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Davita Magneto Fit MF 400 Magnetic Field Therapy System


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  1. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat for healing, depression, pain relief & circulation
  2. PEMF can treat sleep disorders & circulatory issues by stimulating repair & movement of ions
  3. Adjustable frequency between 1 and 19Hz along with rotation function and variable pulse strength
  4. Helps pain management and uncomfortable orthopaedic problems
  5. Approved medical device for rejuvenating and energising the body

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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat – lie back and enjoy faster healing

What is pulsating magnetic field therapy?

Or PEMF therapy for short is a reparative technique which is most commonly used in the area of orthopaedics. Magnetic fields can penetrate the human body at cell level and can help to stimulate the transportation of ion to the body and cell repair. PEMF is a widely used complementary solution which can help aid in certain orthopaedic issues such as failed fusions, bone healing and non-union fractures and more. It can also help with poor circulation and mind problems such as anxiety and depression.

How can you benefit from the Davita Magnetic Field Therapy System Magneto Fit MF 400?

The Davita Magnetic Field Therapy System Magneto Fit MF 400 provides you with PERMF therapy with a control unit and mat to use in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. Dependent upon your needs you can adjust the frequency between 0 – 19Hz and enjoy an easy to read illuminated digital display.  Each frequency rotation is active for 5 seconds and the timer has an unlimited duration with a frequency of 1-4 Hz. The system also has a night setting button which turns the lighting on the display off and you can press any button to light up the display again.

Davita Magnetic Field Therapy System Magneto Fit MF 400

The treatment mat is 190cm x 90cm and has a maximum flux density of 2.1 gauss (0.21 Mt). The timer as a duration of 30 minutes with frequencies above 4 Hz. The pulse intensity can also be individually adapted to suit your needs. Moreover the system has a intermittent control feature; each operation 6 seconds with 3 seconds pause. You can also benefit from the extended memory function which stores the last pulse intensity, rotation frequency mode and frequency.

Your box will contain:

1 x Magnetic Field Therapy System Magneto Fit MF 400

1 x wall power supply

1 x treatment mat measuring 190 x 90 cm

1 x instructions

Magnetic therapy for the mind

Many also choose to go with magnetic therapy for the mind as well as the body to heal inner problems. Some of the benefits which magnetic therapy can bring about include:

  • Removing confusion and doubt from the mind as well as enhancing clarity
  • The removal of negative energy, thoughts and feelings
  • Restoring focus
  • Reduction of stress
  • Helps to eliminate mind distractions
  • Strengthen the body, mind and spirit
  • Helps with emotional imbalances such as depression and low self-esteem
  • Helps with mental imbalances
  • Magnetic energy can aid in maintaining peace of mind through balancing the energy flowing through the energy channel

Heal your mind, body and soul with the Davita Magnetic Field Therapy System Magneto Fit MF 400 today.

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SKU / Product Code 10640
Brand Davita

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amazing product Review by mar
Product Rating
This product is amazing. Here is a list of all health issues which had started a few years ago slowly getting worse until a few mths ago the pain just got unbearable. Nothing from the gp worked and i was uncomfortable swallowing lots of tablets that just did not help.Starting from the top - Tinnitus,Tmj this is painful clicking clunking jaw,sinititus,excruciating nerve pain down my arms,the base of my spine constant pain,raynouds,burning knees,burning heels with nerve pain running under my foot to my middle toe,spider veins spreading along the sides of my feet rapidly spreading over my feet,high blood pressure.I will not lie the first night i slept on the mat lowest setting my heels stopped burnig, my arms still painful but not nerve pain more bruised feeling.Morning after morning i felt less pain.Its been a week now and my jaws fine,my nose is clear,my raynauds gone,the spider veins are disapearing,even my back has no hot water bottle straped to it and im not waking up 30 times a night in tears with paralizing nerve pain down my arms. I still have pain when moving them but hope over the next few weeks this will feel better. I will never sleep without my mat again. FACT. thank you stress no more for such a quick delivery a pleasure buying from you , thank you (Posted on 22 August 2016)
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Product Questions

What wavelenght the mat emits. I am clear about intensity of frequency, the mat should have specific wavelengts as a distrubuiting vessel. If you can find that info from manufacturer would be great.
is the mat made with copper coils? What is the difference between the 400 and the 600 model?
The description says this models has a max gauss of 5.5 but on where you're also selling it the max gauss is stated as 2.2. Why the discrepancy?