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Davita SUDORmed 1200 Iontophoresis System

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  1. Iontophoresis System treats Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating to hands & feet
  2. Iontophoresis machine with 2 water trays for the treatment of hands and feet simultaneously
  3. Automatic monitoring of the skin conductance to ensure safe and effective home treatment
  4. Safe to use at home; Certified Medical Device (CE 0494)
  5. Contains control unit, power supply, contact electrodes, isolation towels and connecting cables

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Stop excessive sweating with this Iontophoresis System by Davita

Davita Iontophoresis System SUDORmed 1200

Sweating is a natural reaction by the body when faced with heat. Sweat helps us cool down naturally but some individuals suffer from an unpleasant and embarrassing condition called hyperhidrosis where their sweating becomes a problem because it’s excessive.

Hyperhidrosis causes the individual to sweat up to 4 times as much as a non-sufferer would, making them feel unsightly and self-conscious.

Up to 3 people in every 100 suffer from the condition in the UK which means there is thousands upon thousands of people living with the disorder so you are not alone. The condition can affect the whole body but the most common places tend to be the palms of your hands, armpits and the soles of your feet.

Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and distressing especially when it comes to public situations so if it’s interfering with your everyday life it’s time to take control and win back your confidence.

Do you suffer from excess sweating?

Although there are no black and white guidelines when it comes to the defined characteristics of excess sweating, if it starts to have a negative effect on your everyday life then you have a problem which needs addressing. You are likely to have hyperhidrosis if:

  • You worry about physical contact such as hand shaking as you worry about someone noticing your excess sweat
  • You avoid certain activities which you know will make you sweat
  • You have difficulty in your job with simple things like holding a pen or writing without sweating
  • Driving causes you problems with sweaty hands and a bad grip
  • You spend a large chunk of your day trying to combat the sweat by changing your clothes, washing, drying constantly and trying to hide it from others
  • You become increasingly socially withdrawn and begin to avoid situations you would normally love

Get back your control - How will the Davita SUDORmed 1200 Iontophoresis System stop you from excessively sweating without the use of harmful drugs and chemicals?

Boasting a high success rate the SUDORmed 1200 is a simple, safe and easy way to combat your excessive sweating in the comfort of your own home.

Iontophoresis can help if you suffer with excessive sweating that affects your hands or feet. It can also be used to treat armpits, although this is usually less effective. Iontophoresis actually treats affected areas of skin with a weak electric current passed through water or a wet pad. This works to naturally and safely help block the sweat glands, no harmful chemicals or drugs involved at all! .

If your hands and feet need treating, you place them in the water and a safe, weak electric current is passed through the water. If your armpit needs treating, a wet contact pad is placed against each armpit and a weak current is passed through the pad to directly treat the sweat glands safely. The treatment is not at all painful, the electric current can cause a mild tingling and some reddening to the skin being treated, this calms after the treatment.

Each session of iontophoresis usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, with 2 - 4 sessions a week symptoms should begin to improve after a week or two. On weeks 3 onwards further iontophoresis treatment will be required at one to four weekly intervals, depending on how severe your symptoms are. Iontophoresis is often very effective, and with this home treatment solution you can manage your condition at home without lengthy time consuming hospital visits - that's if you can get a hospital appointment with a Dermatologist in the first place!

Main features of the the Davita Iontophoresis System SUDORmed 1200?

This high quality system is easy and safe to use. It contains:

  • 1 control unit
  • 2 large flexible electrodes 135 x 200 mm
  • 1 connection cable (2m)
  • 4 accumulators (Type Ni-MH AA 1,2 V)
  • UK Power supply
  • Charging device
  • 1 plastic case incorporating 2 separate trays
  • 1 set of instructions

You have the option to apply with an effective constant direct current or with a pulsed direct current. The therapy memory determines the accumulative duration of the therapy and it is highly safe due to the limitation of the maximum therapy current. The large display indicates the mode of current, intensity and treatment duration for easy, comfortable and safe usage. The system packs neatly away and is easily portable enabling you to transport it wherever you want to go.

Don’t put up with excessive sweating any longer. Get your confidence back with the Davita Iontophoresis System SUDORmed 1200 today.

