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Davita SunCounter UV Monitor

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  1. UV Monitor reduces the risk of sunburn and exposure by monitoring UV exposure
  2. Audio alarm function to avoid sunburn and optimal UV protection
  3. High quality UV Sensor calculates safe sunbathing according to your skin type and sunscreen
  4. For optimal use, always apply sunscreen to skin first
  5. Small, handy and easy to use ideal way to keep you and your family safe in the sun

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Your personal sunburn alarm; the Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor is essential to avoid sunburn

Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor

Although you lather your children in factor 50, you can’t be certain the sun won’t cause them any harm. Without real, effective protection the sun can cause harsh sunburn, aging and everyone knows about the connection between the sun and skin cancer. You want you and your family to be able to enjoy the sunshine without having to constantly be on watch for the slightest bit of redness on your skin. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bask in the sunshine, with no qualms but rely on something to notify you when it’s time to get out of the sun? We’ve got it right here, your personal alarm to avoid sunburn; the Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor is your sunbathing and outdoor essential you and your family need.

This handy device is your guardian angel to sunbathing; it works by a high quality UV sensor to determine the UV intensity and measures the outdoor temperature. This coincides with your skin type and the SPF of your sunscreen that you enter into the UV Monitor. The UV monitor accumulates UV doses in percentages (%) on the screen, once the monitor reaches to 100% an audio alarm will sound and this is your signal to stop tanning and have a break from those glorious sun rays.

How to get the most from your Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor

After you have applied your sunscreen, got your beach towel and flip flops; it’s time to start setting up your UV-Monitor;

Firstly, activate the UV-Monitor by pressing the ON/OFF button, an acoustic signal sounds and the display is activated.

To measure the UV Intensity and ambient temperature, the SunCounter should be laid down in the sunshine so that the sensor lens is directly facing the sun. The Meas./Adj. button has to be pressed for 2 seconds, until you see the Sun sign and Temperature reading are flashing, then the Meas./Adj. Button has to be released. After 3 seconds the sun sign will disappear and temperature reading will stop flashing. The UV Intensity and temperature can now be read.

It is now to time to set up the SPF and Skin Type:

  1. Press SPF/SKIN-button once till SPF icon is flashing
  2. Press Meas./Adj.-button to adjust the SPF value (Sun-Protection-Factor) from 1 up to 99
  3. Press SPF/SKIN-button again till Skin Icon is flashing
  4. Press Meas./Adj.-button to select Skin type from 1 to 4. Refer to following table for correct skin type
  5. Press SPF/SKIN-button again to set above values

Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor

When sun exposure reaches to 100% or Time Left for Safety Exposure reaches 0 the Audio Sunburn Alarm will sound.

The burning facts you must know about sunburn

Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor Lifestyle

If you have never experienced the excruciating agony of sunburn, then you should consider yourself lucky. Although people may find it humorous to have bright red t-shirt tans or mimicking a lobster; it really is no laughing matter. Sunburn is skin damage caused by UV rays; depending on the severity, the skin will be red, sore, warm, tender and itchy for about a week – so if you’re an unfortunate one and get sunburnt on your holiday on your first day, you must avoid the sun for the rest of your holiday - bad news.

Although sunburn is usually short-lived and mild; sunburn can increase your chances of developing serious health problems later on in life, not matter how mild your sunburn may be! It’s incredibly easy to underestimate the strength of the sun outside; especially if you’re on the beach and the waves of the sea are bringing in that cool breeze so you don’t realise that you are getting burnt – this is why the SunCounter UV-Monitor is perfect; it can alarm you when you’re skin is in danger of burning. No matter how cool the air may be.

Here are a few burning facts you should know about sunburn:

  • Unlike other types of skin burns; sun burn is not apparent immediately. It develops between three-five hours after being out in the sun
  • Those with fairer skin and lighter coloured hair have less melanin and are at higher risk of sunburn than others
  • Sunburn can develop in just 15 minutes for some people
  • You should use factor 15+ and apply regularly (every two to three hours)
  • If you have fairer skin, light coloured hair, lots of moles or freckles – you have a higher risk of skin cancer
  • Although a sun tan may make you glow and look youthful – too much sun does give you wrinkles.

You can avoid sneaky sunburn effectively and affordably with the Davita SunCounter UV-Monitor.

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SKU / Product Code 10639
Brand Davita

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Handy meter Review by AJ
Product Rating
My father had malignant melanoma last year and he has found this product invaluable. It gives him an indication of the amount of time he can spend in the sun, based on the spf cream he puts on his face. Would thoroughly recommend! Excellent product. (Posted on 6 July 2015)
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Works well (Posted on 5 January 2017)
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