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Circulation Pro

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  1. Advanced circulation booster for lower legs
  2. Unique foot pedals stimulate Calf Muscle Pump
  3. Ideal for people with diabetes or reduced mobility
  4. Easy to use with remote control
  5. Helps to keep legs and feet healthy

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Circulation Pro is an innovative circulation booster which helps to keep feet and legs healthy and free from pain.

The device delivers electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to the feet which stimulates the muscles and encourages blood flow throughout the legs. However, what makes Circulation Pro different from other similar devices is the optional Calf Pump System.

The foot plates on the Circulation Pro can rotate to allow the user to rock their feet back and forth, which ‘pumps’ their calves. The Calf Muscle Pump (CMP) has an important function in the human body and is often referred to as the body’s secondary heart. This is because the pumping of the calf plays a huge part in pushing blood back up from the legs and towards the heart. When we are walking this process occurs naturally due to the movement of our calf muscles, but for those who spend lots of time sitting, perhaps at a desk or due to mobility problems, the Calf Muscle Pump does not occur and this results in poor circulation.

Reduced circulation in the legs can result in swelling and inflammation, sore and stiff muscles, and unpleasant numbness or tingling sensations. It also means that any cuts or bruises on the lower legs have difficulty healing because blood cannot flow to the damaged area to help the wound heal. In severe cases, particularly for people with diabetes, this can lead to amputations, so it’s really important to try to increase circulation throughout the legs.

Circulation Pro also has a TENS pain relief function and comes with electrode pads which you can attach to any part of the body to relieve pain. When connected to the device, a mild electrical current passes through the electrode pads to the nerves to block pain signals from being sent to the brain. You can attach the pads directly over the painful area whether it be the legs, back, neck or arms.

Circulation Pro is one of the most advanced circulation boosting devices on the market today thanks to its innovative Calf Pump System and adaptability. It has 15 therapeutic modes which it cycles through with each treatment, and it 99 intensity levels which can be adjusted via a remote control. Using the Circulation Pro for 25 minutes, three to four times a week, will improve your circulation, relieve pain and keep your legs healthy.

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SKU / Product Code 93058

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