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Want to know why you should throw away tampons forever?

Want to know why you should throw away tampons forever?
7 June 2015 456 view(s)

Want to know why you should throw away tampons forever?

We’ve all been there when Aunt Flo makes a surprise ticket; the panic, having to rush to the nearest store to buy your box of tampons, night sanitary pads and that’s just the beginning of Aunt Flo’s visit! We haven’t even begun to tell you the frustration that tampons can be yet. Here at Stress we want to open your eyes to the negativity that comes with disposable sanitary products and why you need to switch to menstrual cup and sponges, today! Firstly, are you even aware of how much you spend on disposable sanitary products? Just think about it, the monthly box or boxes, the times you forget to buy tampons when you’re out. Had a guess yet? The average woman uses a huge amount of 1,625 tampons PER YEAR. Got an idea of how many pennies you’re spending? Yep – A LOT. Pads & TamponsSecondly – do you what a tampons job is? Its purpose is to absorb, so with your tampons absorbing your menstrual flow, it’s also absorbing your natural moisture, making you dry, uncomfortable and irritated. Absorbing your natural moisture can lead to pH imbalances and cause infections like thrush and BV; do you really want that added frustration ALONG with your period – no thanks! Have you ever heard of that nasty “Toxic Shock Syndrome”? Yeah, they’re associated with tampons. Even though they state on the adverts you can wear it up to 8 hours, but if you want to avoid those nasties, you should be changing them every 4 hours. All of the disposable sanitary products are pumped with fragrances, perfumes, bleach lotions – no wonder they cause so many infections and irritations. They plumped with nasties for that long lasting protection! Eiffel TowerThirdly, remember how many tampons I said one woman uses in a year? In a life time a woman menstruates 2,470 days in her entire life. I’m no mathematician, but that is a magnificent amount of disposable sanitary products. And because they are not biodegradable, they are incredibly bad for the environment. If a single woman were to stack up the sanitary products she would use in a life time it would equal to the height of FIVE EIFFEL TOWERS.

Here’s why menstrual cups and sponges are different.

You only need to buy one because they last up to a magnificent 10 years, you can reuse them period after period as their job is to collect rather than absorb. Although sponges absorb they are made from natural substances that won’t cause any irritations or infections. A penny saved is a penny earned after all! Because you only need to use one for every 10 years, you are giving the planet a helping hand! You can wear menstrual cups and sponges up to 12 hours and you won’t have to worry about infections, irritations or TSS because they are all made from either 100% body safe silicone or natural sea sponge. Want to know what kind of menstrual cups and sponges you can get? Take a look at our fantastic range of menstrual cups and sea sponges and for this week in support of International Tampon Alert Day we are taking 10% OFF our whole menstrual category – so throw away those god awful tampons and be a menstrual cup/sponge convert! Trust me, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made! This week you have a chance of winning our fabulous OrganiCup so you can avoid those dreaded tampons. All you have to do is enter the competition, here’s how:
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Good luck!

Can’t wait for the competition to end? Grab your OrganiCup for only £17.99 this week only! *Competition ends 15th June 2015 at 4:00pm. The winner will notified by email, and must claim within one week. Offer open to UK residents aged 18 and over.*