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  • Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning with the Magic of Tidying Up

    Perhaps by now you’ve heard about lifestyle guru Marie Kondo. Her books on the ‘joy’ of tidying up your space have become a worldwide sensation. As March begins, you may find that your New Year’s resolutions haven’t panned out. We’d like to suggest a spring cleaning resolution to clear out your things and organise the ‘joyful’ ones! Try some of these Kondo-inspired cleaning tips and discover how great it feels to have a tidy home.

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  • Spring Clean Your Colon with These Top Detox Tips

    Spring is here but you’re still feeling sluggish – what’s going on? Take a look at your daily life – have you been struggling to live the healthy new lifestyle you said you would at New Years? You’ve spring cleaned your house, so now it’s time to spring clean your colon! We’ll show you how.

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  • Help Your Spring Garden Bloom Better with these 5 Gardening Tips

    Transitioning from a winter garden to a spring garden is simple with our gardening advice. Find out how to create perfect plants for the new season with our spring gardening tips!

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  • Regain your Glow with these Sensational Spring Beauty Secrets

    While you’re spring cleaning your house, why not take a look at your skin care routine as well? Most of us are guilty of ignoring the use-by dates on your skin care products, but they’re important! Moisturisers and face washes should be thrown away after around 6 months to a year; after this they will lose their effectiveness and harbour nasty bacteria! After you’ve purged your out of date products, why not take the opportunity to add some new life to your routine? These skin care tips will help you lose that dull winter skin and enter spring looking glowing and full of life!

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