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The multi-functional uses of cooling gel pads – you need them in your life!

The multi-functional uses of cooling gel pads – you need them in your life!
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The wonderful answer to the discomfort of overheating

cooling gel pads sizesThe feeling of being too hot in bed is one of those uncomfortable feelings we all know and hate. A bad night’s sleep always spoils the day ahead as you struggle to stay awake. But the solution is simple! The beauty of the cooling gel pads is that you can use them for almost anything! Why not try them the next time you have a headache or migraine by laying one over your pillow? Of maybe you love to hit the gym hard and your muscles become sore and could benefit from the cooling comfort of the gel pads? From being uncomfortably hot to requiring the cooling gel for comfort whatever your reason you will enjoy these wonderful cooling gel pads in their different sizes. From bodybuilders to festival goers the cooling gel pads are for everyone! Obviously the gel pads are perfect for those hot flushes, physical ailments and hot nights but we love to think outside the box and show you how amazing and versatile this product can really be…

So how can you use the cooling gel pads?

Menopause & Night Sweats When women reach the menopausal stage of their lives a staggering 80% of all them will suffer from hot flushes. Not only are hot flushes uncomfortable, they can also inhibit you from getting a restful nights sleep. Millions upon millions of people don't sleep well on a night in the UK - a cooling gel pad can help you relax and feel comfortable on a night so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Sunburn Spent too long in the sun? Sleeping after a day out getting a little bit too much sun can be painful. Sleeping on a cooling gel pad can give you that much needed relief from your heated skin allowing you to relax and get a good nights sleep. Petsdog-on-cooling-pad When dogs get hot they pant and try to loose body heat via their paws, noses and exposed belly. In cars when their air is hot it can be particularly difficult for dogs to loose heat. Taking a cooling gel pad with you for them to lie on can be a real relief for your dog and they will find travelling easier. Don’t forget their bowl of water too! Journeys Because travelling can be a long tiring event for all passengers, everyone can benefit from the comfort of the cooling pads. You could lay one across your lap, sit on one or even put one over the head rest to cool your neck and head. Bedding When your hot and your partners not! This can be the most irritating thing in the world as you argue over whether the duvet goes off or stays on! End the bickering and lay on your cooling gel pad for a cool, restful night’s sleep. Yoga/Meditation What better way to meditate or practice Yoga than with a beautifully cooling gel pad. Especially in the hot summer months when it can be uncomfortably hot. Meditating on a cooling mat can give rise to a whole new encounter as you can use mindfulness techniques to enhance your experience. The usage of our cooling gel pads is most certainly not limited to the above list. There are so many more uses for them. If you have a great use for them please share it with us by commenting below!   Get your gel pads here >> Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about all our latest innovations first! >>
19 August 2015
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