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Davita VITAbright 100 Light Box

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  1. SAD light therapy for the natural treatment of depression
  2. Light therapy box with a lighting power of up to 10.000 Lux
  3. 1 hour daily recommended treatment time to eliminate the feelings of depression and lethargy
  4. Easy to operate and very secure, the VITAbright 100 is virtually maintenance free
  5. Scientifically proven results

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Beat the blues with SAD light therapy – easy comfortable and highly effective

Does the onset of those cold, dark winter mornings mean a little bit more to you than others? Suffering from SAD (seasonal effective disorder) is a depression which is triggered by changes in the seasons.

Davita Light Box VITAbright 100

It is estimated that as many as 2 million people in the UK suffer from SAD and is more common in women than men. SAD is thought to be caused by the reduced exposure to sunlight. Most sufferers of SAD often mistake their low mood for nothing more than a ‘bad day because its winter’ when really it’s much more than that. The most common symptoms of SAD to look out for are:

  • Lack of energy
  • Bad mood
  • Feeling down
  • Dreading getting up in the morning
  • Struggling to get out of bed
  • Inability to concentrate

The good news is that you no longer have to put up with those feelings because there is a solution – the Davita Light Box VITAbright 100. Light therapy is a highly regarded treatment for SAD and the VITAbright 100 mimics natural outdoor light. This exposure to light stimulates chemicals in the brain such as serotonin which are linked to your mood and ‘happy’ feeling. Using the light box for only 1 hour a day can dramatically improve your mood and lift your spirits.

While a light therapy box is hugely associated with SAD, the fact that it triggers this chemical change in the body has proven light therapy to be a successful solution to other forms of depression, sleep deficiencies and even jet-lag.

The impressive surface area of the VITAbright 100 from Davita means you can enjoy its benefits with others too; so after that long haul flight both you and your partner can recover together. For optimum results, use the lamp each morning for 5-10 days in a row and you will begin to notice big differences. The Davita Light Box VITAbright 100 is very powerful emitting up to 10,000 lux at only 30 cm distance.

Below are the guidelines for the treatment duration along with the distance of the lamp:

  • For 30 minutes – place light 30cm away
  • For 1 hour – Place lamp 45cm away
  • For 2 hours – Place lamp 70cm away

You don’t have to stare directly into the light continuously for it to work so take some ‘you time’ and  enjoy watching the TV, listening to music, reading a book or indulge in hobbies.

 We know life can be exhausting; take time-out to revitalise with the VITAbright 100 light therapy box from Davita.

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SKU / Product Code 10632
Brand Davita

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