about once every 3 hours - but this is so much better that what I have been previously used to. The only thing with a menstrual cup is that you do need a wash basin in the loo, or close by. If you are particularly heavy and the blood gets everywhere it can be a bit difficult, although I have managed to handle that. So Diva Cup are ace - love mine (so much I bought 2) and would highly highly recommend.

Using at night I find I have not had any mishaps yet and I enjoy the longer time between changes.

Eco Boyfriend mentioned about putting the menstrual blood on the compost heap when I am at home, he says it is full of iron and Native American Indians used to bleed on the ground. Now that so grossed me out.
Apologies if I offended with too much information. (Posted on 26 June 2013)
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(52 of 52 people found this review helpful)
So pleased I gave it a try! Review by Hecd
Product Rating
I was looking for an (ultimately) cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to tampons and this is the answer.

I bought this, over other brands of menstrual cups, based on the more consistently good reviews it receives.

It took a few attempts to position correctly first time but I have not looked back since.

It is more comfortable than tampons which I could find a little dry and sometimes difficult to position too.

Yes, it is a little messier and more "intimate" but the fact you can wear it for up to 12 hours plus the comfort and eco-credentials make this a must-have in my book. (Posted on 26 November 2013)
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so so Review by Flo
Product Rating
Hi, I've got nothing against the cup as such, but I also posted something on facebook on the stress no more page (yep, that's me) because I am very unhappy about the packaging.

I got this thing to SAVE WASTE, and the tiny tiny cup comes in MASSIVE packaging, most of which is NOT recyclicable and EVEN SO there is a vast amount of energy necessary for recycling. You don't need to mention the same things to me which you did on fb and to which I replied. I am really unhappy about this, and will not order from you again, and have told friends about this, but would really wish to see some re-consideration of your firm in terms of saving on packaging - and then being able to advertise this as a green conscience issue on your website which surely will get you MORE BUYERS!!! (Posted on 29 January 2016)
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(4 of 23 people found this review helpful)
Amazing Review by Kaede
Product Rating
I've heard a lot of good talk about this cup and it's true. It's amazing! (Posted on 29 August 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Diva Cup size 2 Review by JoJo
Product Rating
Great for night and long term day use. Highly recommend this! (Posted on 21 October 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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