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Femmeze for Rectocele, Mucosal and Rectal Prolapse

Femmeze  is an L shaped device designed to help you reposition your bowel for easier defecation. It offers a more hygienic and comfortable way to reposition and support your bulging bowel or rectocele when passing a bowel motion.

The Femmeze gives you the opportunity to fully empty your bowel without straining. So often women with a prolapsed bowel will say that they never feel as though they have completely emptied their bowels, they are left with an uncomfortable bulge, this can leave them feeling unclean.

The Femmeze is also good for women who find that when they toilet, they don't fully empty and that no amount of toilet paper will clear up the residue, this incomplete emptying can be improved with the Femmeze.

  •      There is a sachet of lubricant with the Femmeze and a small dab will help with insertion.
  •      Only to be used vaginally, not anally.

See the Femmeze here.