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Valkee - Clinically Proven to help with SAD, Depression & Mood Swings

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Valkee - Clinically Proven to help with SAD, Depression & Mood Swings
By StressNoMore 23 October 2012 44 Views

Valkee - the Bright Light Alternative in just 8 minutes a day!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is aptly named - because that's how it makes us feel. It seems that us Brits are suffering with reduced light levels, especially in the winter months and it is has a noticeable impact on our mood.  We've selected an impressive, medically endorsed range of SAD lights and products to help combat the misery of the 'winter blues' - but one in particular has really impressed us.

Light up your brain not your house!

Valkee for SAD depression and mood swings

Clever experts at Valkee have developed a revolutionary SAD light technology that works via your ears. Looking like an MP3 player the Valkee shines the light into the ears via small earphone-like ear buds. Valkee directly targets the photosensitive parts of your brain via your ears where the skull is thinnest meaning that the light can reach the photosensitive parts of the brain more efficiently. It's a medically certificated device to combat the crippling effects of SAD - yet is does so much more too.

Combat depression in just minutes a day!

Clinical studies have shown improvement in the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder when the Valkee is used for 8 - 12 minutes a day and a whopping 92% of SAD sufferers experienced a total relief from their symptoms in 4 weeks.

What can Valkee do for you?

  • Valkee combats the crippling effects of SAD
  • Valkee cures mood swings - 92% of severely depressed seasonal affective disorder sufferers experienced total symptoms relief in 4 weeks with 8-12 minutes of Valkee SAD treatment.
  • It also makes it easier to fall asleep at night.
  • Valkee is more effective than traditional SAD Lamps / SAD Lights which have to be used for 30 mins to 1 hour a day
  • Valkee can be used to combat jetlag, as the light helps to regulate your body's circadian rhythm (the one that's responsible for sleep), so if you're a frequent traveller, this could help you too.
  • It is neat and portable - you can use it anywhere - in the morning, during your commute, or at work. It's portable and looks just like an MP3 player so it's discreet too..
The Valkee Bright Light Headset has been clinically tested and is registered as a Grade II Medical Device. So, shine a light for new technologies to help improve our mood, combat SAD, depression and mood swings. We love Valkee! Read more about SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder and SAD Light Therapy Devices here at
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