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Welcome Aunt Flow with open arms!

Welcome Aunt Flow with open arms!
Posted in: Health

That time of the month, ladies problems, aunt flow arrives, the cramps; we talk about our period in a variety of ways. Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day, the 28th day of the 5th month, to mark the average cycle length and the average days of bleeding, and women across the world are invited to shrug off the taboo of menstruation and talk openly about it.

Too many of us feel embarrassed to talk about menstruation, and we really shouldn’t be. Menstruation is regular proof our bodies are healthy and full of life; however they can pose a problem to our nights out or holidays and for many of us they can be uncomfortable, particular if we get dysmenorrhoea. Warm showers, hot tea and cranberry can help with the painful cramps some women experience. There are plenty of options on how to monitor and control your period, from coil to the pill; but they come with side effects, some are not right for everyone and all act as a contraceptive.

If you want natural relief, will be trying to conceive in the next few cycles, want a low-cost, or more ethical option - StressNoMore has a fantastic range of products:

For the pain


Thought TENS was just for labour80489? Think again. TENS is a natural pain reliever, and you can place the electrodes where they are most effective for you. The small electric current gives instant relief from pain. Try the Touch TENS Drug Free Pain Relief to soothe that back ache.

Warmth to the belly area is key when a woman is suffering with cramps, but regular hot water bottles can cause burns if not covered properly. In some cases they have caused third degree burns. With the Heat On Smart Heating Bottle you get all the warmth and its benefits without the danger. The Heat On Smart Heating Bottle has three layer: An outer comfortable microfiber cover. A middle layer of Phase Changing Material, which cleverly stores and releases heat gradually. And the final layer is the 1.5l hot water bottle itself, which has been perfectly designed to be user friendly.

For the holiday or night with the girls

Walking, dancing and other light exercise is actually great for menstrual cramps; but when you have a heavy flow and can feel your pad, you may not be in the social mood. Leaks will be a thing of the past with a menstrual cup.

For work

A Box, MC and Bag

There was talk online last week about menstrual leave. In Taiwan, women have three days annually to take off work for menstruation leave. There were many comments, from men and women, ranging from ‘three days were not enough’ to’ how would it affect a woman’s career’? Would she still be taken seriously? Whatever your view, know you can go to work comfortable with your choice of menstrual cup.

Whether you are dashing about in the city getting the bus or tube, sat in the office getting lost in your work as you countdown to deadline, or even doing the shopping and preparing dinner before picking the kids up from school, no matter what your full time is, your menstrual cup will be working for you.

The cup collects rather than absorbs, so it doesn’t harbour the bacteria that traditional, disposable tampons do which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. As the cup is reusable, it saves you money in the long run! The average woman will throw away up to 300lb of used menstrual products. The menstrual cup will last you for years with the proper care.

Stuck between choosing the economical, money-saving product or the ethical one? Easy! MoonCup has recently won the title of most ethical brand on The Good Shopping Guide.

92892_1For everyday

Tired of buying more and more reusable pads each month? With GladRags Reusable Cotton Menstrual Pad you can be comfortable and save money. GladRags are just as absorbent as disposable pads but they don’t contain the rough, irritating plastic material or extra chemicals of scented disposable pads. They don't stain or hold odours.

For intimacy

A woman’s libido is normally increased during her period, but it’s hard to seduce while menstruating. Reusable sea sponges or disposable stringless tampons adapt to the shape of your body, giving you customised protection. Their design means you and your partner can have sex without feeling them. These tampons are also great for when you want to go swimming or hit the gym.


28 May 2014
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