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Contam Special Vaginal Pessary


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  1. Suitable for stress incontinence, prolapse and vaginal dryness
  2. Prevent leaks with this vaginal pessary
  3. Discrete alternative to bulky and uncomfortable pads
  4. Apply medicine and lubricants with ease; tampon-like design is easy to insert
  5. Activates and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

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The Contam Special offers stress incontinence treatment and a vaginal applicator all in one!

Finding the right method of stress incontinence management for you can be confusing, particularly if you also suffer from vaginal dryness. Many women like to use a stress incontinence pessary as a simple way of preventing leaks, but if your vagina lacks lubrication then inserting and wearing one will often be uncomfortable and even painful.

The Contam Special is not just a pessary for stress incontinence – its design features grooves so that you can use it to apply medicine or moisturiser. By applying your vaginal moisturiser in this way you can ensure that you feel comfortable all day, as the Contam Special will maintain the lubricating effect for longer. It prevents leaks by holding up your vaginal wall and closing your urethra just enough to stop involuntary urine loss. You will still be able to go to the toilet as normal and having your Contam Special in place will train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to further relieve your symptoms.


contamHow to use Contam pessaries

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and remove the pessary from its bag
  • Soak the pessary in warm water for about 1 minute, then gently squeeze. It will become soft and elastic.
  • Contam pessaries are inserted in the same way as menstrual tampons, so find a comfortable position on the toilet or with a leg raised

For incontinence: insert the pessary deep into your vagina, then pull it back slightly so that it’s within reach of your fingers
For prolapse: insert the pessary as deeply as possible into your vagina to support your uterus

  • If you find insertion uncomfortable or difficult, try using a vaginal moisturiser such as Gynomunal or Regelle
  • Make sure that the removal thread is always outside of your vagina, as with a standard tampon
  • To remove, gently pull on the removal thread. 



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contam comparison

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SKU / Product Code 11013
Brand Contam
Recommended For Treating stress incontinence, vaginal prolapse and weak pelvic floor muscles while also applying medicines or lubricants to the vagina
Length Mini/Regular: 60mm Extra: 64mm
CE Approved Yes
Colour White
Disposable Single use only
Dosage Wear for up to 12 hours.
Overall Diameter Mini: 20mm Regular: 25mm Extra: 30mm

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Poor Review by Janice
Product Rating
I purchased this item believing it would be more than one.

You are in fact buying a singular pessary, even though it states it is reusable for seven days. Why would you only get one and at the exorbitant price of £9.99 .
The pessary itself is a poor product and has the texture of sandpaper. How this company expects anyone to insert this vaginally while it feels like this is beyond me.

When I phoned to complain, I had the person on the phone speak over me to try and keep me quiet. In the end I had to put the phone down as they would not listen and judging by the conversation they have had this complaint raised before because they had all the answers. Or they are trained to talk over you, absolutely incensed at the customer service.

I will never use this company or product again and do not recommend at all.

I was charged £13.93 total. £9.99 of that was for a pessary which is made out of polystyrene, with a sandpaper quality and does not seem a medical grade at all. The product took over 9 days to be received from date of order, which is exceptionally slow and poor service.

I will be surprised if this review is posted.

Dear Janice
Thank you for your review. I am sorry you did not find the Contam Vaginal Pessary comfortable - did you follow the instructions and soak it in water first before insertion? This changes the harder outer to a soft, more malleable material that is both comfortable to insert and highly supportive. I wonder if you missed this instruction when you received it?
We do our best to help all our customers, but it is very difficult to help when a customer is shouting and swearing over the telephone.
I would like to help you - would you like to try again with another Contam? They are highly rated in Germany and offer an extra lift for women with prolapse and the associated pain and discomfort of prolapse.
We publish all reviews, unless offensive and strive to give excellent service, and I am sorry you do not feel happy with this product. Our delivery services range between 24 - 48 hours, I would like to know why yours was 9 days - perhaps not able to be delivered? I would like investigate this for you. Please contact me and I will try to help to resolve this for you.
Head of Customer Services
. (Posted on 30 June 2016)
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(14 of 16 people found this review helpful)
Poor quality Review by Discerning shopper
Product Rating
This pessary seemed to help my feeling of urgency so I was pleased. After the first and only use I boiled it as instructed and, when cool enough, gently squeezed it to remove the excess water. however, the pessary completely flattened and compressed and did not bounce back to it's original shape, despite soaking again, thus rendering it useless for future use. I used online chat to contact an advisor who after liaising with her colleagues advised me that no one knew whether this was 'normal'. ( I sincerely hope it's not as it would therefore be very misleading to be advertising it as multi use). She said she had contacted the manufacturer and would get back to me when she had a response. That was a week ago and I've heard nothing, so it's a poor performance all round I'm afraid - one star for the product, customer support and manufacturer - shame.

Dear Discerning Shopper,
I am sorry there was a delay in getting back to you due to my holiday and a missing digit from your telephone number. I have checked with the wholesaler as promised. I have tried to replicate this problem by boiling and squeezing a contam pessary but I am unable to replicate this problem. I wonder if you squeezed it dry when still boiling? . The instructions do say to boil and leave to dry in water or air dry, but I cannot replicate the fault. The test contam pessary I have here bounces back into shape for repeat use as described. I have telephoned you and informed you of this and sent you a replacement free of charge which you have happily accepted so I hope you can continue to enjoy the benefits of support from this prolapse pessary.
Here to help
Customer Services Care Team (Posted on 3 August 2016)
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(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)
can wholeheartedly recommend this Contam pessary to women with cystocele who want to keep active. Review by ThamesTrek
Product Rating
Delighted with this. It is lightweight and easy to insert. I like the idea of this pessary over the GP ones which seems to be harder and unyielding, also I want to be able to insert it myself and remove as necessary ;)
I walk a lot and thought I would have to give up because of the dragging feeling towards the end of a walk, now I travel lighter (literally and metaphorically - I carry less in my ruck sack, but also have lost 2 stones in weight! YAY!) and can last a whole day. Infact we've just done a walk to the Thames tributary that took 3 days - so I am delighted everything 'held-up' including my pelvic floor!.

Cons - I don't know anyone who would use and dispose of at this price, but it rinses out no problem, so it should not be disposed of anyway! I know I will always have my prolapse and the prolapse surgery I had only lasted 6 months before it went again, so finding this as an alternative has really helped and for the first time in 5 years I feel that I am in tune with my body - not being ruled by it.

Please please please, if you have not tried a pessary before do so, and keep trying till you find a good one. I can wholeheartedly recommend this Contam pessary to women with cystocele who want to keep active. (Posted on 7 February 2017)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Happy with this vaginal pessary, but reuse them Review by Ruth D
Product Rating
This pessary helps me when I am running. Pre soaking is all right and I wash they out and reuse, otherwise they would be too expensive to make them viable.
Very light - especially compared to products like the Incostress vaginal pessary which just fell out.
Happy with this, but reuse them, it's not cost effective otherwise.
Ruth (Posted on 7 December 2016)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Not good! Review by Pandora
Product Rating
These really are not good, you have to soak them and squeeze out any excess water but then they are impossible to insert, don't waste your money! (Posted on 10 July 2016)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
found very comfortable and reliable. Review by weewee
Product Rating
bought this pessary , granted it is quite expensive but the freedom of gives us worth it.Would buy again. (Posted on 15 February 2018)
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Works well Review by Tess
Product Rating
Easy to use and it does work,only problem is the price, i could not afford to use them all the time,pity they are not available on prescription. (Posted on 3 May 2018)
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