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What Are The Benefits of Using Magnesium Cream?


Interview with Sandy Sanderson - Elektra Magnesium

Inflammation is all to prevalent today today and forms a chronic part of many degenerative diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, immune system disorders, mental illness and cancer.

What is Nitric Oxide (NO)?

According to Dr Jerry Tennant in his book ‘Healing is Voltage’, it is important for blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen to cells.

NO is a gas that serves as a signalling molecule in every cell in the body: It causes arteries and bronchioles to expand; it allows brain cells to communicate with each other; and it causes immune cells to kill bacteria and cancer cells... Low levels of NO production are important in protecting an organ such as the liver from ischemic damage, however sustained levels of increased NO production result in direct tissue damage and contribute to the vascular collapse associated with septic shock. Chronic expression of NO is associated with various carcinomas and inflammatory conditions including juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

How do we get this balance right?

Cobalamin - Methylation - Nitric Oxide Connections

SANDY: Dr Wheatley. Thank you for your time to answer questions about your research.

Dr WHEATLEY: You are welcome.

SANDY: A little Nitric Oxide (NO) is essential, but too much can be toxic. The older we get the more we lose the ability to make our own NO. How can we make sure to get this balance right in order to avoid the scourges of damaging inflammation?

Dr WHEATLEY: It is not so much a case of too much or too little NO, so much as of the forms NO takes. There are, after all, many occasions where high NO is essential. For example, during gestation or in the regeneration of the liver following surgical removal of large parts of it, as well as during so-called spontaneous regression of tumours and most notably, during successful immune defense. It is a longstanding and all-pervasive medical misconception that too much NO is necessarily a bad thing.

I have a radically different view of this and published a new theory about the fundamental cause of good and bad forms of NO production, in my 2012 "Very Large Gorilla" Hypothesis paper. In my view, Cobalamin/Cbl (B12) status is key to this regulation and balance of the ratio of good to bad NO products, in particular because one form of cobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, may be the principal catalyst in the NOS enzymatic reactions leading to NO synthesis. In fact, lab work done with my colleagues in a sepsis murine model does indicate that cobalamin is not just an NO mop (as has been previously assumed) but it can also have NO promoting effects with positive survival outcomes. This would indicate that my view may be more than just theory!

SANDY: Scientists have worked out that NO is bio-synthesised from L-arginine, oxygen, tetrahydrobiopterin, flavins and NADPH by three principal nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes, and that reduction of inorganic nitrate from the diet may also contribute to making NO. What do you think about people supplementing with L-arginine?

Dr WHEATLEY: I think no-one should be supplementing NO cofactors like L-arginine, without first addressing cobalamin status and function. Even then, I believe that L-arginine supplements may damage the gut lining. It is better to supplement with methyl donors, lipids and active forms of cobalamin, as well as antioxidants like pomegranate extract, and many berry extracts containing anthocyanins etc - all of which are known to indirectly increase endothelial NO.

SANDY: Cobalamin or B12 status could therefore be pivotal in the process of methylation and maintenance of the right balance of NO?

Dr WHEATLEY: Yes indeed. Moreover, it has been known since a seminal paper published in 1992 [Pfohl-Leskowicz] that the methylcobalamin form of B12 can itself act as a methyl donor, and this direct methyl donor function of methylcobalamin may have a far more important role than has yet been appreciated.

SANDY: What other nutrients do you suggest to add to this protocol?

Dr WHEATLEY: To support good forms of NO production and well-regulated methylation, a good protocol should include:

  • fresh organic green vegetable juices,
  • selenium,
  • vitamins B2,
  • riboflavin,
  • B6,
  • zinc [picolinate] and, not least, the important universal co-factor that, like zinc, is essential for most biochemical enzymatic reactions:

These vitamins and minerals are either directly involved in the interactive NOS/methyl synthase, methylmalonyl mutase and glutathione enzymatic circuits, OR, are essential for optimal functioning of the enzymes involved.

SANDY: In other words, mineral-rich organic fresh vegetables, essential fats and good proteins. Real food!

Dr WHEATLEY: Correct.

SANDY: Magnesium is therefore the 'electrical power point' that energises enzymes via the mitochondrial Mg-ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate plus magnesium). When we don't get enough magnesium or when we use up too much without replacement, our cell metabolism slows down and things start to go wrong.

Sometimes it’s hard to get enough magnesium out of even the best diets today – especially if we are under a lot of stress or if there are digestive issues. There is a growing trend now to use transdermal magnesium products to deliver magnesium straight into the blood stream to bypass issues with digestion. What is your experience with Elektra Magnesium Cream?

Dr WHEATLEY: Three years ago I started using and recommending every other available transdermal magnesium cream or spray on the market. A few of these actually had negative effects, with one particular commercial magnesium spray actually causing a burn- like eczema when applied after a bath.

Then more recently, via Dr Garry Gordon's practitioners’ forum, I discovered your Elektra Magnesium Cream. Dr Gordon reported that this cream is so effective that it has been known to stop cardiac arrhythmias when rubbed directly into the chest during an episode. This caught my attention, and this is a FACT: Without a shadow of a doubt, your magnesium cream really is head and shoulders above all else - superb and beautiful. Elektra Magnesium Cream really does seem to deliver very concentrated doses of magnesium efficiently and quickly, whilst providing a high level of skin nourishment and care at the same time. Many congratulations on bringing it to birth!

SANDY: Thank you. It helped me get over my symptoms of Hashimotos Hypothyroidism and heart arrhythmia back in 2008, so we are now on a mission to get the message out there: Get more magnesium into your body via the skin!

Dr WHEATLEY: Yes, I had a similar problem with a congenital arrhythmia that a few years back suddenly got worse for a time, and using your cream helped a great deal. I took a tip from Dr Garry Gordon: I kept a jar next to my bed at night. When I had a disturbance of the PAT [which is now extremely rare], I used to immediately start rubbing it in all over my chest while doing my yoga breathing routine. This brings quick relief and also has a very calming effect, enabling me to go back to sleep peacefully and quickly.

Too many skin products on the market contain toxic chemicals, but I know that I could eat anything in your beautiful creams, which is always my guiding principle for what I put on my skin. By the way, my therapist friend Sarah is a convert to Elektra Magnesium, as is everyone who buys it from her. No surprises. She also uses it as her beauty cream.

SANDY: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Dr Wheatley. Remember that you can also supply magnesium via Elektra Magnesium Chloride Flakes bathing or foot-soaking, as well as spraying on our heavy duty formula of Magnesium Oil Spritz wherever you need a higher dose of magnesium.

Dr WHEATLEY: Yes, thank you for the opportunity to comment. I would also like to add that I use and recommend your Elektra Magnesium Flakes. For me, the fact that your food grade flakes are thoroughly tested and certified in respect of trace elements and heavy metals is a really important and good point in their favour.

Last night I suddenly thought that our modern world is really quite amazing when we can have precious life-giving crystals from a far distant beautiful lake, high up in the isolated Tibetan plateau, delivered almost effortlessly on a wish to one's very door to use for nutritional healing in the comfort of one's own home. It is the stuff of fairy tales!!!