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Bug Tools Tick Jack

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  1. A handy tick remover that ensures thorough removal
  2. Magnifying glass on tick removal tool allows you to spot and inspect the tick
  3. Scoop, jack it and get rid of the tick
  4. Small and convenient
  5. Safe and hygienic alternative to tweezers

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Who has the time for ticks? Our Bug Tool Tick Remover ensures that the tedious tick is gone for good!

If you’ve ever discovered a tick; you’ll understand that these annoying, Men in Black alien type parasites need to be destroyed. You may have had to remove a tick from your pet’s body or your child’s leg after running through the long grass at the beach; whatever your experience of ticks are – you know that they are incredibly dangerous if they are not removed properly. The Bug Tool Tick Jack Tick Remover is an essential for your medicine drawer, because you may never know when your next experience might be.

This small, yet incredibly effective tick removal tool is perfect for humans; the design of the tool allows you to scoop under the tick with its innovative scooping design and jack it free with a careful movement. The magnifying glass provides you with a better sight for removing it and you can inspect the creature after removal – if you really want too!

Usually the first option is to grab a pair of tweezers if there is a tick; but this can cause more harm than good. Failure to remove the tick properly can result in Lyme disease; which left untreated can be fatal. Yep, they may be small, but they are mighty indeed.

When removing a tick, you must remove the entire body - the tick is attached to the skin with its Capitulum (comprising the sensory palps and mouth parts), this is what is penetrated in to your skin and what the tick’s body is directly attached to. The Bug Tools Tick Remover’s design allows you scoop right under the body where the capitulum is attached, and you can jack the tick properly.

Whatever you do, do not use your fingernails as an attempt to remove the tick. The smallest of grazes and breaks into the skin will allow the tick to infect you, for example any breaks around the fingernail. This tick remover is safe, hygienic and your fingernails are nowhere near the parasite!

Although it may be tempting to crush and destroy the tick – DON’T. Crushing the tick’s body whilst it is still attached to the skin may lead the tick to regurgitate its infected stomach contents through the capitulum and into the bite wound. Remove it properly, pop the tick into a sealed container and dispose accordingly. If you choose to do so, keep the tick in the container and if you have any worries about the bite, take the tick to the doctor for proof of your tick bite.

After you have properly removed the tick with the Bug Tools Tick Jack Tick Remover; cleanse the bite site and the tick remover tool too.

Always be prepared for a tick with the Bug Tools Tick Jack Tick Remover.

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SKU / Product Code 10699

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