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Hot/Cold Knee Therapy Wrap

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  1. Hot and cold therapy in a natural buckwheat therapy wrap - chill in the freezer or heat in microwave
  2. Applies targeted pain relief therapy to knee using temperature and compression
  3. Suitable for arthritis or rheumatism
  4. Great for sprains or sporting injuries
  5. Velcro fastening for a fully adjustable fit

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Relieve knee pain with natural heat and cooling therapy

At last, there is relief for painful knees that you can use in the comfort of your own home, any time of the day or night.

The knee therapy wrap is filled with buckwheat which is a really effective material for absorbing the temperature of its surroundings. It also means that the wrap is flexible and will conform fully to the shape of your knee for the most effective treatment. There is a velcro fastening which means this knee wrap can be work tight for the best in support, or loosened off for tired and swollen knees. This knee wrap is a perfect fit - to how your knees feel at that moment.

Buckwheat Hot Cold Knee Therapy Wrap

Hot therapy knee wrap - warm it in the microwave

Hot therapy to the knee helps to relax stiffness, improve flexibility  and relieve pain.

Heat therapy stimulates your body's own healing force and when applied via this knee wrap you are directing the heat right at the problem area. So how does heat therapy work? Heat dilates the blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation thereby reducing muscle spasms. What you'll also find is that heat actually alters the sensation of pain. You can use heat in all manner of ways, but with this knee wrap, you'll find the heat is directed right where you need it.

If you were to use something like a hot water bottle, it can be bulky, burn, and not mould to the shape of the knee to give an effective enough treatment. You also need it give it time to work, using heat therapy 15 minutes before exercise such as walking will help to ease the stiffness and improve circulation to get you going again.You should also use heat therapy after any form of exercise. Obviously if you have arthritis or rheumatism you can benefit from hot therapy to your knee at any time, or you may prefer cold therapy to reduce the swelling.

Cold therapy knee wrap - chill it in the freezer

Cold therapy helps to decrease swelling in the knee, reducing inflammation and easing pain.

If you decide to use your knee wrap to deliver cold therapy use it as a cold compress. It will help to reduce swelling by constricting the blood vessels. You might find that initially cold therapy is a little uncomfortable at first, but you will then notice that it can numb deep pain. Cold therapy is particularly useful for arthritis pain or an arthritis flare up.

Hot or cold therapy for a sporting injury?

If you have a new injury that is red, swollen, or inflamed, then cooling the injury should to help prevent inflammation. So, if the pain is from a muscle injury, treat it immediately with  -- rest, cold therapy compression from this knee wrap, and elevation.





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SKU / Product Code 92836
Brand North American Healthcare
Recommended For Decreasing swelling and inflammation through hot and/or cold therapy
Included Contents Filled with buckwheat
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False advertising Review by Valikia
Product Rating
Place wrap in freezer for over a day. After 10 minutes, it was warm. Waste of my money.

Dear Valikia
I am sorry this product has not met your expectations, as it is made from buckwheat, this natural filling does not retain the cold for as long as a gel therapy pad would. However, some users prefer the natural apsect of the buckwheat which is why it is in our range. You have not signed in and left us your e mail address so we are unable to contact you directly to offer you a gel pad which you might prefer. Please give me a ring here in Customer Services and I will arrange a replacement gel pad to be sent to you with our compliments. We want you to be entirely happy with our products.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 11 March 2015)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
If you are having knee surgery I would say this is a must! Review by CamelotArt
Product Rating
After replacement knee surgery (second knee) this was a life saver. I know it says Hot/Cold, but I have only ised it for hot and it is wonderful. I also find it useful to sometimes sleep with it held tightly with a tubular bandage. The buckwheat keeps the heat and I use a pain relief cream on my knee (current favourite celadrin, or Fiery Jack if feeling brave and near to sheet washing time) with the pain relief heat pad over the top. i think it makes the creams even more effective and there has been a noticeable difference in knee flexibility, and none of that dull ache that I had had to endure for years. This knee replacement operation has been much better than the first and I think that the direct addition of heat therapy has contributed to the success of the knee replacement together with understanding the recuperation process.
If you are having knee surgery I would say this is a must! (Posted on 24 April 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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