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The All Natural Way to Give Your Mood a Boost

The All Natural Way to Give Your Mood a Boost
Posted in: Health

You have probably heard of aromatherapy but do you really know what it is or how it can help? Aromatherapy is the use of organic compounds that can combined to help improve your mental state and mood. The organic compounds that are used for aromatherapy are called essential oils and are made from the different parts of plants from the bark to the leaves making it a completely natural therapy.

Because the essential oils that are used during aromatherapy are made from plants the range of blends that can be created is huge meaning they can be specially blended to help deal with a range of different mental states and emotions from relaxation to concentration. Nobody is quite sure why aromatherapy actually works, theories include scent receptors being triggered by the oils and sending a ‘message’ to your brain that influences your mood. We might not know why but we do know for certain there are benefits.

Which Oils Should You Use?

Whatever you need them for there is a FitAir Aromatherapy Oil that can help, just see for yourself;fitair FitAir Invigorate & Inspire Aromatherapy Oil This unique blend of scented oils mixes citrus, pine and mint for a zingy scent that will blast through that morning malaise. FitAir Strength & Harmony Aromatherapy Oil Combines the uplifting scents of eucalyptus, rosemary, pine, peppermint and tea tree oil, to help you feel calm yet invigorated and ready to face the day. FitAir Energise & Revitalise Aromatherapy Oil The combination of zingy citrus with herbal extracts makes this a fantastic natural way to give yourself a burst of energy whenever you need it. FitAir Sensual & Arousing Aromatherapy Oil Juicy sweet oranges, sensuous ylang ylang and patchouli and floral palma rosa extracts create a romantic scent that will help you and your loved one relax and enjoy each other. FitAir Relax & Mindfulness Aromatherapy Oil With a unique blend of lavender, marjoram, bergamot and petitgrain, this aromatherapy blend is expertly tuned to give you the stress relief you need. FitAir Focus & Concentration Aromatherapy Oil This aromatherapy blend will keep you on the ball with its revitalising herbal mix of rosemary, basil, peppermint and pine.

How to use essential oils

Now you know what aromatherapy and essential oils can do you may want to know how you can use them. It may seem obvious that simply smelling the oils would be all you need to but that’s not the only way; Massage- Massages are known as one of the most relaxing things you can do but applying essential oils directly to the skin during a massage can take you to a whole new level of relaxed. In the bath- Just like a massage a bath can be extremely relaxing but again, it can be improved by adding essential oils into the water not only do you get the oils in contact with your skin you can inhale the oils through the steam from the bath. Using an aroma diffuser- The easiest way to enjoy essential oils is to use an aroma diffuser. Simply turn on your diffuser and go. This means you can do what you want whilst enjoying all the positive benefits of aromatherapy whether that be studying or sleeping. Aromatherapy is a fantastic all natural way to improve your mood  but is by no means a cure for mental health conditions however there definitely are benefits that when used alongside the correct treatments can make a fantastic combination. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

8 May 2017
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