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Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train Kit - Review by Dagmar Khan

Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train Kit - Review by Dagmar Khan
Posted in: Health

Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train Kit - Review by Dagmar Khan

If you ever were in pain, are currently going through an injury, or want to prevent future breakdown, you will love the brand new TREAT WHILE YOU TRAIN KIT. Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up®, and Kelly Starrett, the founder of Mobility Wod, have joined their forces to produce the most comprehensive self-myofascial kit up to date. Yoga Tune Up - Treat While You Train KitBoth of them have been ‘’working for a long time, independently within their own communities, to help their clients move pain-free, for an exceptional performance’’. The TREAT WHILE YOU TRAIN KIT consists of excellent instructional 2-DVD set, pair of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, Alpha ball, Coregeous Ball, and Therapy Plus Balls- all snuggled in together in easy to carry tote: this way your ‘’equipment of self-care’’ can travel with you anywhere you go!

Why do you need this kit?

Since vast majority of musculoskeletal dis-eases (think back pain, rotator cuff injuries or osteoarthritis) are preventable, and fixable, Jill and Kelly are on mission to equip you with self-care strategies to help you eradicate your personal blind spots, so pain is less-likely to manifest in your body. The kit will give you access to restoring health within all of your soft-tissue structures, including your skin, fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons-thus providing you with completeness of release, and restoring health at every level of your body.

Difference between the 4 different sizes of balls within the kit:

THERAPY BALLS: these 2,5’’ grippy pliable balls have been specifically designed to mimic a ‘’thumb’’ of excellent massage therapist. They perfectly fit into various spinal processes, and are able to roll their way into smaller joints of your body, such as hands, feet, or delicate tissues of neck & jaw. Because of their unique shape & size, they are very trigger point specific. THERAPY PLUS BALLS:  slightly larger balls (3’’), their shape and touch resembles an ‘’elbow’’ of skilful hands-on-therapist. Their larger surface creates less trigger point specific contact with the body, making these balls a perfect choice for highly stressed tissues of the body- such a shoulders, front of the chest or IT band. ALPHA BALL: the wonderful 3,5’’ fluffy Alpha ball is an excellent choice if you want to resemble a full ‘’fist’’ of your massage therapist. Wonderful to target larger tissues in the body, like lower back, hips and buttocks- the Alpha will surely become your favourite choice for the tissues of the lower body. COREGEOUS BALL: 9’’ squishy, air-filled ball is created specifically to target the area of the abdomen, chest and front of the pelvis. Its specific grip is fantastic for creating tons of shear, which is incredible for unravelling stiff fascia, releasing scar tissue and promoting better breathing.

Highlights of DVD1:

MYOFASCIAL DEMO: It is time to change our paradigm of thinking that your shoulder and your hip are two disconnected parts of yourself, similarly to if your knee hurts, you don’t need to address the health of your feet & ankles. The myofascial demo is an excellent introduction to the beautiful interconnectedness of your entire body, and introduces you to the world of fascia. As Jill beautifully portrays, ‘’ FASCIA IS THE BODY’S SOFT TISSUE SCAFFOLDING. IT IS WHAT GIVES YOUR BODY IT’S FORM AND IT’S SHAPE. YOUR FASCIA IS YOUR BODY’S AQUIOUS KNITTING FABRIC.’’ Within the segment, Jill, Kelly and their two students (Sarah and Greg), clearly demonstrate the model of the deep fascia. Using variety of elastibands, they present us with the interconnectedness of fascias between individual muscle fibres (fascia at this layer is called endomysium). When several muscle cells tie in together, they create muscle bundle-also known as fascicle. The surrounding fascia at this layer is called perimysium. And finally, as several fascicles tie in together to create an entire muscle, the fascia enveloped at this layer is known as epimysium. All around these 3 layers of fascia, and the entire muscle, we have yet another layer of connective tissue, known as deep fascia. From there, all those fascias converge together and create a tendon. That tendon-however, does not end there- it connects to the skin of the bone (periosteum), and that connective tissue travels further and it becomes other fascial compartments.

Why this is important?

