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The Secret To Good Sex: A Healthy Pelvic Floor

The Secret To Good Sex: A Healthy Pelvic Floor
2 January 2013 622 view(s)

The Secret To Good Sex: A Healthy Pelvic Floor

At StressNoMore we're always finding products that help to reduce and prevent incontinence by keeping your pelvic floor muscles tight, toned and healthy, but there is another reason why you should be doing your kegel exercises. A strong pelvic floor is essential for a satisfying sex life. Women who successfully train and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles have reported that they have better orgasms and their partners have increased sensation too. So how come? Your PC muscles contract when you orgasm, so the stronger they are the better orgasm you will haveThe pubococcygeus muscles (pelvic floor, also often referred to as PC) run along your pelvic floor from your pubic bone to the coccyx. This muscle acts like a hammock, supporting your pelvic organs. When it is weak it becomes slack, resulting in stress and urge incontinence, but since this muscle surrounds the inside of the vagina too, weak PC muscles also mean reduced sensation during intimacy. It is the PC muscles that contract as we orgasm, so you can see why stronger muscles will mean more powerful orgasms. A strong pelvic floor will also allow you to 'grip' your partner a lot better, so they'll feel the benefit too!

How Can I Exercise My Pelvic Floor?

Every woman should be aware of their pelvic floor and regularly doing kegel exercises. Start by squeezing your anus as though you are trying to hold in wind, then tighten around your vagina and squeeze and life both areas. Hold this for five counts, then relax. Repeat this five times, then do shorter contractions, holding for just two seconds. Alternating between long and short contractions is the most effective workout for your muscles, particularly if you do it for 5 minutes three times per day. The Ami Pelvic Floor Exerciser will tone your kegel muscles and improve sex Just like any other kind of exercise, pelvic floor training is most effective when our muscles have to work against something. We've just come across a lovely exerciser by Je Joue, a British manufacturer which specialises in creating beautiful, high quality sex toys. Their Ami Pelvic Floor Exerciser really celebrates the relationship between kegels and great sex, and the best part is that you can have fun whilst exercising. The Ami set has 3 exercisers of graduating weight, size and shape. The idea is that you begin with the largest, lightest and softest ball, and as you exercise with it your muscles become tighter, and are able to work against the smaller and heavier double-ball. By the time your muscles get really strong you'll be able to hold the small, hard and heavy double-ball inside you without even breaking a sweat. The silky-soft silicone texture and deep plum colour of the Ami set exudes sensuality. Plus, the weights inside the balls gently and naturally oscillate as you wear them, rewarding you with pleasant sensation as you exercise. What other workout will give you so much pleasure?! After a few weeks of exercise you'll begin to see the difference in the bedroom. You'll enjoy greater sensation during intimacy, experience more frequent and stronger orgasms, and your partner will feel the difference during intercourse. So why not kick-start 2013 with a new exercise regime and get your pelvic floor, and sex life, in excellent shape.Kegel8 The UK's Leading Pelvic Health Brad available from StressNoMore