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Boo Living Children's Bamboo Bedding Set

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In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Bamboo pillow & duvet; much healthier than 100% cotton
  2. Bamboo duvet & pillow - antibacterial and anti-fungal
  3. Incredibly gentle against your child's sensitive skin
  4. Repels dust mites, reducing the risk of allergies
  5. Uniquely stitched to gently mould to their body

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Have your child bed down with this bamboo bedding

Children's Bamboo Bedding from Boo LivingWe all want what’s best for our little ones, right?  It’s an extremely frightening prospect to think that our children are being exposed to chemicals, pesticides, artificial colours and dyes each and every time we tuck them in at night.  However, it’s even scarier to imagine that these substances could actually be absorbed through their skin at night.  While cotton may be traditionally considered the best material to use for bedding, it is typically treated with pesticides, bleach and dyes.  This could have significant negative effects on their health such as headaches and serious allergic reactions.  

The simplest solution is to replace as much of your child’s bedding as you can with a naturally clean, non-toxic, unbleached, organic fibre instead.  Bamboo does not require the use of pesticides or fertilisers due to its inherent internal antifungal, antibacterial agent.  The same agent is found in fabrics made from bamboo fibres, which controls the bacteria growth on the skin.  It is therefore the perfect choice for children.   

Sleep is incredibly important for children; it is the time when their brain develops and they grow.  As such, it is vital that they get the good night’s rest that they need. That’s exactly what they will get with the Boo Living Children’s Bamboo Bedding Set.  Plus, you can sleep easy knowing that your child is safe and soundly sleeping throughout the night.  For added comfort, the Boo Living Children’s Duvet has a unique stitched pattern to mould perfectly around their body.

Crafted from a combination of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton, and filled with 100% super soft natural bamboo fibre, the duvet and 2 pillows feel silky smooth against your child’s sensitive skin. Bamboo is not only fast growing without pesticides or fertilisers, the fibre is also woven mechanically without any nasty or harsh chemicals, making it the safest and most luxurious bedding for your precious little one. It is soft, naturally hypoallergenic and will not cause discomfort to eczema or any other sensitive skin conditions.

Sleep soundly knowing that your little one is!

Don’t get bugged by dust mites

Don’t worry; we don’t think you’re home is dirty by any means!  Dust mites are likely to make themselves comfortable in even the most immaculate environment.  Often cleaning simply aggravates the problem.  It propels dust into the air, for it to resettle elsewhere or cling to fabrics.  Additionally, many traditional cleaning products are ineffective against some of the substances contained within it.  

It only takes 1 gram of dust to accommodate 19,000 of these critters[1], which are responsible for allergic reactions amongst 12 million people in the UK[2].  The average adult sheds approximately 1.5 grams of dust a day; that’s enough to feed a million dust mites[3].  If your child struggles to wake up in the morning, is constantly rubbing their eyes when they do, suffers with sneezing or a runny nose, or simply lacks concentration, they could have a dust mite allergy.  In a study carried out by Allergy UK, it was found that 60% of people suffered from allergies as a result of dust mites[4].  

Dust mites are naturally repelled by bamboo, thus making it the perfect choice for bedding in order to keep them at bay.  So why not ensure that your child gets the best night’s sleep possible and that they wake up refreshed and ready for what the day might bring?

 It ‘mite’ be the best decision you ever make!

Wrap them up in bamboo


Thermo-regulating Boo Living Bamboo Bedding

We know that nothing but the best will do for your little one.  However, you may not have considered just how important bedding is when it comes to their health.  Bamboo is the perfect choice for your youngster’s sensitive skin.  Not only does it feel silky smooth, it is antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic and there’ll be no fear of nasty dust mites causing them distress.  It is also thermo-regulating, so
it will keep them at just the right temperature whether it’s the height of summer, or those meek, dark nights of winter.  Its clever layering also means that it is moisture wicking, so it will whip away any sweat from your precious little one as they sleep. 

Bamboo is the eco-friendly option.  It requires no chemicals and very little water to grow.  It absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than cotton and releases more oxygen into the environment.  As such, it is by far the greener option. The growing of cotton requires extensive irrigation and chemical spraying.  Bamboo, on the other hand, does not need pesticides or fertilisers to grow due to its internal antifungal, antibacterial agent.  The same agent is found in fabrics made from bamboo fibres, which controls the bacteria growth on the skin.  It is also sustainable and renewable.  Boo Living bamboo is strictly sourced from an FSC accredited supplier with high conservation values.

Sometimes the grass is greener...

Duvet size guide:

Small 100 cm x 120 cm. Large 100 cm x 150 cm. 25 gram fill (as recommended by professionals).

Pillow size guide:

Approx 40cm x 60 cm. Thread count 300 percale.

This set includes 1 Bamboo Duvet and 2 Bamboo Pillows that will fit most standard cots (small) and cot beds (large). It does not include duvet covers or pillowcases, these are available separately. This set conforms to all UK Fire retardant furniture and furnishing (fire safety) regulations 1988.

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 *This product is only available in the UK, We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Sources [1] [2] [3] [4]

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SKU / Product Code 10259
Brand Boo Living
Included Contents Bamboo Duvet & 2 x Bamboo Pillows
Material The Boo Living range has 100% Natural Bamboo Fibre fill and the covers and linens are 60% Bamboo & 40% Cotton to give tensile strength.
Colour White
Does Not Include Bamboo Duvet Cover, Bamboo Pillowcases (available separately)
Size Duvet: Small 100 cm x 120 cm. Large 100 cm x 150 cm.
Washing Instructions Machine Washable at 30 degrees. Air Dry.
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Product Questions

Hello, my 4 yr. old son suffers from sweating through he's head at night time only and I am interested in a bamboo pillow and cover which is suitable for he's age (I see ones with babies pictured and adult ones - anything in-between?). He currently sleeps on a Clevamama memory foam pillow which he has used since he was a toddler but its now time for a change. I also see many memory foam pillows on the market with bamboo/cotton pillow covers - what is the difference between these products and the boo living bamboo pillow - is one better than the other? I would imagine the shredded bamboo in the pockets are much better for maintaining an increased airflow while sleeping????
I appreciate your feedback.

P.S. Do you ship to Ireland?

Best Regards,