If you have pain anywhere in your body- let’s say your left side of lower back has been letting you down, you REALLY NEED TO ADRESS YOUR PAIN by mobilizing tissues uptown of your injury (upper torso and ribcage); downtown of the injury (hips and pelvis) and across-town (right side of lower back and  your right shoulder). So think locally, work globally. GLOBAL SHEAR:  This sequence uses the COREGEOUS BALL to warm up and activate the tissues of the abdomen, trunk and the spine. It is a wonderful choice if you are short on time, or suffer with painful connective tissue conditions (such as fibromyalgia, or myofascial pain syndrome) –this routine will help to restore stiffness within the fascial surfaces and prime your core engine for better breathing, and more whole-body relaxation. UPPER TORSO:  Did you know, that your upper spine is your primal carriage for your head and your brain? However, our poor postural habits coupled with the extensive amount of time we spent in front of computers & smart gadgets, throws our head forward, making us susceptible to neck pain, shoulder injuries, tension headaches and disc degeneration. This sequence consists of work with the Therapy Plus balls, Yoga Tune Up® balls and Alpha ball to help reset your head in optimal position, unravel stiffness from your upper body, and sedate the whole nervous system.

Highlights of DVD 2:

LOWER TORSO: You have probably already heard the famously infamous ‘’SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING.’’ Since we, modern human beings, spend 12-14 hours on average tied to a chair/ car seat/or sofa, it is no wonder that our pelvises and hips pay a very high price. They are stiff, easily losing their natural motion, and basic positions (such as deep squat) are no longer available to many of us. If you are interested in un-gluing your hips, and restoring true range of motion in your lower torso, you will love this sequence (if I did not say it yet, I am going to do it now: it is by far my most favourite segment on the entire dvd set). Using the Alpha ball, Therapy Plus balls and Yoga Tune Up® balls, Jill and Kelly present exceptional strategies for decompressing your lower back, improving your spinal mechanics, fluffing your buttocks and setting the whole pelvis into better position. ELBOWS & WRISTS: You might be surprised to know, that often times lot of our shoulder agony actually starts in the tissues of hands and forearms. The modern technology puts brunt of repetitive motion into our opposable thumbs and wrists, which causes internal stiffness and via fascia makes our upper body desperately tight (and susceptible to injury). In addition, as Jill mentions: "As humans, we are huggers, we are graspers. Whatever we touch, we sort of co-depend upon. So even with computer, the tendency is that you start to collapse and fall into it." This sequence is super-easy to perform, and demonstrates very effective ball rolling routines to target the tissues of triceps, long muscles of the forearms and the bicep tendon. This track can be done in the office, on a kitchen table or even in the gym- and truly represents essential restoration of your lower arms, wrists and hands.

How do you know your body is receiving the benefits of these sequences?

After you complete any of TREAT WHILE YOU TRAIN sequences, you are looking for: •    Improved Range Of Motion •    Less Stiffness Or Pain At The End Range Of Motion •    Felling of Relief, Release and Sense Of Well-being •    Feelings of Warmth & Relaxation •    An Increase of Body Awareness You might experience only one of these benefits, but is very likely that you will sense multiple gains at the same time. For example, if you have been running a lot lately, your hips and lower legs might be tight and stringy. By performing sequence for your lower torso and feet, you not only might experience more range of motion, but you will also likely feel deep sense of relief and relaxation (same sensation you get after stepping out from massage therapist office).

How do you know that you are in 'too deep'?

During the sequences you might also come across something that is known as ‘’legitimate pain.’’ If you experience: •    Pain after you remove the ball •    Nervy electric shock •    Feelings of tingling or numbness •    Inability to take full deep breath •    Whole body negative emotion …..you are in TOO DEEP. This is sign of real, bad pain, which is an indication that the given body position, or the ball technique you are working with are not the best fit for you right now. You can still do soft-tissue conditioning, but opt for less pressure and regions of the body that do not cause these sympathetic responses. BEAR IN MIND: The ball sequences are not painful, they merely reflect where internal stiffness or the pain which already lives in your body. Ultimately, the more conditioned your tissues become, you will no longer experience discomfort, and only get deep sense of relief and relaxation anytime you roll.

ConclusionDagmar Khan - Yoga Tune Up teacher

I am so glad that ability to take good care of my body is no longer only privilege I can receive by visiting my doctor or physical therapist office. This programme; that Jill and Kelly skilfully created; represent essential self-maintenance strategies that erase pain, improve posture and maximize our performance. Taking your ‘’life by the balls’’ mean you don’t end up injuring yourself, or living a life of painful agony. As Kelly says: ’’ People should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. Whether you are sitting at the table, flying, travelling for hours at the car, or lifting your kids, you are going to be in compromised positions. And you need to be able to treat yourself. It is your human right.’’ This kit gives you every tool you need to transform pain into wellness, broken position into wonderful, upright posture and stress into deep relaxation. Now get down on the ball, and ROLL!
20 October 2014