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Introducing the New Generation of Hair Removal Technology

Tired of irritating razor rash or painful epilators and wax strips? Rethink your skincare regime and care for delicate skin with the latest in hair removal technology: IPL PRO™ Automatic Laser Hair Removal Machine.

This brand-new, at-home device uses the latest in light-based technology to allow the user to deliver safe, targeted and effective hair removal across the body.

How Does IPL PRO™ Work?

The IPL PRO™ Automatic Laser Hair Removal Machine uses intense pulsed light to give long-term results in the comfort of your own home. It works by emitting a wavelength of light into the skin which targets hair pigment.

The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and quickly transforms into heat, destroying the cells that stimulate hair growth.

1. Slide and Glide Removal

The IPL PRO™ Automatic Laser Hair Removal Machine achieves long-term hair removal results at a fraction of the energy level used in other light-based hair removal equipment.

Its innovative 'Slide and Glide' technology allows for easy, fast and more accurate hair treatment. Manual flash works effectively when targeting small, curvy areas such as the knees or underarms. Automatic flash offers ease of use on large areas like the legs.

2. Patented Colour Technology

The patented colour technology of the IPL PRO™ means that it can be used on a number of skin types with the same effective results.

Featuring three, unique light intensity levels, you can tailor your skin care regime with the IPL PRO™ Automatic Laser Hair Removal Machine. Simply choose from light level 1, 2 or 3 and enjoy long-lasting, smooth, hair-free skin.

3. Smart Safety Settings

Not only does the IPL PRO™ give the ultimate, effortless hair removal treatment, but its additional automatic safety settings make it even easier.

The IPL PRO™ works to protect your eyes and skin while in use. The device has been specially-designed so that a light flash cannot be emitted when the device is not in contact with the skin.


Don't waste your time and money on basic, routine hair removal treatments. Invest in the IPL PRO™ Automatic Laser Hair Removal Machine today for professional, salon-worthy results without professional prices.