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FitAir is a range of HEPA air purifiers, personal and plug in air purifiers. FitAir uses negative ioniser technology to thoroughly clean your indoor air; these air ionisers sterilise up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria within 30 minutes! Whether it’s travelling, in the office or at home; there’s a member of the FitAir family just waiting to be adopted.


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  1. FitAir Eden Ultrasonic Nebuliser & Aroma Diffuser
  2. FitAir Zana Air Purifier
  3. FitAir Relax & Mindfulness Aromatherapy Oil
  4. FitAir Halo HEPA Air Purifier
  5. FitAir Genie Air Purifier
  6. FitAir Car Air Purifier - Air Ioniser
  7. FitAir Inspire & Invigorate Aromatherapy Oil
  8. FitAir Focus & Concentration Aromatherapy Oil
  9. FitAir Aromatherapy Oil Set
  10. FitAir Aromatherapy Oils with Carved Wood Storage Box

10 Items

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