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Colorec Premium Toilet Seat

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  1. Clinically proven to help support your perianal area and relieve anal fissure pain, bleeding & discomfort.
  2. FACT - Improvements in pain, bleeding, constipation and abdominal discomfort were statistically significant
  3. Reduces the need to strain reducing pressure and pain on the pelvic floor & sphincter muscles
  4. Clinically proven to help prevent and alleviate anal fissures, bleeding and pain
  5. Reduces risk of haemorrhoids or piles
  6. Ideal solution for those prone to constipation to help easier bowel movements without pain and discomfort

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Make going to the loo that bit more comfortable with the Colorec Premium Toilet Seat and find relief from constipation, haemorrhoids and anal fissures.

This unique toilet seat has a Hai’s Perianal Support Arm, which applies pressure between the coccyx and anus, allowing stools to empty from the rectum without the need for excessive straining. Your trips to the bathroom will become quicker and much more comfortable

Colorec toilet seat for anal fissures constipation and bleedingAnal fissures are caused when the tissue around the anus tears as a result of excessive stretching. They can occur superficially, where only the very top layers of skin tear much like a paper cut, which causes a little discomfort and bleeding and tends to heal within a couple of days. However if fissures continue to occur in the same place they can become chronic and deep layers of tissue are affected, which makes the healing process more difficult and increases the risk of infection.

Chronic constipation can cause anal fissures as a result of the excessive pressure which is put on the sphincter and anal canal. When stools remain in the gut for long periods of time they tend to clump together and harden; this is known as faecal impaction. This large mass of waste matter is difficult to pass and causes the sphincter muscles and perianal area to be excessively stretched when attempting to defecate. In particular the area between the anus and the coccyx can be severely damaged since there is very little muscle mass to support it. This results in stools become blocked in the rectum, which puts even further pressure on the sphincter and perianal area, increasing the risk of severe anal fissures.

There are a number of other problems that can occur as a result of excessive straining in order to pass these hardened stools. Haemorrhoids can develop when blood vessels surrounding the rectum become swollen and inflamed and protrude from the skin, and these can be severely uncomfortable. Plus, the pelvic floor is put under a lot of pressure from so much straining and over time it will become weak, resulting in bladder and bowel incontinence and contributing towards bladder, uterine and vaginal vault prolapse in women, and rectal prolapse in both men and women.

The Colorec Premium Toilet Seat is clinically proven to alleviate chronic constipation and prevent the complications which can occur from it - reduce laxative use now!

Treatment for fissures can vary depending on how serious they are, but in severe cases patients are referred for surgery which can be painful and very invasive, and due to the location of the surgery there is a big risk of infection as the operated area heals. Using the Colorec Premium seat instead will not only help to prevent anal fissures from occurring, it will also stop existing ones from getting any worse, giving them chance to heal naturally.

In 2009 a medical study into the use of a supportive perianal support revealed that 32 patients who used toilet seat devices such as Colorec Premium saw "statistically significant improvement in pain, bleeding, symptoms of constipation and abdominal discomfort after 3 months usage of the device." Plus, since the whole process of emptying the bowels is easier and faster, people who suffer from haemorrhoids will find that using the loo is a much more comfortable experience.

If you’re one of the 1 in 10 people who suffer from constipation on a regular basis, try the Colorec Premium and relieve the pressure.

The Colorec Toilet Seat is clinically proven to help with anal fissures with amazing results after 2 weeks improving even more after 3 months of use - you need Colorec now!

in a clinical paper featured in the NCBI 'Innovations in chronic anal fissure treatment: A systematic review, Clinicians reported the following innovations in treating anal fissures:

'Research is underway into the reduction of trauma during defecation. One recent study looked into the use of a posterior perineal support device incorporated into a toilet seat (the Colorec Premium Toilet Seat) to improve the healing rates of chronic anal fissures.  It is known as a posterior perineal support device and researchers confirm that it is likely to reverse the preferential over-stretching of the posterior anal sphincter complex and mucosa and thus facilitate defecation with less trauma. The study was carried out on 32 patients with symptomatic chronic anal fissures. They reported: at least moderate or greater improvement in pain for 50% of patients after just at 2 weeks with a whopping 97.5% improvement at 3 months of use; 46.9% improvement in bleeding at 2 weeks and 65.6% at 3 months; 40.6% improvement in constipation at 2 weeks of use and 84.4% at 3 months; 15.6% improvement in usage of laxatives at 2 weeks and 40.6% at 3 months; 31.3% improvement in abdominal discomfort at 2 weeks and 68.8% at 3 months. The patients also reported  that improvements in pain, bleeding, constipation and abdominal discomfort were statistically significant. The improvement in pain was also manifested in a decrease in pain score from five (before treatment) to zero (at 3 months of use).'

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SKU / Product Code 92451
Brand MedIntim

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I found the device to heal anal fissures very rapidly Review by Professor Francis Seow-Cheon President of Eurasian Colorectal Technology Association (ECTA) Former Head and Senior Consultant, D
Product Rating
I am very intrigued by the new concept of causation of anal fissure. But even more amazing is the Hai's Perianal Support (H.P.S) invented by Dr Chew. In my preliminary clinical trials. I found the device to heal anal fissures very rapidly and also to prevent its reoccurence. This device will alter our fundamental understanding and treatment of anal fissures and other perianal disorders (Posted on 17 June 2013)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
great deal of relief Review by Issif
Product Rating
i have been plagued by anal fissures for 2 years now, the pain is horrendous and it is acutely embarrassing. It takes over my life and I have felt so depressed about it all. I was given antidepressants my GP but wish I had not taken them. This offers me a great deal of relief and supports me when I toilet. It is the only way I can function at the moment and it is a shame that a small device cannot be made to clip onto a toilet seat without having to install a whole new seat (it is very expensive) (Posted on 18 June 2015)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Simple, but it works. Review by Marjorie H
Product Rating
The only thing that give me relief from piles. Simple to use but a life saver for me. (Posted on 24 March 2017)
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