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Clearogen 3 Step Anti-Blemish System

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  1. Stops the cycle of bad skin by inhibiting sebum production
  2. Skin care that clears infection and reduces blemishes & inflammation
  3. Combines Salicylic Acid & Sulfur with soothing natural botanicals
  4. Includes Cleanser, Toner & Lotion
  5. Significantly clearer skin within 60 days

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Break the cycle of bad skin with Clearogen, a treatment that controls oil production in your skin and stops blemishes right from thier root.

Clearogen blocks DHT to prevent sebeceous glands from producing excess oilIt’s not just teenagers who suffer from blemishes and spots; breakouts can occur at any age due to stress, poor diet or changes in hormones. Bad skin can be difficult to manage, and many over-the-counter treatments only reduce the severity of the existing breakout without really controlling and preventing further breakouts. Clearogen is a revolutionary skin care treatment that not only cleans the skin and clears blemishes but also reduces inflammation and controls the hormones that caused the breakout in the first place.

Blemishes occurs when the body produces excessive amounts of Dihydro-testosterone (DHT) a hormone which stimulates the sebaceous glands where oil is produced. This oil is necessary to help keep the skin hydrated and protect it from the elements, but if it is overproduced it begins to clog up the pores which then become infected and are red, inflamed and painful.

Many over the counter spot treatments work by reducing infection to clear blemishes and then temporarily unblocking all pores of oil to prevent further infection from occurring. Although they can be effective they only produce clear skin temporarily because the body continues to produce excessive amounts of DHT and the process of pores becoming blocked begins again. No matter how much the skin is cleared of existing spots, if DHT levels aren't controlled the problem will persevere and breakouts will occur again and again.

Clearogen is different. Not only does it clear spots, cleanse and open the pores and promote skin healing, it also gets to the root of the problem by controlling the body's DHT production and blocking androgen receptors to reduce stimulation of the oil glands.

Dermatologist Dr Alex Khadavi created Clearogen by combining safe prescription-grade ingredients with natural botanical extracts, which means it’s an incredibly effective treatment but it isn’t too harsh on the skin. The Clearogen system is designed to be used daily and works in three steps; cleanse, tone and treat.

1. The Anti-Blemish Face Cleanser contains 1% Salicylic acid to remove excess dirt, oil, make-up and bacteria, whilst Aloe leaf extract and lavender and rosemary oils soothe the skin and promote healing. The formula gently foams as you lather it over wet skin and it will leave your face feeling clean, refreshed and revitalized without feeling dry or tight.

2. Next, you will use the Anti-Blemish Toner to clear the pores of impurities and reduce them in size to prevent more dirt from getting clogged and leading to infection. The toner contains Indian Plaintain and Chamomile to help reduce redness and irritation in the skin, whilst 1% Salicylic acid effectively cleanses the pores. You will notice your skin feels smoother and looks more vibrant after using the Toner daily.

3. The final step is to apply the Anti-Blemish Lotion which is the part of the system which stops the blemish cycle. It contains 3% Sulfur which kills the infection that causes spots, plus a range of specially selected botanical ingredients, including Saw Palmetto and Peppermint extract, that work with your body to inhibit DHT production and prevent excessive oil secretion. So not only does it help to clear existing blemishes but it stops new ones from occurring too.

Before and after using Clearogen to treat acneUse the Cleanser, Toner and Lotion daily and within 30 days you will see a big difference in your skin. Existing spots will have started to clear up and you’ll notice your skin is far less oily to touch. After 60 days your skin should be significantly clearer and healthier.

Redness and inflammation will have dramatically reduced, your skin will look more vibrant and skin will feel smoother. After this two month period you can continue to use Clearogen less frequently in order to prevent further breakouts and keep your skin in gorgeous condition.

The before and after pictures speak for themselves; Clearogen offers amazing results within just 2 months. Satisfied users have said that after years searching for the right skincare routine and even taking prescribed medication, it was Clearogen that gave them the clear skin that they so desperately wanted.

Try it for yourself and discover how Clearogen can give you the clear, healthy and vibrant skin you've always wanted.


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SKU / Product Code 92297
Brand Clearogen

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Good so far after initial doubts Review by Karla
Product Rating
Very good so far. The toner is very drying and this works well on my skin (greasy beyond belief) I found my skin got a bit angry at first, but after 4 - 5 days there is a real improvement and I am very happy with this. I am adapting my diet too to try and attack this acne from all directions, but so far this is one skin cleaning routine that is working. (Posted on 18 September 2015)
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Hi I am interested in trying the cleargon 3 step system. Do you have any samples I could try out please. Also u have the sulfur one. Am I right in saying there is 2types one that is benzol paraoxide?
Hope you can help me with this.