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SonulaseDevelopers of professional lasers and dermabrasion systems take cleansing to a whole new level with the World’s First Intelligent LightBrushes. These brushes go far beyond your traditional cleansing devices by adding penetrating therapeutic light to deliver better results. Plus, Sonulase introduces NEW UV CleanLight Technology to help target bacteria on the bristles keeping your device clean and hygienic.


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  • Sonulase Age-Defying LightBrush

    3 Review(s)
    1. 2 in 1, facial cleansing brush to exfoliate & deep cleanse away impurities and red light therapy
    2. Red light therapy increases collagen to fight wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging
    3. Deep home cleansing treatment uses antibacterial UV light to clean itself while charging
    4. Medical grade anti-aging technology for amazing results cleared by the FDA in the US
    5. Glowing, youthful, clear skin is yours with this amazing collagen boosting, deep cleansing brush!
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  • Sonulase Acne-Fighting Lightbrush

    1 Review(s)
    1. Acne treatment that utilises blue light to destroy the bacteria that causes acne
    2. 360-degree cleansing brush removes dirt and impurities from the skin
    3. The brush uses UV light to clean itself and destroy any trapped bacteria
    4. Reduces the production of excessive sweat and sebum to prevent shiny skin
    5. Complete safe technology that is FDA cleared
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