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ClariPharm Claricup Menstrual Cup


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  1. Reusable menstrual cup; no more irritating tampons or pads!
  2. Up to 6 hours of hassle-free protection with this period cup
  3. Made of biocompatiblemedical grade silicone - the only anti-microbial cup on the market!
  4. Lasts for up to 5 years, saving you money and the annoyance of stocking up every month
  5. Much better for the environment than tampons and pads

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The Claricup reusable menstrual cup is the perfect way to manage your period, better for both you and the environment!

Designed and manufactured in France, the Claricup is a gentle, convenient and environmentally friendly way to manage your period. It can be left in for up to 6 hours and holds far more than even super tampons, so it’s perfect if you are unable to keep visiting the toilet throughout the day. You can leave it in when using the toilet without having to deal with the ‘wicking’ that often happens to tampons when you urinate.

If you find tampons and pads uncomfortable to wear, then the Claricup silicone menstrual cup is the perfect solution for you – after insertion you won’t notice that it’s there! Using a menstrual cup will save you a huge amount of money and effort as you no longer have to stock up on sanitary products every month.

It is also much better for the environment; the average woman uses as many as 9600 tampons during her lifetime!!! They are not biodegradable so end up in landfills and even the ocean. Your Claricup will last for 5 years, keeping you protected every month. Tampons and pads both contain chemicals and toxins that are bad for the environment and are really not something you want to be introducing to the most sensitive part of your body. Claricup is made of biocompatible medical grade silicone and is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. It is the only menstrual cup on the market made of anti-microbial material, making it uniquely safe and hygienic!

The Claricup comes in two sizes. Small is for women who have never given birth or have a light flow. Large is for women who have given birth or who have a heavy flow. You can trim the stem to fit it more comfortably to your body; all women are different and you may need to do this if you find that it is protruding too much.

Using your Claricup

To insert:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Fold the Claricup in to a ‘U’ shape or in a punch down fold (pressing down on one side to form a tulip-like shape)
  3. Gently separate your labia and insert the cup about 1 cm behind your vaginal entrance
  4. Release the cup; it will position itself at the base of your vagina and form a seal

To remove:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Sit down on the toilet, relax and grasp the stem or base of the cup with your fingers
  3. Pinch the base and insert your finger along the side to release the suction
  4. Empty the cup into the toilet
  5. Rinse your Claricup and reinsert if needed

Should you need to remove your Claricup completely while you are away from home, it comes with a handy and durable carry case that can be discreetly kept in your bag. You can also place your Claricup in its storage box with some water and place it in the microwave for five minutes to quickly and easily sterilise it between cycles.

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SKU / Product Code 11671
Brand ClariPharm
Recommended For Replacing tampons and pads as a way of managing your period
Included Contents Claricup with case and instructions
Material Anti-microbial medical grade silicone
CE Approved Yes
Colour Purple
Container Type Black plastic carrying case, can also be used to sterilise the cup in the microwave
Size Small: pre-childbirth or light flow / Large: post-childbirth or heavy flow
Washing Instructions Wash with soap and water between wears. Sterilise after each cycle by boiling or microwaving in the carrying case with water
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Brilliant hassle free alternative Review by Kit Kat
Product Rating
After getting used to putting and and removing this I have loved it. Really comfortable and you can forget about it all day and even go to the loo without changing it. It is leak free and no mess or smell. It really easy to take out clean in sink and reuse. My only worry is when you are travelling I can't easy clean it in a sink so I think I would have to go back to disposable. (Posted on 16 March 2018)
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