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SKU / Product Code 10642
Brand Davita
Recommended For Hyperhidrosis Treatment to stop excessive sweating
Included Contents Control Unit, 2 x Electrodes 135 x 200 mm, Connection Cable (2m), 4 x Accumulators (Type Ni-MH AA 1,2 V), UK Power Supply, Charging Device, Plastic Case incorporating 2 Separate Trays, Instructions
Material Plastic Casing
Power UK Mains
User Manual View and/or Download the Davita SUDORmed 1200 Iontophoresis-System User Manual

View and/or Download the Application Note For The Therapy With Axle Electrodes
CE Approved Certified Medical Device: CE 0482
Function Constant Direct Current: 0 - 30 mA Adjustable in Steps of 1 mA | Pulsed Direct Current: 0 - 60 mA Adjustable in Steps of 1 mA
Product Weight Weight of the Control Unit: 265g | Weight of the Unit: 1.3kg
Size Control Unit: 13cm x 7.2cm x 3cm (5.2 Inches x 2.9 Inches x 1.2 Inches)
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I hope my experience is of help to other sufferers Review by PA007
Product Rating
I have suffered for years and last year I was prescribed certain medication - this was awful, dry mouth, constipation it was adding insult to injury. I decided to take control and I have learned to manage the symptoms and my trigger points. I saw this recommended on a forum and as I am aopting a 'try anything' approach I had no expectations, even though the price is pretty steep. I am amazed, and I have noticed a considerable improvement. IOne side of me feels angry that I had to suffer for so many years without any respite from this awful condition, and the other side tells me that at least I found a way of managing and minimising its effects on my life. I have grown as a result and I do feel it was my body reacting to my lifestyle. Changes made, improvements have been considerable. Older wiser.
I am 28 and have a lovely boyfriend who has supported me through all of this. I hope my experience is of help to other sufferers (Posted on 16 October 2015)
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(7 of 8 people found this review helpful)
I would buy the device all over again. Review by StressLess Customer
Product Rating
I bought this unit because I have suffered with wet hands and feet and heavy sweating since early childhood.. It was that bad I could not even use my smartphone, for fear it would damage it with the moisture on particularly hot days. It was not possible for me to wear shoes with a smooth inside as any sweat made them slippery and impossible to walk in. My dermatologist advised me to try Iontophoresis. I have used this now for approximately 2 weeks. Every day for 15-20 minutes and since about a week I have been barely sweating from my hands or feet. Even though the weather has been particularly hot I have not sweated! I noticed it particularly when getting into my car after it had been parked in a sunny spot (nightmare usually, hands sweat and steering wheel becomes hard or impossible to hold as my hands are that wet, I have to permanently have a towel in my car) Now, I have almost completely dry hands and feet and I have now bought for the first time in my living memory shoes with a smooth inside. I am really very happy and have lost the self conscious part of me that came with the sweaty hands and feet. I feel that the Iontophoresis therapy has so improved my quality of life. I play a lot of sport and I'm barely sweating from my hands and feet.
Realistically the unit does seem a bit too plasticy, the controller is a bit clunky sometimes . I found the batteries last me for about 4-5 treatments and the charging is a bit annoying but it is not a deal breaker because of the improvement and outstanding benefits.
The conclusion to my review is that after reading numerous therapeutic trials comparing treatments for excessive sweating (creams, tinctures, relaxation training, therapists, dermatologists etc) the Iontophoresis system is by far the best and most effective treatment I have found and I have finally managed to get dry hands and feet and I would buy the device all over again. (Posted on 17 July 2015)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Works well, but cheap looking Review by Don, Southampton
Product Rating
I am marking this down because yes it does work, a noticeable difference for me, but it really is very cheap looking and looks like it came out of the Ark. I got the results I had hoped for, but I can't help thinking this could look so much better from a deign perspective, that would make certainly give users more faith that it will work. I wonder how many take one look and return it. (Posted on 21 July 2015)
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Product Questions

I am interested in purchasing an Iontophoresis Machine in the hope that it will cure my sweating hands which affects me on a daily basis however, I have been advised that due to having a metal plate and pins in my right arm that this solution would not be suitable.

Can you please advise accordingly?

Kind Regards,
Can you use this machine under armpits or do you have another type and how much?