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  • Defeat the Winter Blues!

    When the clocks go back at the end of October around three million people in the UK will begin our annual battle with the ‘winter blues’, but did you know there is actually a medical condition known as SAD that is the reason you feel worse over winter. Continue reading

  • Help Your Spring Garden Bloom Better with these 5 Gardening Tips

    Transitioning from a winter garden to a spring garden is simple with our gardening advice. Find out how to create perfect plants for the new season with our spring gardening tips!

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  • Cold, Sore Fingers? Practical Solutions for Raynaud’s Phenomenon

    Many of us suffer from cold fingers and toes, particularly in cold weather. But how can you tell if it’s due to something more serious? Raynaud’s disease affects up to 10 million people in the UK and can lead to more serious conditions. Find out what it is and how to treat it below.

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  • Are You Dreading Going Back to Work? You'll Love These Commuting Comforts

    Well, that’s it! With Christmas over and done with, many of us are due back at work already. It can be a big comedown to go back to your job after all that nice, cosy time at home. If you are one of the 57% of UK citizens who drives to work every day then you’re probably not looking forward to battling through the roads again. We’ve got some great ideas for how you can make your commute easier, more comfortable; even fun!

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  • The Dry January Challenge: 10 Startling Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Now

    Dry January is Alcohol Concern’s yearly challenge to you – sober up for a month to see what giving up alcohol can do for you and your health. With advice on alcohol changing all the time it’s hard to tell whether it’s actually that bad for you. We’ve put together a list of the real facts on the benefits of not drinking that will convince you to give it a go for the month. Read on to see how staying sober could transform your looks, health and happiness!

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  • How to Stay Safe this Road Safety Week

    Every day, 5 people die on UK roads and 60 are seriously injured. This includes drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – we’re all responsible for making our roads safer. As part of Road Safety Week 2016 we’ve got some handy tips on road safety for kids and adults, whether you’re in a car, on a bike or on foot.

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  • The Weird Truth About Winter & Male Incontinence

    Have you ever coughed or sneezed and suddenly felt that horrifying wet feeling in your pants? Stress incontinence is very common, particularly for women as it can be caused by childbirth and menopause. Male incontinence can be caused by something surprising – the changes in the seasons! This is because cold weather has a negative effect on your pelvic floor. Don't worry; we’ve got the info on how to avoid this!

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  • Is the end of summer getting you down? Get happy with a SAD lamp!

    Most people start feeling a bit glum as the days get shorter. Summer never seems to last for long enough, particularly in this country. But there’s a lot more at stake than your social life and your tan when the sun disappears! Our bodies need vitamin D to function but the UK is rarely ever sunny enough for us to get a healthy amount. This can cause a huge variety of health problems, from depression to broken bones! Read on to find out how to make sure you avoid sunlight deficiency this winter…

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  • Smart Meter Not So Smart? Other Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

    The government has pledged to offer a smart meter to every home in the UK by 2020. These digital energy meters are supposed to help us save money on bills by making us more aware of our energy use. However, last week it was revealed that so far only 3.3 million of the 53 million planned have been installed. Not only that, but studies have found that smart meters only result in savings of 3% or less – not great news when the scheme is due to cost consumers £11 billion! These ‘free’ meters are actually paid for by increased bills and most cannot be transferred if you want to switch energy companies. With winter approaching quickly it seems we may need to find smarter ways to save money on heating bills; read on for some great tips.

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  • How to get in the Xmas Spirit in 5 easy ways!

    Suppress your inner scrooge!

    It’s that time of year again, like marmite you either love it or you hate it! Christmas can bring you plenty of festive cheer or it can fill you full of stress and anxiety, will there be family fall outs? Is there a vegetarian coming round for dinner? Is your house tidy enough? With a million and one things to do at Christmas time it can be all too easy to forget why we celebrate it and why it can be really fun. Continue reading

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