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Universal TENS™

Intens8 Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Universal TENS™ offers innovative TENS therapy devices and accessories which focus on quality, easy home-use, and natural pain relief. Made in the UK with the latest in pain relief technology, Universal TENS™ provides you with fast-acting relief from chronic and post-operative pain, muscle sprains, aches and pain. Highly effective, non-invasive and safe with no side effects, the Universal TENS™ machine features three different treatment modes to suit your needs. Incorporating the best when it comes to quality and usability. 

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  1. Universal TENS 50x50mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  2. Universal TENS 50x100mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  3. Universal TENS 40x40mm Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  4. Universal TENS™ Machine With 16 FREE Reusable Skin Electrodes
    As low as £74.99
  5. Universal TENS 40x53mm Reusable Perineal Electrode Pads x4
  6. Universal TENS Electrode Neck Wrap
    As low as £19.99
  7. Universal TENS Long Lower Back Reusable Electrode
  8. Universal TENS Electrode Shoulder Support
    As low as £52.99
  9. Universal TENS Electrode Socks
    As low as £19.99
  10. Universal TENS Electrode Foot Wrap
    As low as £21.99
  11. Universal TENS 65x70mm Sacral Reusable Electrode Pads x4
  12. Universal TENS Electrode Back and Abdomen Belt
    As low as £44.99

12 Items

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