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Care Diagnostica Viola Ovulation Test

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  1. Pack of 5 ovulation test kits to aide conception
  2. Ovulation predictor kit predicts when you are most fertile
  3. For the simple determination of the first day of ovulation
  4. Reliable, simple and fast to use
  5. Successfully used in clinics and surgeries 

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SKU: 10895

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The Care Diagnostica home ovulation test predicts when you are ovulating and therefore when you are most fertile

Do you want to maximise your chances of getting pregnant? If you are eager to start your own family or increase it then understanding when you are ovulating will maximise your chances of conceiving. This test is an aid to family planning. It provides you with reliable indications as to when ovulation has begun taking place. Ovulation is the moment at which a mature egg is released from one of the ovaries into the oviduct where it will wait to be fertilised. Ovulation is triggered  by a sudden surge of the hormone hLH (human luteinizing) mid cycle.The fertilisation window lasts only a few hours, so it's important to know when it's happening. 

What does the viola Ovulation Test do and how does it work?

This easy to use ovulation test measures the levels of the hormone hLH (human luteinizing hormone) in your urine and can determine when you are ovulating and therefore when you are at your most fertile. This hormone increases to 200 IU/L before each ovulation and reaches its maximum levels about 24 to 48 hours before ovulation.

Performing the test couldn’t be easier…

All you need to do is securely hold one of the test sticks in your urine stream for approximately two to three seconds. After a few minutes, you can then read off the results of your test. You can use the dial provided in your pack in order to determine the best time for performing your test. You should use the five test sticks in the pack on five consecutive days to determine the best results. For most women with regular menstrual cycles 5 testing sticks are sufficient. If your cycle is irregular you may require a further test pack.

What can I learn from the result?

The control line (top line) means that you have successfully performed the test correctly. If two lines appear and the top line is thicker than the bottom one, you have not yet reached your fertile days. You are most fertile when both lines are equally thick, or the bottom test line is thicker.

What is the ideal time for conception?

When your ovary has released an egg, you may be surprised to learn that it remains fertile for only 12-24 hours. However, semen can survive for much longer - anything from 3-7 days in the uterus or fallopian tubes. A successful conception must take place before or at the time of ovulation.

The box contains 5 foil pouches with test sticks, a test disc, and instructions for use. In addition you will need: a watch with a second hand to perform the test and optionally a clean container for your urine sample.

Begin planning your family today and maximise your chances of getting pregnant with the Care Diagnostica Viola Ovulation Test.

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SKU / Product Code 10895
Brand Care Diagnostica

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