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The best-selling Colon Cleanse from Blessed Herbs

The best-selling Colon Cleanse from Blessed Herbs
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The best-selling Colon Cleanse from Blessed Herbs to suit you and your life!

Here at StressNoMore we receive an overwhelmingly positive response from customers about our bestselling Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit. Historically we found the most sales were in January as a great way to spark a weight loss campaign, or healthier eating regimen. However our sales have been growing month on month as men and women are realising that a colon cleanse can be done at any time of year! The colon cleanser is a firm favourite with our customers (and our staff too) because it is made from all-natural ingredients and holistically formulated by master herbalists in the USA to work gently and synergistically with the body for the most effective colon cleansing routine with the best results possible. What makes this such a successful colon cleanser is the fact that you control the strength and length of time of your colon detox. Unlike other colon cleansers that demand rigid adherence or a week-long stay in a country-retreat costing thousands of pounds the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse is designed to fit into any lifestyle from a single career type to a working, multi-tasking mum of 3! Blessed Herbs Shop Now

Here's why the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing is so adaptable:

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

  • The 9-Day Program - this colon cleanse is designed for those who want the maximum results from their colon cleansing, it is chosen by over 90% of users. Starting with a 3-day pre-cleanse of reduced portions followed by five days of liquids-only fasting while taking the blessed herbs Toxin Absorber five times per day with one day to break the colon detox fast. The 9-day colon cleansing program is the by far the best way to remove toxic impacted mucoid plaque from intestinal walls. Not only that, but this colon cleanser will help to tone the entire digestive tract literally resetting the metabolism for healthier eating and more efficient energy expenditure.
  • The 8-Day Program is perfect for those who don't want to colon cleanse on a liquids-only fast for 5 days. On the 8-day program of colon cleansing dairy foods, meat, fried foods, table salt and sugar must not be eaten. Healthy foods from other food groups are allowed, and for this colon cleanser to be beneficial Blessed Herbs advise that the more solid the food it - the less effective the colon detox. Healthy eating choices to maximise this colon cleansing regimen are fully covered in the Users’ Manual.
  • The 30-Day Program is by far the least intrusive colon cleanse. It requires only some dietary modification and is the perfect option for those who experience frequent constipation and as well as having a colon cleansing routine, are more interested in having more regular, easier bowel movements with the minimum amount of lifestyle changes.

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For each colon cleansing option, Blessed Herbs has a detailed manual that recommends foods to eat, how much fluid to consume during the colon detox and how to control the strength of the colon cleanse by the amount and type of food consumed. The herbal Digestive Stimulator and Toxin Absorber are central to the Colon Cleansing Kit.  For instance, people with chronic constipation may take more Digestive Stimulator capsules to increase their bowel movements during the colon detox.  Don't be daunted however, because Blessed Herbs are with you every step of the way, and they have all this information clearly listed for you to follow, to ensure that your colon cleansing routine is the best for you, and more importantly - you get the best results! It’s this adaptability that makes millions of people world-wide continue to make Blessed Herbs their trusted partner in safe and effective colon cleanse - it’s a UK number one choice for colon cleansing and it is perfect any time of year!
13 July 2015
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