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Davita LD72 Light Box

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  1. Light therapy box with an intensity of up 15.000 lux
  2. Indulge in SAD light therapy to increase energy levels and vitality
  3. Improve your mood! SAD light can help with sleeping disorders and depression
  4. Stunning NEW flicker-free design from Germany
  5. Fast and safe solution to combat the winter blues, but works all year round!

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Increase your energy levels and vitality with SAD light therapy – easy and pain free

Between September and April, approximately 1 in 15 people suffer from SAD. Some cases of SAD can become so debilitating that people can’t function properly at all in winter. This inexpensive light box is a fantastic SAD light therapy solution for all those suffering from sleeping problems and SAD. Do you find yourself getting increasingly irritable and down when the winter is approaching? Sometimes it’s a bit more than dreading those dark mornings when it starts to spoil your day and effect your energy levels. Don’t endure the misery and take action with the newly designed Davita Light Box LD 72.

What can you use the Davita Light Box LD 72 for?

  • Winter depression
  • Non-seasonal affective disorder
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Sleeping disorders

Davita Light Box LD 72

This innovative light therapy box works by stimulating the production of chemical messengers in the brain which are responsible for influencing your mood and supressing the production of the sleep hormone which can make you feel tired and lethargic.

The light box incorporates a connected load of 72 Watts and can reach a lighting power of up to 15.000 Lux with an impressive glare-free application. You can also control the tilt of the lamp to ensure it’s at a comfortable position for you to enjoy its benefits. The recommended daily treatment to begin eliminating the effects of SAD is 2 hours.

Using the Davita Light Box LD 72 couldn’t be easier

Ensure you have your new light box on a flat, even surface and connect with the plug socket. Get comfortable and sit in front of it at approximately 55cm away. Your treatment time should last approximately 2 hours. You should take this as ‘you time’; read a book, catch up on your favourite TV programmes, answer emails or indulge in hobbies, as long as you remain in front of the light box and look at it for a few seconds every 1-2 minutes.

You can enjoy your light treatments daily. The most optimum time for light therapy for SAD and non-seasonal depression would be in the early morning or the time of day where you feel most down.  PMS is most effectively treated in the evening.

Don’t allow the seasons to alter your moods, remain happy all year round with the Davita Light Box LD 72.

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SKU / Product Code 10633
Brand Davita
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