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Everyway Medical


Everyway Medical have been developing and manufacturing high quality physical therapy equipment since 1989. Their anal probes and vaginal probes offer a sleek, comfortable way to exercise your pelvic floor. Made from stainless steel, the probes come in various designs so that you can find the perfect fit for you. If you suffer from injuries or chronic pain, Everyway Medicals TENS clothing will provide drug-free relief in a much more convenient way than pads. Simply slip the glove, sock or tube onto the affected body part and it will surround it with an even current, enabling you to treat large areas.

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  1. MT-330 Microcurrent Machine
  2. Pelviline Vaginal Probe
  3. Everyway Medical Anulax Rectal Probe
  4. Conductive TENS Sock
  5. Conductive TENS Glove
    As low as £11.99 As low as £10.20
  6. Conductive TENS Elbow Sleeve
    As low as £17.99
  7. Conductive TENS Knee Sleeve
    As low as £19.99

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